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Late Night Blow and Go

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Last night I got to suck some cock… not the first time I’ve done that.

What is of note that I do want to share with you guys is that it happened in the rooftop spa (hottub) of the new building I’m living in.  It was a Grindr hookup with a guy who is renting a unit in the building for one night. Very much a blow and go. He met me up there, we were both in speedos, I played with his cock under water while we chatted a little.  Once he was 100% hard, he sat on the edge and I sucked him off. He exploded in my mouth, tucked himself back in his speedo and left.

I’ve got a feeling he might have been married.

Thing is, there is a security camera pointing right at the spa. I’ve fooled around up there but usually more discretely and under the water.  There is no night manager or staff around at night but I just wonder if that footage is saved somewhere? Would be hot to watch.

Cock Outside in a Spa

August 24th, 2020

Movie of the Week – Speedo Foursome

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Watching four, 18yo guys in the spa (jacuzzi/hottub), in their speedos just fooling around is pretty hot to start with.

When they pair off and start making out, that is raising the hotness a fair bit.

Peeling down their speedos to reveal their very suckable cocks is really hot.

The guys then bending over and barebacking each other….. if you make it to that point in the movie I will be impressed because I blew my load in the first couple of minutes.

Enjoy the movie of the week guys.

Here is a 4 minute sample…. it is the blowjob part of the movie.

If you want to see the rimming, anal and cumshots (just over 25 minutes) then you have to be a member.  It is only $5 and you get to see previous movies of the week as well.

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July 27th, 2018

Utah Threesomes

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I am sitting in Salt Lake City airport about to head to San Francisco.  I’ll spend 2 nights in San Fran, catch up with some friends there and then I’m back to the beach.

Sorry for the lack of posts the last week, Kip and I had a blast in Utah snowboarding at Park City/Canyons.  We didn’t realize but we missed out on Gay Ski Week by a single day.  Thankfully there were still a few of Utah’s gayest in town and Kip and I had 3x threesomes while we were in town.

On top of that, we had 31″….. of snow (I suppose the 3 Utah guys, Kip and myself would be at least 31″ combined).  The condo we rented was awesome with a semi-private hottub and only a short walk to and from the lifts.  It was awesome but I still think I prefer Breckenridge.

Kip and I had some work to get done which we did manage to fit in between threesomes and I think that overall the trip was pretty productive work wise.  I’m sure the blog members and members are enjoying all the new movies and I have a backlog still of movies that I need to process.

I will tell you guys more about our naughty encounters when I get a chance…. if I write about it here in the departure lounge I will bone up for sure – hehehe.  While all three guys lived in Utah, I don’t think any of them were Mormons.  To be honest, didn’t really see any of the whole Morman thing, I’m sure it was there but wasn’t in your face.

So instead, here are some of my favourite threesome movies from the photo galleries.

OK gotta fly – cya guys.

March 4th, 2017

Hottub Threesome

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I know you guys love it when I write about my speedo experiences, it was my first threesome that caused me to start this blog in the first place.

Occasionally I have blog fans and members send me stories about their speedo experiences which I love reading.  Here is a story that is part of the archives…  enjoy.

Speedo Hottub Story

May 4th, 2016

Hottub Sex

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After a week away Kip gets back up to the mountains tonight…. he hasn’t missed anything snow wise or sex wise either.

We might have to change that tonight…..

Kip, if you are reading this.  I hope you are ready mate.

Pool Sex

February 26th, 2016

Hottub, Scotch, Sex Routine

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Staying at Kip’s our usual routine is to get into the hottub about 5pm, it is just getting dark here then and that is our first adult beverage for the day (otherwise we might start drinking at midday).  The last 3 days we’ve been in this routine, if we snowboard we are usually home by 5pm and if we are working we are obviously here.

But…. two guys having a drink in the hottub, we only ever wear speedos of course, after a couple of things things normally end up with one or more of us getting an erection and since we have a fuck buddy in the hottub we usually fix that erection.

After we have fucked or sucked each other off we generally have a shower and start cooking dinner.

I’ll be here for another couple of weeks if anyone wants to partake in our afternoon routine.

There are 25 pics from the photo shoot below which is available to blog members – click here to join now for just $5.

Jacuzzi Anal

February 16th, 2016
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