Beach Plans Thrwarted

My plans today were to help a friend do some running around in Brisbane then head back up the coast stopping in at the nude beach I was at last week.

This time, instead of being interrupted by a straight couple and nothing happening, I had organized to meet up with a long time member, and for something to happen.  I had told him exactly where I would be hiding out in the dunes and he was going to ‘find me’ about 2pm.  Today was the best looking day of the week and I was driving up past that spot so it was perfect….

But, by midday the storm clouds had started to roll in and we had to cancel.

Sunshine Coast Radar Image

We couldn’t hookup at his place because he is only 20yo and still living with his parents and he didn’t think it would go down very well if their ‘straight’ son had a guy rock up in speedos, go in to his room, make all sorts of noises then leave 15 minutes later.

Instead, now I’m back at home and from the radar image it looks like it is going to storm hard again here soon so I’m not going for a swim (like I should).  I’m going to continue writing about the couple…. I’ll have more to share with you guys tomorrow.

Today’s updated Speedo Photo of the Day is more like what I should be doing than working.

Speedo Lake Day

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