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Body Surfing in a Speedo

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It was nearly 10 years ago when the ‘Evil Speedo Corporation’ sued me in the Australian High Court.

The whole thing made the Sydney Morning Herald – click here for the article in the paper.

There was no way possible I could afford to defend myself, at court the Evil Speedo Corporation had five lawyers, but I did email the judge and argue that:

  1. I wasn’t living in Australia at the time, and the ‘business’ was not based in anyway in Australia, so I’m not sure how an Australian Court could make such a ruling.
  2. My use of the word ‘speedo’ was generic for male swim briefs. My example is that I use the term “Speedo brand speedos”.  For example: jacuzzi, chapstick, dumpster, jetski, bubblewrap.

Because I didn’t have the financial resources to defend myself, the ‘Evil Speedo Corporation’ won, but I only lost a domain name.  I’m sure it cost them a fortune in legal fees.

One of the funny things that happened during that time was they had hired private investigators to find ‘Dave Evans’ and they knocked on the door of a guy in Sydney.  Turns out, that Dave Evans is gay (maybe they stalked his social media), he loves speedos, but he didn’t know about my websites.  He emailed me telling me about the knock on his door and he became a member.

Over the years they occasionally hassle me and I have to change domain names.  I’d like to think I’m promoting their products and instead of the legal fees they have been wasting, they should pay me to mention their products over say AussieBum speedos or ADIDAS speedos.

I’m not sure why I got on to that little story but someone sent me through this video of some body surfing athletes that Speedo does sponsor.

I think it is great that they are promoting wearing speedos.  Do you wear speedos when body surfing?  I know I do.

I’ve even worn a speedo surfing.  It was with a member and yes… we did have speedo sex on his car afterwards.  Members can read about that experience by clicking here.

April 17th, 2021

Late Night

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It is a nice day here and I think I’m going to go to the pool for a quick swim, then down to the beach for a nap.  I’m not that old, I’m just running on a few hours of sleep.

Kip and I were working on some of the payment stuff here yesterday afternoon and 18 hours later it is back working!!!

Keeping things like this site running really does take a lot of time and I suppose that is why not many other people run websites like this one.

Because we were working on things, we disabled joining for the last day but now you are welcome to become a blog member.

Member benefits include:

  • Watching the full Movie of the Week (over 30 minutes)
  • See all of my speedo selfies
  • Read about all of my naughty speedo experiences
  • Email me anytime for a chat (I love chatting with members)
  • Your $5 is supporting keeping this blog running and without popups or crap like that.

When (not if) you decide to join, the payment will come up as ‘Gocah Limited’ on your credit card statement… a nice touch for discretion.

Join NOW!!!


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March 10th, 2021

Weekend of Speedo Porn

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How is everyone surviving lock down, or coming out of lock down?

I haven’t spoken much about this because I felt it was a little bit political (I don’t talk politics on here either). I had some friends that were 100% all in on shutting down the world and doing exactly what any politician said. And, I had some friends that thought the rules were stupid, inconsistent and therefore would ignore most of what politician said.

I’m not really going to comment on what I thought but here is a selfie I took at the end of March on a section of the Australian coastline that was closed.  I was probably the only person on that beach for maybe 50kms!!!

It was weird.

There were no footprints on the beach… there is always foot prints on the beach but this beach had none since it had been closed for a month or so (footprint in the foto below are from me not getting my phone to stand up while I tried to take the speedo selfie).

CoVID Beach

I have mentioned to you guys that this Corona stuff has made me busy with looking after people with normal online businesses who needed help and it has been nice to help out.

But don’t worry, I’m still here for you guys.

Here is my tentative line up for the next few days…..

  1. New Movie of the Week.  Staring Hawaii Speedo Student and his first professional porn shoot.  He is wearing AussieBum’s and shows us that it isn’t his first time sucking cock.
  2. Waterfall selfies. I have a collection of pics of guys in speedos around waterfalls and I have a gallery of them.  For members, there will be my own waterfall selfies.
  3. I’m nearly finished writing about my first time with Taz and Rachel. I know this has taken ages but it was really hot and then Taz and I hooked up again which I did write about in detail.  Don’t know who Rachel and Taz are?  Click here for a summary.

