Late Night Blow and Go

Last night I got to suck some cock… not the first time I’ve done that.

What is of note that I do want to share with you guys is that it happened in the rooftop spa (hottub) of the new building I’m living in.  It was a Grindr hookup with a guy who is renting a unit in the building for one night. Very much a blow and go. He met me up there, we were both in speedos, I played with his cock under water while we chatted a little.  Once he was 100% hard, he sat on the edge and I sucked him off. He exploded in my mouth, tucked himself back in his speedo and left.

I’ve got a feeling he might have been married.

Thing is, there is a security camera pointing right at the spa. I’ve fooled around up there but usually more discretely and under the water.  There is no night manager or staff around at night but I just wonder if that footage is saved somewhere? Would be hot to watch.

Cock Outside in a Spa

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