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250th Speedo Photo of the Day

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I hope you didn’t miss the 250th Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site

Technically it isn’t the 250th, I reset it at 1,000 so I suppose it is the 1,250th Speedo Photo of the Day.

The Speedo Photo of the Day is something I had wanted to add to for a while and built it into the last redesign (which I did all by myself – hehehe).  I was afraid that maybe I would run out of awesome speedo pics but that really hasn’t been the case.

Each of the photos are hand chosen by me and I wanted something meaningful for the 250th. As long time readers will know, my first threesome was in a sauna. It was with a male/female couple but these two guys below would have made a fine threesome as well I think.

What combo was your first threesome?

Speedo Photo of the Day

April 25th, 2020

Tourist Gets Off at Bondi Beach

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I love chatting with people who enjoy speedos.  I especially love talking with members because I think that is a little more serious than that random emails I often receive.  Last year I got talking to a new member here on this blog called Arthur.  Arthur is from Texas and was having a holiday in Australia.  Unfortunately Arthur wasn’t going to make it up the coast to where I live but I gave him some tourist advice for Sydney.

Arthur was kind enough to take the time to write about how he got to hang out at the Bondi swimming pool (called Bondi Icebergs).  It was pretty hot and I think Arthur enjoyed his time there.

I went to Australia a couple of months ago with friends to visit some other friends. I was only there for a week and spent the last few days in Sydney. I opted for Sydney as my last stop because I there was a pool I wanted to visit for personal, and obviously speedo-related, reasons.

Being Filipino and living in the great state of Texas, USA, I seldom get a chance to be speedo-clad at the beaches there. I still get my speedo fix weekly since I train for triathlons. As a triathlete, I wear either a trisuit or speedos every time I swim train. But, it isn’t enough speedo time. Plus, the speedos I get to wear in a public pool where I train relegates me to use speedos that should be for General Audiences only. My collection of speedos are categorized between play and training categories with some speedos I can use for both (depending on the day and venue).

So Sydney was a my last stop and I did all the touristy things you can do there. What a great city. I was the only triathlete in my group of friends so I had to find a way to get to the famous Bondi beach without sacrificing tourist times with my friends.

I eventually decided to brave the early morning cold (July mornings there are cold) and took an Uber to Bondi and eventually got some lap swim time at the Bondi Icebergs pool. I have quite a fascination to Bondi Beach being a center of attraction in those Aussiebum videos and the Bondi Icebergs pool is where they shoot some of the hottest videos of their speedo and gear collection.

Bondi Icebergs Pool

I arrived at Bondi beach around 5:15 AM and headed up to the Iceberg building. Waiting for me at the front door was my friend, Brandon. He lives in Sydney but hasn’t been to the Icebergs and Bondi for quite some time. I haven’t seen him since we met in Boston about ten years ago. We met online in a gay/bi chat and remained friends ever since. He complained that he doesn’t get up this early when he coaches and referees football. I told him that he shouldn’t miss some speedo time with me. He winked and grinned at me so I knew we would have some speedo time before the morning was over.

Since I wasn’t 100% sure Brandon was coming, I brought my usual Adidas brand 3-stripe swimsuit for General Audiences swimming. That was my plan but I made a quick decision to see if I can get him turned on. In my bag, I always carry a backup suit for play if the opportunity presents itself.  I love my Aussiebum Portseas (just like Aussie Speedo Guy) but they are not really for lap swimming so what I dug out of my bag was my red lifeguard speedos I got in Hawaii a couple of years ago.

Brandon and I paid our visitor fee and went to the changing rooms. I started to get undressed and gave me a quick peek to the dark yellow and maroon speedo he had underneath his jogging shorts. I didn’t get to see what brand they were but it looked like a local club which he might be a member of. With that peek, I started to bone up and proceeded to give him a little show while I’m changing. Turned my back to him and got my shirt off and proceeded to unzip my jeans. He saw that I was wearing Aussiebum (red Classic Original with white piping) underwear and continued to look as I was taking it off and putting my red lifeguard speedos on. He didn’t see my hardening cock as I purposely wanted him to see how I filled out my red speedos with my boner. I continued to casually converse with him on some inane topic but I knew he has trying hard to concentrate in the conversation while his eyes were roving up and down my body while stretching for a bit and digging for my towel. I saw him lick his lips when I adjusted my now swollen cock inside the speedos and got the towel to cover up. He gave my ass a smack as I was heading out of the door going downstairs to the pool. I brushed my hand on his crotch and felt him boned up as well.

