Friday Afternoon in Speedos

Summer in Queensland means we get some fantastic afternoon storms and last night was the first real big one for the summer.  What isn’t as common is waking up to the sound of thunder as I did today.

I had some chores to do and thankfully there wasn’t any hail and as I write this blog post for you guys, it is just about midday and the sun is out and the wind has died down and it looks like a fantastic afternoon for the beach.

My speedos are on, I’ll pack my laptop and some beers in a backpack and I’m off to the beach.

While I will be working on finishing writing about some of my recent speedo experiences… you never know, I might get to make some more in the dunes if there are any other speedo guys.

Click here to read about one of my experiences at the beach when I met a member for a surf in our speedos…..

Who wants to join me?

Sunny Speedo Day

2 Users Responded in " Friday Afternoon in Speedos "

phltanner said,  

I did just “join” you. 80F+ here in PHL so I grabbed my AB 1.5 WJ Ice Blue & headed to the hotel pool deck that I “crash” frequently! Worked on my tan; midway, went in to the empty pool & skinny-dipped (kept my Ice Blue dry!), & switched to my ABS 1.5 WJ Loose Red (red-white-blue) for the rest of the time.

Now back in my office in a N2N Sport needing a JO buddy!

phltanner said,  

Checking your site out again, Dave & getting hard!!

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