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Change Room Speedo Porn

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Since I had fun reminiscing about my old pool (not so much the pool as the times I had in the change rooms), I thought I’d share with you guys one of my favourite change rooms speedo porn movies.

I’ve even given non-members a 3 minute clip of this super hot movie.  Members can watch the whole 2 minute movie.  If you have been thinking of joining, it is only $5.  It is worth the $5 to watch this movie alone.

July 9th, 2023

First Anal in 25 Years

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A few weeks ago I sucked off my new Landlord. He is a completely straight acting guy, is married but admitted to me that he used to do ‘gay stuff’ when he was in his late teens and early twenties.

We were both sitting in my unit, wearing only speedos after a swim in the pool and I got on my knees and sucked him off.  I then straddled him and jerked off making a mess of his blue speedos (which I still have and you can see photos of below).  We ran in to each other the next day and he thanked me and everything was cool.  His thank you indicated that he might want more.

  • Click here to read all the juicy details about how that came about and what happened.

Fast forward a week after our first night, and it was last Sunday and we organized to catch up and watch footy at my place.  I kind of expected things to turn sexual and I was super horny in anticipation.

When The Landlord arrived at my place, just before kick off, he was with his wife.  Maybe things weren’t going to turn sexual.

I had actually thought about answering the door wearing only his blue speedos with a raging boner, thank God I didn’t.

I get along great with The Landlord’s wife and I think that she wanted to do a little impromptu unit inspection which I was completely fine with.  The three of us had a drink and after the first half of footy was over she decided to leave.  The Landlord walked her to the door and when it was closed, I heard him lock it, things were about to get sexual.  I was in the kitchen getting us another drink and when I returned The Landlord had stripped down to a pair of black lycra speedos and was back on the couch.

It was a beautiful sight.

I handed him his drink and stood in front of him and stripped down to the blue speedos that he had left behind last time we fooled around (they were soaked in two loads of cum so he couldn’t really take them home for his wife to wash).

Sitting next to him on the couch our thighs were touching.  I reached over and started rubbing the front of his speedo.

Gay Sex with a Married ManMarried Guy Having Gay SexBlowing a Married Guy

The Landlord didn’t take his blue speedos home and after writing about this I am SUPER horny so I’m going to go and ruin them.  Would you guys like a video of me jerking off in to his speedos?

If there was a hidden camera it would have looked pretty much like this….

Gay Anal on the Couch

April 30th, 2021

Sex in AussieBum Speedos

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The blue speedos (AussieBums) being worn are one of my all time favourite speedos.  I was wearing them when I had my first threesome and ever since they have been with me on some pretty amazing sexual adventures.

It is a shame AussieBum don’t make speedos like this anymore.

If you would like to see selfies of me wearing the AussieBum Portseas – click here.

March 25th, 2021

T’was Sex Before Xmas

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New week and I’ve got some naughty business planned which hopefully will happen and if it does I will happy share the juicy details with you guys.

The Married Guy texted me over the weekend saying he wanted to fool around this week since he is going on holidays and won’t have any naughty speedo fun for a while.  Unfortunately, the pool is pretty busy this time of year so I don’t think a hookup in the change rooms will work and the beach is packed as well.  Thing is, some of my mates are on holidays already and there is a chance they’ll just swing by my house at any moment….

Secondly, Alex shot me a text saying that he and his boyfriend wanted some Xmas threesome fun this week if I was interested.  It has been a while since I saw these guys and a while longer since I was invited to join them.  You guys remember they hosted an orgy at their house which was pretty hot (click here to read what I wrote about the orgy – my first).

I promise to keep you guys posted.

The Married Guy did say that he had a present for me…. I wonder what it is?  Since my family are all up on the Gold Coast we don’t really do the Xmas present thing so this might be my only Xmas present.

If it was this…. that would be hot.  By ‘this’ I mean the guy as well as the outfit.

Gay Leather Brief

December 17th, 2018

Being Watched by Tom

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Writing about what Alex, Tom and I got up to a couple of weekends ago has taken me longer than I had hoped but when I get into writing about it, I end up getting horny and then I end up jerking off and I kind of loose my mojo.  I hope you guys can sympathize with me, this work I do for you guys is ‘hard’ sometimes.

Here are the previous 2 parts that I’ve written.

  1. Introducing 18yo Tom
  2. Tom cum while Alex lubes him up

I left you guys off a couple of days ago just as Tom came while Alex was lubing his cock up in anticipation of fucking me.  I was excited to have this 18yo virgin fuck my arse and I was all ready when Tom unloaded in the condom that Alex had just put on him.

Tom was a little embarrassed but to be honest I thought it was pretty hot that he came that quickly.  He took off the condom and pulled up the front of his speedos.

Alex was rock hard though so I asked him if he’d fuck me.

Grabbing another condom off the kitchen counter, Alex pulled his cock out the leg of his speedos (we couldn’t do this for Tom because his competition school speedo was so tight).

Speedos Too Small

At this stage I was still leaning over the breakfast bar in the kitchen.  My red arena speedos were still on and up but I had undone the drawstring…. I love pulling speedos down a guys butt and I thought Tom might have enjoyed it.

Instead of Tom, Alex got to do it once he had the condom on and had lubed up his cock.  Tom was now sitting on the other side of the kitchen bench.

With both of my hands on the kitchen bench, I spread my legs and bent over.  Alex pulled down the bum of my red speedos but my cock was still in the front of the speedo.  As Alex shuffled up behind me I felt him lead his cock to the opening of my arsehole…. I moaned and begged Alex to fuck me.

Slowly Alex got the head of his cock inside me.  I looked up and saw Tom sitting there watching all of this rubbing the front of his tiny speedos.

Anal Sex

Once Alex was ‘balls deep’ he started to fuck me.  With his hands on my hips Alex was fucking me hard!!!  I was trying not to cum, I wanted to fuck Alex in front of Tom.  It wasn’t as quick as Tom but Alex didn’t last long – hahaha.  Maybe I just have that effect on guys or maybe it was sitting around in speedos with boners for 20 minutes that got these guys close.

Alex came and as he cooled down he leaned over me and I could feel his panting breath on the back of my neck.

Now it was my turn to fuck Alex……. click here to become a member and read what happens next.

May 10th, 2016

Hottub, Scotch, Sex Routine

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Staying at Kip’s our usual routine is to get into the hottub about 5pm, it is just getting dark here then and that is our first adult beverage for the day (otherwise we might start drinking at midday).  The last 3 days we’ve been in this routine, if we snowboard we are usually home by 5pm and if we are working we are obviously here.

But…. two guys having a drink in the hottub, we only ever wear speedos of course, after a couple of things things normally end up with one or more of us getting an erection and since we have a fuck buddy in the hottub we usually fix that erection.

After we have fucked or sucked each other off we generally have a shower and start cooking dinner.

I’ll be here for another couple of weeks if anyone wants to partake in our afternoon routine.

There are 25 pics from the photo shoot below which is available to blog members – click here to join now for just $5.

Jacuzzi Anal

February 16th, 2016
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