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Body Surfing in a Speedo

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It was nearly 10 years ago when the ‘Evil Speedo Corporation’ sued me in the Australian High Court.

The whole thing made the Sydney Morning Herald – click here for the article in the paper.

There was no way possible I could afford to defend myself, at court the Evil Speedo Corporation had five lawyers, but I did email the judge and argue that:

  1. I wasn’t living in Australia at the time, and the ‘business’ was not based in anyway in Australia, so I’m not sure how an Australian Court could make such a ruling.
  2. My use of the word ‘speedo’ was generic for male swim briefs. My example is that I use the term “Speedo brand speedos”.  For example: jacuzzi, chapstick, dumpster, jetski, bubblewrap.

Because I didn’t have the financial resources to defend myself, the ‘Evil Speedo Corporation’ won, but I only lost a domain name.  I’m sure it cost them a fortune in legal fees.

One of the funny things that happened during that time was they had hired private investigators to find ‘Dave Evans’ and they knocked on the door of a guy in Sydney.  Turns out, that Dave Evans is gay (maybe they stalked his social media), he loves speedos, but he didn’t know about my websites.  He emailed me telling me about the knock on his door and he became a member.

Over the years they occasionally hassle me and I have to change domain names.  I’d like to think I’m promoting their products and instead of the legal fees they have been wasting, they should pay me to mention their products over say AussieBum speedos or ADIDAS speedos.

I’m not sure why I got on to that little story but someone sent me through this video of some body surfing athletes that Speedo does sponsor.

I think it is great that they are promoting wearing speedos.  Do you wear speedos when body surfing?  I know I do.

I’ve even worn a speedo surfing.  It was with a member and yes… we did have speedo sex on his car afterwards.  Members can read about that experience by clicking here.

April 17th, 2021

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For ages I haven’t been happy with the name for my main site and I’ve finally pulled the trigger and changed it to

This is a site that I first started back in 2001 when I was still in high school and it has evolved from a free site to just put up my favourite speedo photos for my own viewing.  The gallery (which is still available) ended up being 6,500 sorted/searchable photos.

I called the site

From there, I started putting up some of the early speedo movies – there weren’t many and the quality wasn’t great but it was a huge success and people loved them.  Problem was, I received a 1 month bandwidth bill for $800!!!  So that is when I had to start making it a members site to cover that cost.

The site was so popular that I eventually repaid the $800 server fee and I kept building the site.  This got the attention of the Evil Speedo Corporation who took the domain name off me.  So I renamed the site  A few years went by and they then took me to court in Australia.  I even made the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald!!!  Obviously I couldn’t afford to defend against this (I was in college driving a $300 car and living with my parents).  Speedo won in court because I not only couldn’t afford to defend the case, but also because I didn’t want my anonymity exposed – I’m still in the closet to my family.

One of the unintended consequences of the Evil Speedo Corporation trying to sue me was the mainstream publicity.  During that time I had 10 times more members!!!

That is when I renamed the site which has never really sat well with me since it isn’t really about swimmers or boyz at all, it is about guys (over 18yo) who like speedos in a ‘naughty’ way.

I still have a bunch of work to do rebranding some things as well as updating some links and stuff but I’m excited to move forward with the new name which I think describes the site much better.  Otherwise things continue as per usual, there will be another 80 minutes of speedo movies added this week alone!!!

OK, I should get back to the business of running

Tomorrow I will be sharing with you guys a story that I just published on about a Grindr hookup and there is a speedo selfie of mine….. here is a photo taken at the same time, this was last year when I was in Colorado for the Lake Powell trip and it was taken in Kip’s sisters hottub.

Dave Evans Speedo Selfie

October 11th, 2017

What is

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I’m sure you have seen the banners around this blog as well as heard me talk about, so what is was the first ever site I created, originally it was but I was sued by the Evil Speedo Corporation (it made the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald and the London Times which turned out to be awesome for business).  I started when I was a teenager back in March 2001!!!!  Holy cow time flies.

