Good Morning

Morning guys.  Saturday morning here on Australia’s Sunshine Coast and I am up early and working hard on speedo porn, I am also hard… hehe.

I’m still sitting in bed (it is 9am) but I’m about to setup some movie uploads and while that is going on I’ll go for a swim at the beach.  I am wearing my new ADIDAS speedos, I don’t think I’ve shared any photos of them with you guys yet, I promise I will, remind me if I don’t.

Even though it is a Saturday I have lots of work to do.

  • Morning routine, check servers, check server logs, update speedo photo of the day.  Reply to member emails. DONE
  • Finish writing about an experience I had at a gay massage course a few years ago.  I was just given permission to write about it.  If I finish it today, I will share it with you guys tomorrow.
  • Get two new movies ready for publication.

That should get me through to about 4pm this arvo and I have some friends coming over for a BBQ on my roof at 5pm.  Probably no speedo sex on the cards for me today but writing about my massage experience will have me pretty horned up so that could get messy.

Anyone have anything awesome happening this Saturday?

Here is a screen grab from the new movie I’m working on…. I think you guys will like it.

Double Blowjob

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