Speedo Confidence

Today I woke up a little bit south of where I live, I’m down here dog sitting for a friend of mine.  His house is pretty close to the beach and I woke up a little bit hungover so I dragged my sorry ass down to the beach and after walking nearly 1km I found a quiet spot, grabbed a book and I did have a alcoholic drink, hair of the dog.

For 3 hours I enjoyed my book, I think I fell asleep at one point.

Surprisingly, this quiet little beach seemed like gay central!!!

Speedos at the beach

At once point I sat up and there are two guys, I’m 90% sure they were a couple, who had stopped right in front of me and had started walking back towards the beach entry.  Had I sat up 5 minutes earlier, I would have waved and invited them in to the dunes.

I didn’t have to wait long for that kind of opportunity.

15 minutes later out of the corner of my eye I spot some movement.  So I look up and there is this older guy, wearing a pair of footy shorts totally checking me out.  I admit, I had an erection (thinking about the two guys I missed earlier) but I didn’t think it was too in appropriate as I was probably 40m from the waters edge.

Sitting back up the older guy and I looked at each other, I rubbed the front of my speedo and he correctly interpreted my invitation.

By the time he had walked up the beach I was standing and we walked in to the dunes.

Once out of view of the beach the older guy grabbed me, turned me around and we started making out.  He was my height but much stockier than myself and he was in control.  He looked a little bit like Sean Connery with his grey beard.

I was totally horny as hell so I asked him what he wanted, want to fuck me?  Want me to blow you?

He replied that he just wanted to blow me.

Fine with me.  I had one request though.  During out kiss I had felt that the older guy was wearing some speedos under his footy shorts.  I asked him if he would be so kind as to drop the footy shorts.  While he took off his footy shorts, I leant back against a tree and I pulled my raging boner out the leg of my speedo.  He dropped to his knees and started sucking.

Wow, I didn’t even know this guys name.

He sucked cock like it was his last meal and looking down at him wearing just his black speedo was pretty hot.  Approaching orgasm I warned him.  Twice.  And he kept sucking.  I warned him a third time just as my cock exploded and his lips didn’t leave my cock.

When my cock finally started to soften he removed his lips, licking every last drop and put hit footy shorts back on.  I asked him if I could return the favour but he said he was fine.  We walked back to the beach, nobody was around so nobody knew what had just taken place.  We shook hands (like we had just played a round of golf) and he walked in the direction of the carpark.


I lay back down, this time on my tummy to tan my back and wondered to myself… “Did that really just happen?”

After half an hour or so of me reading and checking my phone, my phone battery was dying so I thought I should head back to the house and check on the dog.  I got up, put my shorts on, shook my towel out and when I turned around to start walking back, right there in front of me is this cute younger guy wearing a blue speedo just strutting his stuff!!!

Of course, I got my shit together and followed him, enjoy the view.

I just love this young guys confidence!!!

If you know him or if you are him, please touch base with me because I will be back at that same beach tomorrow and I owe someone a blowjob.

Speedo ConfidenceSpeedo Confidence

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Robmor89 said,  

Now that’s a trip to the beach worth remembering!

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