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I’ve bought a thong!!!

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Happy Thong Thursday guys.  I have some big news… last week I ordered a swimming thong.

It hasn’t arrived yet but you’ll be sure to hear about it when it does.

I hope when I am wearing mine this happens (mine is black not pink but otherwise, I hope for a similar result).

Cummy Thong

June 9th, 2022

First Anal in 25 Years

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A few weeks ago I sucked off my new Landlord. He is a completely straight acting guy, is married but admitted to me that he used to do ‘gay stuff’ when he was in his late teens and early twenties.

We were both sitting in my unit, wearing only speedos after a swim in the pool and I got on my knees and sucked him off.  I then straddled him and jerked off making a mess of his blue speedos (which I still have and you can see photos of below).  We ran in to each other the next day and he thanked me and everything was cool.  His thank you indicated that he might want more.

  • Click here to read all the juicy details about how that came about and what happened.

Fast forward a week after our first night, and it was last Sunday and we organized to catch up and watch footy at my place.  I kind of expected things to turn sexual and I was super horny in anticipation.

When The Landlord arrived at my place, just before kick off, he was with his wife.  Maybe things weren’t going to turn sexual.

I had actually thought about answering the door wearing only his blue speedos with a raging boner, thank God I didn’t.

I get along great with The Landlord’s wife and I think that she wanted to do a little impromptu unit inspection which I was completely fine with.  The three of us had a drink and after the first half of footy was over she decided to leave.  The Landlord walked her to the door and when it was closed, I heard him lock it, things were about to get sexual.  I was in the kitchen getting us another drink and when I returned The Landlord had stripped down to a pair of black lycra speedos and was back on the couch.

It was a beautiful sight.

I handed him his drink and stood in front of him and stripped down to the blue speedos that he had left behind last time we fooled around (they were soaked in two loads of cum so he couldn’t really take them home for his wife to wash).

Sitting next to him on the couch our thighs were touching.  I reached over and started rubbing the front of his speedo.

Gay Sex with a Married ManMarried Guy Having Gay SexBlowing a Married Guy

The Landlord didn’t take his blue speedos home and after writing about this I am SUPER horny so I’m going to go and ruin them.  Would you guys like a video of me jerking off in to his speedos?

If there was a hidden camera it would have looked pretty much like this….

Gay Anal on the Couch

April 30th, 2021

Sex Students Try Anal

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When I wrote about the first sexual encounter with Dan and Tim, I called them my new sex students. That first experience/lesson involved lots of cock sucking.

Click here if you’d like to read about the oral sex lesson I gave.

Now I’ve finally written about the details of our second sexual experience/sex lesson.  Unfortunately, I moved shortly after the second time we hung out, but they have both messaged me on social media saying they can’t wait for me to cum back for some lessons so hopefully there will be more once the Covid travel restrictions end.

Dan and Tim are eighteen and nineteen year old guys who are members of the Surf Life Saving Club that I’m a member of.  Last week I caught Tim on his knees just about to suck off his teenage friend.  It was a Friday afternoon and they expected to have the equipment sheds all to themselves, Tim was on his knees when I walked in on their naughty act.  They were terrified that they were in trouble.  Instead of being in trouble, the two young guys came back to my place and started their sexual education. That first Friday was all about oral, I sucked them off, they sucked me off and they sucked each other off. They need more practice but they received a passing grade for their first lesson.

Joking aside, I remember being a horny young guy; experimenting, fooling around, feeling guilty, not sure if I was weird and hoping I wouldn’t be caught.  It would have been so much easier if I had someone to guide me and tell me that my feelings were completely normal.  Luckily for Dan and Tim, they have me to point them in the right direction.

As the guys were leaving my house after our first sexual lesson, I told them that instead of risking getting caught or in real trouble risking getting caught having sex in public, they are welcome to come over to my place anytime.

It was during this conversation that Tim asked me was if I had tried anal?  Yeah, I’ve tried anal once or twice (I was once fucked by ten guys in one session – click here to read about that).  Their teenage eyes lit up and asked if anal was as good, or even better than sex with a girl?  I told them that anal sex (with a guy or a girl) is pretty amazing, it is tighter than a pussy of course.

Then I told them that being the guy getting fucked is what really turns me on.  This was news to them.

I told them that I loved being fucked in the arse and that I have often cummed without any physical touch to my cock.  Spontaneous anal ejaculation.

The guys seemed surprised, they asked me if it hurt?  I told them if it is done wrong it hurts, but if you take it slow, and use lots of lube, it can be amazing. They both seemed very interested in this news, particularly Tim who seemed like the more adventurous of the two.

It was Tim who then asked me if they could come over to my house next Friday and maybe try some anal stuff, for the first time.

