Thinking of going Members Only

This blog is coming up to its 3,000th post and lately I have been thinking about this blog and where it is going.

More and more I am posting personal stuff and wanting to share some full length HD movies that I’m watching and want to share with you guys.  Unfortunately, both of those things require a lot of my time, a lot of server bandwidth and some discretion regarding my privacy.

I also feel that when I post for the public and the members I’m writing a sales pitch a couple of times a week, which I don’t like doing.

Each week I receive multiple emails request I advertise different things which I haven’t done because that is kinda shitty and there are no pop-up ads or crap like that here because, I hate sites with that stuff.

So, I’m thinking of making this blog 100% Members Only.

I would not do this lightly, it would be a big change but I feel that unless I make a change like this, sometime in the not too distance future I will stop blogging or blog a lot less than I want to.

I haven’t made a decision on this, I’d love to hear your feedback on what you think.  Please leave a comment or shoot me an email

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BozeHawk said,  

Go ‘members only’ and you will lose this reader, and fan. S’truth.

Cody said,  

Aw… That’s too bad. I really like your blog posts and pics. You have a keen eye for great reading material, and I appreciate you sharing your “diary” with us so that we can fantasize being in the middle of all the dirty fun! Please keep some of it free so that those of us who don’t have the financial ability can continue to enjoy your content.

DeepKisser said,  

I had a membership, but during that whole year I always had a problem logging in, which was not a big deal since I could see what was happening on your blog. However if it goes Members only I don’t think I need the aggravation with technical problems, and I will save the money too. Dave you should consider staying public.

Surf said,  

Like Deepkisser, I TOO had problems logging into your member site after signing up in April for an annual membership. Technical problems seem to relate to Paypal logon being different to member logon name. Dave I have tried to send you emails at describing my problems but they all go unanswered which is sloppy customer service.

Until you fix these technical problems on your site, I suggest you continue with the blog.

Runner said,  

I quite like the mix as it is.
I am a member but I like that there is a bigger audience of occasionals
I would leave it as it is Dave

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