Boy, was the wind cold! Even though it was winter in Sydney, I decided to brave the freezing water of the Icebergs pool to be able to say that I indeed swam in that world-renowned pool. Plus, I have a race three weeks after the Syndey vacation so I needed some swim time in. Brandon just stayed on the second floor all covered up in jogging pants, trainers and thick hoodie. I asked him to take pics of the upcoming sunrise for me and shots of Bondi Beach.

The boner I had before I took the plunge in that freezing pool quickly went away when I got in and started my laps. At around 6 am, there were some older folks about to swim or swimming and most of them were in wetsuits. Here, I was in a very skimpy speedo crazy enough to swim. Twenty minutes of lap swimming and my teeth starting to chatter, I decided that was enough for me. I got out of the pool, looked for Brandon and found him tucking his joggers, shoes and hoodie in his bag, towel on his shoulders and an awesome view of his ass framed by his speedos. I slapped his ass and grabbed a handful of his speedo-covered cock. Brandon is caucasian, married and on his early forties with four kids with an excellent body. He has a light dusting of hair all over which is a stark contrast of my naturally smooth body (I’m asian). Just seeing him in speedos got me hard again and he was smiling naughtily and told me to relax because he saw that my cock was throbbing and now obscenely trying to get out of my speedos.

We entered the dry sauna and was glad that nobody was around. It was enclosed but the door and the wall facing east (overlooking a hallway and then the pool) was made of glass from the top to about the waist. I didn’t think anything would happen since it was kind of risky because at any moment, anybody can pass and see what’s happening inside.

Brandon and I sat on the topmost bench and we were just shooting the shit while glancing at each other’s speedo covered boners. Out of the blue Brandon, he grabbed my crotch and held the outline of my speedo covered cock, he said he had forgotten how big my cock was (I always think my cock size is average but I’ve had some say it is way big for an asian). He then proceeded to slowly stroke me through the speedo material. I closed my eyes and just relaxed. I was in speedo heaven.

He then proceeded to stand up and looked at both sides of the window and asked if I would join him. He then stood in front of me as I was trying to gaze out and grind his speedo-covered ass on my crotch. That was so hot! I knew he felt my cock on his ass and I reached around and playfully pinch and tugged at his nips. He started to moan so I continued playing with his nips and continue grinding my cock on his ass.

He looked around and realized that the coast was clear, he then turned around and pulled my cock out of the waistband of my speedo and started to suck on it hungrily. If you were viewing the dry sauna from the pool downstairs or outside, what you will is a guy just standing inside the sauna but what you can’t see are both my feet planted on the floor with a hot guy slobbering on my cock, licking my nuts and trying to deep throat me. I was in heaven. He did that for a few minutes and I decided to return the favor. He stood up and I knelt in front of him and proceeded to get his cock out the left leg of the speedo. His cock was oozing precum. He started to moan as I licked the underside of his cock up to his cock head and sucked on it. I lost tracked of time just sucking on his cock and he pulled me up as his side vision saw two guys nearing our door. The door opened as I was standing up. I kept my back to them as I had to put my cock back in the speedos.

The two guys who came in were part of the local club as their speedos marked it. I think one of the guys may have had a sense of what I was doing because he looked at me and then he looked at my friend and smiled to both of us. They both sat at the other end of the bench while me and Brandon sat at the other end. I got a good look at them and their bodies and they were in excellent shape. My mind started to wander and had this fantasy about them both joining me and Brandon and I started to get hard again. I looked over at Brandon and smiled as I realized he was thinking the same too.

Sorry guys, the rest of this story is for members only.
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March 27th, 2019

My First Threesome

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I started this blog way back after my first threesome…..  it was the end of a snowboard season in Canada and after an end of season party I was invited to join my room mates (male/female couple from Australia) in the sauna.

The experience was amazingly hot and when I recount the experience today I still get incredibly turned on.

After the threesome, I had a couple of weeks travelling on my own before I headed back to Australia and I decided to sit down and write about the threesome.  This was the first time I had really sat down and written anything like that and it turned me on just writing about it.

There I had a pretty amazing piece of writing and I didn’t know what to do with it. had been running for a few years so I shared it with the members on there but I just wanted to tell the world about how amazing this threesome was and I wanted to see if anyone else had enjoyed a similar scenario and I wanted more experiences like that.

At the time I had a chick who was doing some graphic design work for and she wrote a personal blog.  She used WordPress for her blogging so I had Kip predecessor make up a WordPress blog and that is how this blog started.

Funny how things turn out.

Well, I thought I’d share that original piece of writing about my first threesome with you guys.

Ow, and that night I was wear a pair of AussieBum Portseas (like the guy with the surfboard below) and ever since then I love wearing those speedos because they remind me of that night.