The rest of this experience is available for members only.  It is members paying their $5 a month that allows me to spend all the time that I do on this blog and the time it takes writing about my naughty experiences.  I really appreciate the support of my members (I spend an hour most days talking to them directly) and in the members only area I get to share more personal things that I don’t really want to be 100% public.  Click here to join now, or feel free to email me ( if you have any questions about becoming a member.

Virgin Teenage Arses

February 16th, 2021

Fucked in front of his Fiance

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Do you guys remember Rachel and Taz?

If not click here to read about these guys. They are a heck of a lot of fun.

Last weekend they drove from Brisbane down to the Gold Coast where they have a unit on the beach and since pools are closed they decided to stop at the Southport Swimming Enclosure to do some actual lap swimming.

I’ve been swimming at this spot before and it is beautiful.  It is on this waterway that isn’t far from the ocean but can be nice and calm and the netting keeps the bull sharks away.  Bull sharks have a taste for swimmers in that kind of water.  I suppose the enclosure goes off the beach maybe 50m and is 150m long.  There is a pontoon in the middle of it as well.

In the aerial photo below you can see the enclosure. On the left side just out of the shot is where Rachel and Taz’s unit is.

Southport Swimming EnclosureGold Coast Swimming Enclosure

There weren’t many people around because they are scared of getting in trouble (Corona laws) but exercising is allowed, well, it is allowed this week, who knows what might happen next week.

They walked from their car the few hundred meters to the beach and there was only one other person there, a younger guy just stripping down about to go for a swim, otherwise it was deserted.  Rachel and Taz started talking to the guy who was a local and a regular and he said there had been more people swimming there than usual because the pools were closed but it was still really quiet, particularly now that schools have gone back (home schooling) after the Easter holiday.

While they were having this short chat, the guy stripped down to a tight little blue speedo. Rachel claims it looked like it was painted on him it was so tight.

The swimmer guy was ready for his swim so left Rachel and Taz on the beach and said he’d see them out there.  Once he was in the water Rachel said she teased Taz about where his mind was going and wondered if Taz would be able to strip down to his speedo without the world knowing what he was thinking from his growing crotch.

From my experiences with these guys, they are super fun and love taking the mickey out of each other and I wish I was there for the ribbing Taz was getting.

Rachel and Taz proceeded to strip down to their swimwear. Taz was wearing a red speedo that I gave him and they loved the brand so much Rachel bought a one piece swimsuit from the same company.  Unfortunately, I haven’t see her swimsuit in the flesh yet but I’m guessing she looks pretty smashing.


Blue One Piece SwimsuitTaz's Red Speedo

Rachel and Taz got their shit together and start swimming.  Rachel has a fancy Garmin watch so she was setting the pace and figuring it all out.  They have both been doing some little triathlons over the last two years and that is what made them get in to the pool and that was really when Rachel pressured Taz in to speedo’ing it up, which in turn led to Taz and I have sex, while Rachel watched (you didn’t know that? click here to read about that stuff).

The blue speedo guy they met on the beach was doing his thing and the enclosure is pretty big so they didn’t get in each others way.  After half an hour or so, Rachel decided it was time for a break so she and Taz swam over to the pontoon that is in the middle of the swimming area.

When I last sat on that pontoon (just last August or so) it is a little gross because there is lots of bird crap on it but otherwise it is gorgeous.

Rachel and Taz were catching their breath and enjoying the beautiful weather and location, feeling the burn as the blood ran back to their arms after six weeks of not being allowed to swim at their local pool, when the blue speedo guy said hello from behind them.  He had the same idea for a break.  I’m guessing thirty minutes is about 1,500m or maybe a mile?

The blue speedo guy apologized for interrupting them but Rachel was having none of it and invited him to come over and hang out.

The three of them talked about what they were training for, and the events they were training for which have been cancelled.  During this conversation, Rachel began to get the vibe that the blue speedo guy was gay.

Rachel’s version/interpretation of what was going down is that blue speedo guy was thinking Taz was gay as well.  They (Rachel and Taz) are engaged but they weren’t wearing their engagement rings swimming and they do joke and give each other raspberries more like a brother and sister, or mates on a rugby team, than a committed couple. Rachel tells me, she was loving it and playing it up.

During this, blue speedo guy was introduced as Nathan.

After chatting and soaking up the beautiful sun the three of them decided it was a day and there was a challenge of a race to the beach. The blue speedo guy suggested they race for a round of beers, Rachel said she prefers scotch and since the pubs are closed, new terms for the wager would need to be figured out.

OK, the terms agreed upon were, last place had to buy a bottle of scotch, second last (or second first considering it is a three person race) has to host, so go back to their place.

Everyone agreed and there were handshakes (which we aren’t supposed to do but it just seemed normal when placing a bet).

