Nude Beach Day

I tell you guys what, I love the winter and I’ve had a few in Canada and New Zealand and I’ve had a great few trips at Kip’s place in Colorado over the last couple of years but…. I’m definitely a beach boy.

Yesterday at Birdie Beach was just perfect, nobody around, in and out of the water just soaking up the rays.  This morning, I’m sitting at the kitchen table doing some work (writing to you guys), drinking coffee, wearing nothing but a pair of new speedos (I’ll tell you guys about them later in week) and once I hit the ‘publish’ button on this post I’m going for a surf.  That is my kind of day!!!

And, Alex told me that he’ll swing by after work for a ‘drink’ – hahaha, we all know that is code for anal sex right?

OK guys, since I was in my white speedos yesterday, here are some tastey white speedos for you guys to feast your eyes on.  I own a pair of those Arena speedos in the first photo… they are a snug fit but I’ve lost a bit of weight while being away so I might have to wear them today.

White Arena SpeedosWhite SpeedoWhite SpeedosWhite Speedo Bulge

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Dr. Phil said,  

While all of these have things to recommend them, and #2 is especially nice, I think I’ll order #4, please! 😉

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

I really think Id like to sample all four – number 3 is the least enticing but those are white speedo brand speedos which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in the flesh.


Dr. Phil said,  

Yes…they look like Speedo Solars to me. I have a few in other colors (royal, navy, green…and perhaps turquoise?), but have never seen anyone else wear Solars in-person, alas. White isn’t my personal favorite, but I’d happily take seeing them at some point! I think it takes extra chutzpah to wear white speedo-type suits, though, so fair play to anyone who is able to do it!

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