My Speedo Tan is Fading

Another week has gone by and while we had a couple of warm/hot days (32C/90F) the weather has been miserable still.  Definitely not an Aussie summer.  Fingers crossed it changes.

I feel like my speedo tan is fading, I have been getting back to the pool after the whole Xmas/New Years period but it has been cloudy and I’ve had pretty much zero beach time since December which feels like an age ago.  Gotta get my speedo tan back.

For me, I find a guy in a speedo even hotter than a guy who is naked.  Is that weird?

Then, if a guy is naked, I find it was sexier if he has a speedo tan.

I suppose that is why I run this blog and

Here are some naked guys who have great speedo tans…..

Cummy Speedo TanNice Speedo Tan

One of my online friends headed north of where I live up to the Great Barrier Reef this past weeend and he was lucky enough to get some speedo tanning time in.

Speedo Tanning

And here is me, working, and working on my speedo tan a few months ago….

Me Working on my Speedo Tan

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