The started as just my collection of speedo photos.  I had some naughty photos of myself which I wanted to share ‘privately’ and having the site seemed like a good idea.

Pretty quickly it turned in 6,500 full sorted photos

These photos still makes up the backbone of the photo archives – and yes, those photos of me are still in there but you’ll have to dig to find them.

Things were moving pretty quick with the internet and movies were slowly becoming affordable so I started gathering a movies archive.  At this stage the site was still 100% free.  After making the movies archive public I got a server bill for $800 which still being in high school I couldn’t afford and not really the thing I could ask my parents for, just imagine that conversation:

Mum, Dad, can I have $800 to pay for all the speedo movies
random people have watched on my speedo fetish website?

That is when I had to figure out how to pay for the downloads.  It took me a while but I managed to keep the site online and figure out a model where it kind of broke even.

From there, things just kept getting bigger, and bigger and bigger.

Now the site has the following stats:

  • 135 gigabytes of movies
  • 9,800 photos (probably 50 of those are of me)
  • 553 active members (as of just now)

Most importantly, I’m still really proud of  Last night Kip and I got home after partying and we were both pretty horny but a little sore from the pounding we’ve been giving each other so I plugged my laptop into Kip’s 60″ TV, loaded up and watched that movie of two guys in AussieBums fucking poolside.

It is my personal speedo movie collection, it just
happens that I get to share it with other people.

A couple of other things I love about the site are:

  • I’ve never had a pop-up ad on it
  • The download speeds are awesome so the movies looked fantastic on the big screen TV.
  • Now members have free access to the blog members area.

As you can tell, I’m pretty happy with, I can’t imagine the hours I’ve put into it over the years but I love it and the feedback I get from members seems to be pretty awesome as well.

Please, head over and check it out.

If you’d like to join, know that your membership mostly goes to keeping it up to date and running awesome and not to my Rolls Royce collection.

You know the address –

Here are some screen shots from the members area, looks just like the public area which I wanted to keep.

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January 23rd, 2016

Evil Speedo Corporation

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Looks like the Evil Speedo Corporation has their speedos in a bunch over my websites again.

They have tried to close my sites for years and even took me to the High Court of Australia way back.  My argument was and still is that ‘speedo’ has become a generic term.  Just like aspirin, heroin, dry ice, app, zip code, adrenalin, bubble wrap, dumpster, jet ski, super heros.  I also argue that if anything I am promoting their product.

Obviously, they don’t see it the same way.

So a couple of domains names aren’t working.

That is actually all.  So not that big a deal.  I’ll probably add some new domains next week so that search engines will find me a little easier.

In the mean time, I really appreciate everyone’s support and the best way to show that is to join my site (was until the Evil Speedo Corporation took that away).

Black Speedos

September 5th, 2014

SwimmerBoyz wants you back

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Want to see some photos of me?

Want to talk to me on MSN?

Well head on over to  A bunch of blog readers are members and your support is greatly appreciated and it allows me to keep this blog running and keeping it free.

If you want to see some pics of me out and about go to the site and click on the “100% Bi-Owned and Operated” link at the top of the page.

And you can download over 50 hours of movies for just $14.95!!!!

Thanks for your support guys.

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April 16th, 2010

Join for $24.95

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I’ve never done this before but a friend of mine suggested I try this.

This weekend you can join my site for $24.95 (normally $39.95).

  • 28 hours of speedo movies – check out some free samples here.
  • 6,500 speedo photos – you guys only get to see a glimpse of the kind of photos I have available on this blog.
  • All of my writings of my sexual experiences, plus a few of my fantasties and a few member submissions.
  • Membership includes unrestricted access to

The movies section of is what people really join for.  Watching full length hardcore speedo movies is what everyone wants right?  And they aren’t shitty YouTube quality movies – these are full length, good quality movies that you can save to your computer and watch any time you want.

Joining via PayPal is now available for the first time.

Thanks everyone for their support.

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June 6th, 2009
Check out