AussieBum Portsea Speedos

March 24th, 2019

Sydney Marriot

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Last night was a big one!!!  I love partying in a big city.  When I was on the Central Coast you’d see the same people every weekend and you had a choice of 2 locations.  But in the big smoke there is just soooooo much going on it is awesome.

I still haven’t got my American Wings but I did take a Marina Girl home (my friends wife grew up in San Fran and does not like Marina Girls and had to explain the concept to me today over lunch).  It was a pretty drunken sloppy session but the girl loved sucking cock AND she loved fingering me while she sucked me off which I am a huge fan of.

Anyways – I just got back from lunch and I think I’m going to have an afternoon nap once I finish this post.

Here is a  story that was posted over on the forum which I thought you guys might like……

A few years ago, a friend of mine and I went to Australia on vacation.  I had always wanted to go to Australia, because I’d heard of all the beautiful men and the beaches full of speedos.  We went to the Gold Coast, Cairns, Melbourne and ended in Sydney.  We were there in late April and while Melbourne was starting to get cold, everywhere else was pretty warm.  Sydney was no exception.  It wasn’t blistering hot but nice.  We checked into the Marriott at the park and decided to split up for the day.  I headed straight for the beach.  Walked to the harbor and took a ferry to Manly beach.

The ride through the harbor was beautiful.  When I arrived, there weren’t too many people swimming, but a group of guys showed up a bit later, stripped down to their speedos and went for a swim.  The water was a bit cold for me, but they seemed to get in a great workout.  I hung around until they finished and admired the beautiful Australian men as they dried off.   I was getting pretty horny so I took off and rode the ferry back.  Had an awesome view of the harbor bridge at sunset when I got back…  It was time to clean up and go meet some boys!

When I returned to the hotel, my buddy was there getting ready.  He had met some boys earlier while shopping and said we should go meet them for drinks.  We ended up at a few different bars in boys town and had a great time.  Towards the end of the evening, I noticed a hot guy across the bar talking to some dorky looking guy.  My buddy helped me get up the courage to talk to him and I did.  Turns out he was trying to get away from the dorky guy.  He was hot, from a suburb of Sydney and had the nicest ass.  He had cute dimples, stood about 6 feet tall and had that amazing accent!  We chatted for a bit, he seemed interested so I asked him back to my hotel for a swim at the rooftop pool.

15 min later we were in my hotel room and I gave him the choice between a JM squarecut or a black Nike brief.  He chose the JM and I put on the brief and quickly grabbed a condom (just in case) and slipped it in my suit. We headed up to the rooftop pool.  I thought it was going to be closed at 2am, but much to my delight the doors weren’t locked.  He looked hot in my swimwear, and I could clearly see he had an amazing package. We jumped in the pool.  We began making out with the lights of Sydney surrounding us.  I could feel his hard cock as he pushed it against me in the corner of the pool.  I looked around and didn’t see any cameras, so I pushed him up on the ledge of the pool and pulled the suit down.  He had a GORGEOUS 8″ penis, uncut with the head peeking out.  It looked so delicious, I just couldn’t help myself.  I began to suck him madly, and he groaned with pleasure.  I love sticking my tongue between a guys foreskin and head and tasting him.  Sooo delicious.

He suggested we go back to my room.  I told him my friend was probably back so I suggested we head indoors to the steam room.  Nobody was around so it seemed ok.  It was so hot in there, but we continued making out.  He pulled my Nike off and began to return the favor, expertly sucking my cock as I laid on my back.  We were so sweaty but it was so amazing.  He was dripping with precum and rubbed it on his cock, then went to slide it in.  I remembered the condom that had fallen out when he ripped my suit off and asked him to put it on.  He said sure, he was glad I had brought it.

I was in the corner with a leg on each bench and he came at me with all 8″.  To my surprise, the little lubrication on the condom and our sweat was all he needed to push into my willing hole.  I had never had 8″ before and he made me feel every inch.  Sweat was rolling down my face, it was also dripping off of him on to me.  He pushed my legs back and fucked me like mad.  I loved every bit of it.  At any minute I thought hotel security would walk in on us but that only made it more hot.  I grabbed that beautiful round ass of his and pulled him deeper in to me.  He began to jerk me and I could take it no more.  I began to shoot cum all over him and me and this put him over the edge.  He pulled out, ripped off the condom and blew his load all over my chest and face.  He fell over on me and laid on top of me.

After joking a bit about the mess we made I said we’d better wipe off and get the hell out of there before someone came up.  He agreed.  We wiped off, put our clothes back on and headed out.  He kissed me goodbye on the elevator and I thanked him for the amazing time.  What a great way to be welcomed to Sydney!  I went back to my room to find my friend who had struck out.  I was glad we headed for the steam room instead of my room.  It was hotter in more ways than one!

December 10th, 2011
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