I have most of those three posts done I just need to test them but it should be a fun weekend for you guys consuming speedo porn.

And if you are thinking of becoming a member please do.  Site looks just the same except you don’t have to read these kind of sales pitches, the movies are 25 minutes long (instead of 3 minutes) and you get to read the cummy finale of my sexual experiences instead of being cut off just as it is getting hot. And if you are a member, I love receiving and replying to your emails which I don’t usually get to with general fan mail.

You can join by credit card or Paypal.  Nothing naughty, gay or porn related comes up on your credit card, it comes up as Focal Trade Limited (I picked something very plain and boring).  And, it is only $5.  Click here, you can join right now.

June 12th, 2020

Politician Booty Call

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I’m just walking out the door here for the just over 4hr drive to Canberra.

I could be mean and see how many non-Aussie’s know that Canberra is Australia’s capital city but that would be mean.

The weather this week is looking spectacular in Canberra (even though people are still skiing not very far away).  I’ve been invited to Canberra by a long time fan/member who happens to be a politician.  I’m going to call him Poly as in Politician) Paul.  We have hung out a year or so ago in Sydney and I didn’t mention it here on the blog for privacy/discretion purposes of course.

Parliament is sitting this week but Paul has some extra-curricular activities planned and I haven’t hung out in Canberra for year so I’m keen to play tourist.

In the interests of discretion, which I’m sure you can understand, most of my blog posts this week will be protected in the members area.  That is the whole reason I created membership, so I could share with you guys stuff I usually couldn’t with at least some privacy.  So, if you are keen to hear what Poly Paul and I get up to this week, you can join for $5.  Really not much to get the inside scoop.

If you are interested, click here to join.  And if you have any questions about joining, just drop me an email (

Red Speedo in Canberra

September 9th, 2019

Thinking of going Members Only

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This blog is coming up to its 3,000th post and lately I have been thinking about this blog and where it is going.

More and more I am posting personal stuff and wanting to share some full length HD movies that I’m watching and want to share with you guys.  Unfortunately, both of those things require a lot of my time, a lot of server bandwidth and some discretion regarding my privacy.

I also feel that when I post for the public and the members I’m writing a sales pitch a couple of times a week, which I don’t like doing.

Each week I receive multiple emails request I advertise different things which I haven’t done because that is kinda shitty and there are no pop-up ads or crap like that here because, I hate sites with that stuff.

So, I’m thinking of making this blog 100% Members Only.

I would not do this lightly, it would be a big change but I feel that unless I make a change like this, sometime in the not too distance future I will stop blogging or blog a lot less than I want to.

I haven’t made a decision on this, I’d love to hear your feedback on what you think.  Please leave a comment or shoot me an email

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October 30th, 2018

Awesome Blog Updates

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I have some exciting updates for you guys!!!

Movie of the Week – I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages.  This weeks ‘Movie of the Week’ is 28 minutes of two gorgeous, speedo clad guys fucking each others brains out.  It is full HD and looks gorgeous.  I have to admit that I’ve cum at least 10 times watching this movie.

Members area – I’m really happy with how this is working now.  I created a members area on the blog a few months ago.  I am still in the closet to my family and most of my friends so I am careful with my privacy.  Having a ‘members area’ of the site I feel like I can share a lot more with you guys and I’d like to be posting some more of my personal photos (yes that includes speedo selfies).

Membership is $5 a month or $50 for a year – I’d love your support.  Click here to join now.

Comments are working!!!  I can’t believe this took me so long and so many different attempts to get this to work properly again.  I love the comments, there are a total of 8,830 comments on the blog and I have read every single one of those comments.

I’m really excited for the refresh!!!  Please let me know what you guys think.  It is after 2am here so I’m going to grabs some Zzzzz’s and talk to you guys tomorrow.

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October 31st, 2017
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