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Hot Photo Shoot

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Today I was working on some old galleries on my site and came across this gallery which needed some updates.  This is one of the very first galleries that I bought off a photographer based in Sydney and I’m guessing I’ve jerked off to these photos maybe 20 times!!!

I love the red speedos.  While I don’t know exactly where it is shot, the coastline looks like anywhere around where I live now.

I love the bravery of these guys.  Fucking out in public like that!!!  That is pretty awesome.  Not sure I’m that brave.  I’ve had some beach experiences but I usually duck up behind the dunes which isn’t a guarantee of privacy but a bit more than screwing out in the open.

Back in November I had one of my hottest beach experiences when I met a member to go surfing in speedos.  It was great and after surfing we ended up ‘fooling’ around – I wrote about that experience, click here to read that blog post.

Enjoy this old photo shoot and if you stumble across me behind the dunes…. feel free to join in.  Wear red speedos so I know it is you – hahaha.

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April 28th, 2019
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