Awesome Blog Updates

I have some exciting updates for you guys!!!

Movie of the Week – I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages.  This weeks ‘Movie of the Week’ is 28 minutes of two gorgeous, speedo clad guys fucking each others brains out.  It is full HD and looks gorgeous.  I have to admit that I’ve cum at least 10 times watching this movie.

Members area – I’m really happy with how this is working now.  I created a members area on the blog a few months ago.  I am still in the closet to my family and most of my friends so I am careful with my privacy.  Having a ‘members area’ of the site I feel like I can share a lot more with you guys and I’d like to be posting some more of my personal photos (yes that includes speedo selfies).

Membership is $5 a month or $50 for a year – I’d love your support.  Click here to join now.

Comments are working!!!  I can’t believe this took me so long and so many different attempts to get this to work properly again.  I love the comments, there are a total of 8,830 comments on the blog and I have read every single one of those comments.

I’m really excited for the refresh!!!  Please let me know what you guys think.  It is after 2am here so I’m going to grabs some Zzzzz’s and talk to you guys tomorrow.

3 Users Responded in " Awesome Blog Updates "

Dave Evans said,  

Whoohoooo – comments are working!!!

Lord Stiffy said,  

And the photo of the day is back!! Yay!!

Dave Evans said,  

Did you know there are 1,200 Speedo Photos of the Day?!?!?!

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