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Only Speedo on the Beach

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Quick post for I hit this road this morning.  Going to head out in to the country a little bit to watch a big footy game which is on tonight (called the State of Origin).

I’m up early, did some work and went to the beach for a quick swim.

Coolangatta Beach

Not only was I the only speedo on the beach, I was close to being the only person on the beach!!!

Looking up at all those apartments, I quietly wondered if there was anyone with some binoculars, hand down the front of their speedo enjoy the view of me walking out of the ocean?

I’ll have a few hours this afternoon to share with you guys the ‘naughty’ business I got up to last night.  It involved a very str8 looking/acting mid 30’s guy who is a pure bottom……  and I need to tell you about the Man in the Pink Speedo.

I hope where ever you are, the weather looks just as good as this!!!

Sunny Days in Queensland

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June 5th, 2024

Speedo Six Packs

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After a few weeks of gorgeous sunshine we’ve had a rainy week this week.

I make the most of rainy weather by getting lots of work done but I do feel lazy, fat and even a little unmotivated.  With less exercise I find myself not sleeping as well, just slowly staying up later and later as the week has gone on.

Don’t worry, I’m not depressed or anything like that and the weather will change.  And compared to winters else where in the world, this is a cake walk.

Feels nice to write about it and it has motivated me to get my arse to the pool (even if it looks cold and dreary out there).

Next week, the sun will shine and I’ll be back enjoying speedo six packs on the beach….

Speedo Six Pack

July 6th, 2022
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