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Over the last month or so I haven’t been as excited about blogging, not a big deal, just a weird mood I suppose.

I do love it and want to get back in to it so the rest of the week Kip and I are going to dedicate some serious time to some updates.  I’m not 100% happy with the layout, which also got screwed up a little bit with a recent update, I want the members area to be a little easier to navigate with all the galleries, particularly the selfie galleries submitted by fans and my own selfies and make some of the member stuff just a little smoother.

Don’t worry, everything is still running smoothly and if you are thinking of joining, it might be a good time because I might be changing the price points.

Of course, is running at 100% and I really enjoy the site myself.  When I want to watch speedo porn, or if I want to put some speedo porn when fuck buddies are coming over I log in to  I designed the site to be something that I like to use and it is pretty smick.

Keep me posted on how you find the updates to the blog and if something is offline for a few hours, swing by – today’s Speedo Photo of the Day is something that you should not have missed.

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