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Hey man…. will not get you laid

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If any of you guys on here use hookup Apps like Grindr, or Scruff then can I share with you a little bit of advice.

Don’t say “Hey”.

This is a pet hate of mine and here is a screen shot o my Grindr account today.

Grindr Screen Shot

None of those guys received replies.

When I’m on Grindr… I am looking to start chatting with a guy whom I will meet up and have sex with.  Hey is probably not going to get my interest because it seems like you are lazy.  Who wants a lazy lover?

I share this screen shot a few days ago with the Hawaii Speedo Student and he completely agreed with me but he added to the exasperation by bringing up guys who have no info or pics on their profiles.  I hate this too.  My profile is as complete as I can possibly make it.  I’m still discreet so I don’t have any face pics on there but I have lots of pics of my body and I’m happy to share face pics when I get chatting with a guy.

A little over a month ago I hooked up with a you guy I started chatting with on Grindr.  I wrote about it and you can read what he messaged me – click here.

Sorry for the rant but c’mon guys!!!

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May 7th, 2021

Horny Thursday

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Last night I ducked down to the big city (Brisbane) to have dinner with some friends.  One of my mates lives in an apartment right in the CBD and I crashed on her couch (nothing naughty).

While I was lying there about to go to sleep I grabbed my fone and turned on the gay hookup app that I use (if you were a member you’d be reading what app I use, I’m sure you can understand me keeping it a little bit secret).

I understand that there would be more guys in the city than where I live up in a beach town, but what surprised me was the number of guys with pics of them in their speedos!!!

I wish I could have snuck out of the apartment and went and played with one of the speedo guys but alas, I couldn’t really do that (my mate that I was staying with thinks I’m 100% straight).

Now I’m back home after the 90 minute drive and I’m really horny.  I think I’m going to go down to the beach for a swim, turn that app on and see if I can find some speedo guy (or guys) to come over tonight for some fun.  Any takers?

Here are some of the speedo guys from a screen shot on my phone.

Again, for non-members I’m not going to share this publicly.  Something to keep in the members area only.  You could just join, it is only $5.

My Grindr Speedo Guys

January 21st, 2021

Presidents Weekend

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Aghhhhh – Breckenridge is an absolute zoo this weekend!!!

Bloody Presidents Week long weekend and it feels like all of America is up here.  As you guys can understand, I had no idea about this holiday – I just had to explain to someone that down in Australia, we don’t celebrate Presidents Week…. we don’t have a President but we do celebrate the Queens Birthday…. do you do that in America?

So instead of getting outside today, I’m hibernating until everyone goes home and Kip and I can go outside and play.  It has just started snowing though which is pretty and hottubbing while it is snowing is pretty cool.

On that note, I think I’m wearing too many clothes and should strip down to my speedos.

Ow… since there are a bunch of people in town and neither Kip or I have cum so far today…. maybe I should update our Grindr profile and see if we can find someone to come and join us in the hottub.  That is the best idea I’ve had all day.

Couple Grindr SelfieSpeedo Shower Selfie

February 19th, 2017


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You guys know that I use the mobile app Grindr a bunch and it has treated me pretty well.  Saying that, I’m not a complete floozy, I usually talk to guys on the phone and meet them publicly, fingers crossed I haven’t had any ‘horror’ stories thus far.

Kip uses Grindr here in Breckenridge but hasn’t had the same success I’ve had back in Aussie, could be because it is a small town.  This morning Kip and I were just working and he said that he has hooked up with some guys from Craigslist.  Craigslist isn’t something we use down under so I checked it out.  There was an interesting post…..

32 Year old, blonde, blue, fit, avg cock, headed to the Breckenridge rec center today (Wed). Anyone want to fool around in the locker room? I’m DD free, you be too. Love to show off and watch. Love to J/o together, give and receive oral.

Sounds very interesting don’t you think?

Not sure about the location though, the ‘Rec Center’ is a big gym/pool/tennis courts building owned by the town.  I spoke about it last year when I was here and I went lap swimming there. In the change rooms guys would walk around butt naked but I was the only person I saw swimming laps in a speedo, everyone else was wearing dork shorts.

With regards to that Craigslist post I’m not sure it would work since every time I was at the Rec Center it was really busy and the locker room didn’t have enough privacy to fool around at all.  Maybe after a few ‘Seven and Seven’s’ tonight (that 7&7 is something I heard for the first time yesterday) Kip and I might reply to that guys post and see what happens.

As always, I will keep you guys posted.

Speedo ShowerGay Shower BlowjobGuys showing in speedosGay Showering Couple

February 3rd, 2016

Casual ‘Speedo’ Sex

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After a week of trying to organise it, I finally caught up with ‘Mark’ last night.

He was another online hookup of mine and he was a really nice guy.  Mark is 28yo, a little quiet but super hot and although his ‘thing’ is underwear, he love speedos and was eager to play with me in his AussieBum speedos.

I met him at his place, we had a drink on his couch infront the fire and had a chat.  During the 2nd drink I put my hand on his thigh which he responded by putting his arm on the back of the couch and spreading his legs a little.  My hand started rubbing his thight and moved up to the crotch of his jeans which was now bulging.

Then he moved in and kissed me.

It has been weeks since I kissed a guy and I loved it.

After 5 minutes – maybe 10 of us making out on the couch we moved into Mark’s bedroom.  Both of us stripped down to our speeods (my black speedo brand speedos and Mark in his AussieBum classic speedos) before getting into bed.  The making out continued and our hands were focused a little more below the belt than when we were kissing on the couch.

Things were very oral to start with but with Mark mentioning that he is a ‘top’ on his online profile I offered my arse to him which he eager lubed up and entered.

I came with Mark inside me and we both ended up in the shower and jerked off in front of each other.

It was a really hot casual encounter and although Mark is out of town for the next week or so he might be in Sydney before Xmas and would love to catch up.  Fingers crossed.

September 3rd, 2011

Friday night fun… again

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I went for a snowboard this morning and had a great time – a little windy but still nice.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay for but this weekend the forecast is looking good so I think I’ll just wait until next week and make the decision (having free accommodation, a car and a season pass makes it pretty cheap to just stay as long as I like).

I posted more about my threesome with the married couple over on my bisexual blog –  I created that blog as a place to post in detail some of my bisexual experiences which not everyone here enjoys as much as I do.  Drop over and you can read about having the reluctant husband suck my cock.

Now, I have mentioned that I had another online hookup with a local guy.  It has fallen through this week but tonight we are hoping to hook up and I just got a txt from him saying he is still keen.  Since my black speedos have done me well I think I’ll be wearing them again tonight.  But first off I’m going for a swim, will catch up with some old mates for a drink and then hopefully some speedo fun!!!

Don’t forget my blog

September 2nd, 2011
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