Alex getting Anal

How has your weekend been guys?

Last nights rugby was horrible unlike last weekend and my heads feels great, unlike last weekend.

This morning (Sunday) I woke up with Surfer Chick in my bed.  We haven’t seen much of each other lately and we haven’t worked on her anal skills at all since I play with the butt plug.

Alex on the other hand texted me this morning, while I was in bed with Surfer Chick, asking if I’d be so kind as to fuck him this afternoon.  Since Surfer Chick serviced me this morning, Alex is going to get one hell of a pounding this afternoon.  I’m not sure he is up for it.  Anytime Alex has been fucked I’ve been super horny and it hasn’t been a whole lot of strokes.  If it is my 3rd load of the day, he is going to be fucked for a long time.

Do you think he is up for it?

Bum in SpeedoButt in SpeedoSpeedo Tan Mark

Alex hasn’t been at the pool much over winter so his speedo tan is fading, this is pretty much what it looked like in late summer though.  Isn’t that arse just fuckable?

Amazing Speedo Tan

5 Users Responded in " Alex getting Anal "

vasy said,  

beautiful ass..first and last one

samspeedo said,  

Love all the asses here . . . particularly #1 and #4! Poor Alex! I feel for him . . . had a guy call in here this afternoon and pound my ass for quite a while! Can still ‘feel’ him now!! Awesome afternoon’s fun!

swimmer/biker said,  

The ass in the shower is to die for….love the speedo tan!!!—duck Alex hard he will love it….Is surfer chick ready to join you and Alex?

Darren said,  

I agree with vasy, great ass in last pic. Vasy still hoping you will join the chat site I told you about so that we can chat, I think we have a lot in common.

SteveR said,  

Yeah, great ass.

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