Girls Like Speedos

Three, two, one, GO!!!

The three of them dived off the pontoon and began the maybe forty meter swim to the beach. Rachel fell behind and the blue speedo guy, I mean Nathan, beat Taz by a little bit.

Taz was giving Rachel a hard time telling her he didn’t want any cheap scotch…. the ribbing continued and Nathan was a gracious winner saying he had scotch at his house and was more than willing to invite them over.  Rachel said, a bet is a bet, and she’d grab a nice bottle of scotch and they could meet our the front of Taz’s building (she was being cheeky saying it was Taz’s when it was really her parents holiday/rental unit).

While they were drying off Nathan asked Taz what brand of speedo he was wearing. They talked about it briefly and Rachel interrupted saying that she loves a guy in a speedo, Nathan said he did too, Taz said that he did three.

Rachel reckons the sexual tension between Nathan and Taz was electric.

Nathan had ridden his bike, so by the time he got to Taz’s (I mean Rachel’s parents holiday unit), Rachel and Taz will have time to go to the liquor store.

When Rachel and Taz got back to the unit, Nathan was just locking up his bike at the main entrance, he had put on shorts but no t-shirt.  They parked and took him up the elevator to their unit.  Walking in Rachel took command, giving Taz the bottle of scotch she told him to pour the drinks and also told him to give her his shorts and towel so she could throw them in the dryer.  Taz removed his board shorts and his t-shirt. He was back to just wearing his red speedo.

Rachel looked at Nathan, I might as well throw your wet shorts in too.  It wasn’t so much a question as an order.  Nathan slid his shorts down and handed them to Rachel.  She told them she’d meet them on the patio.

She left the two speedo clad guys to their own devices.

A few minutes later, Rachel met the guys on the patio and toasted Nathan’s swimming victory.  Rachel had stripped down to her blue once piece swimsuit although she tells me she wanted to put on a bikini or something a bit naughty, she didn’t want to freak Nathan out.

When I met Rachel and Taz and had our first drink on that very deck, Taz and I were wearing speedos and Rachel was wearing a very hot little black bikini.  But you guys have read all about that.

Conversation flowed on the patio like they were all old friends.  Then Nathan needed to use the bathroom.  When he came back he looked a little flustered.

He had seen some photos on the wall in Rachel’s parents unit. One of those photos was an engagement party photo featuring Rachel and Taz showing off an engagement ring.  Poor Nathan thought they were friends, or brother and sister or cousins or something.  Nathan thought he had a chance of fucking Taz.  Nathan thought these dreams had ended.

He hadn’t even sat back down when he asked “You guys are married?”

No, just engaged.

Poor Nathan was a little embarrassed but was laughing about it.  He admitted he thought Rachel and Taz weren’t together and he apologized for hitting on Taz.

Rachel let Nathan dig himself in to a hole.  Then she told him that she was hoping he was hitting on her fiance.  What?  Poor Nathan actually choked a little bit on his scotch and Taz was laughing.

Taz tried to get a word in but this had been Rachel’s show all day.  Rachel told Nathan that Taz thought it was hot when she got it on with other girls so it was only fair that Taz got it on with other guys for her viewing pleasure.  Only fair right?

Nathan was intrigued, he had lots of questions:

When did this start? Their first experience was with me back in October.
How often does Taz play with guys? Only with Dave (me) so far.
How far has he gone? Taz has topped, bottomed and sucked cock.

Rachel added that she thinks her strap on just doesn’t turn Taz on as much as a real cock.

By then, Rachel noticed both guys had full erections that their speedos were trying to contain.

Taz asked Nathan about his sexual preferences.

Nathan responded telling them he has always been gay, never been with a girl (or a male/female couple), loves to top, loves guys in speedos and thought Taz was hot from the minute he saw him. Nathan said he really isn’t turned on by girls, sorry Rachel. Rachel replied saying that is OK with her, as long as she can watch.

That would be perfectly fine said Nathan.

It was time they moved inside.

Rachel grabbed the boys glasses and said she’d refill them, and meet them in the master bedroom. By the time she walked in to the bedroom, they had both completely forgotten about her and were going at it.

Watching Bisexual Guys

She tells me the view was amazing. Taz in his red speedo, Nathan in his tight blue speedo, on their knees in the middle of the bed kissing ferociously, their hands all over each other, their cocks grinding against each other and some pretty primal grunting noises.

Hey guys, there have been a lot of new members lately and I really appreciate their support.  The rest of this account is going to be for members only. It is kind enough of Rachel and Taz to let me share this with you guys but some of it needs to be kept at least a little bit private.

If you are interested in reading the rest, please consider joining. It is only $5.

April 21st, 2020

Great Anal Position

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This morning I woke up horny, which happens more often than not for me.

Instead of just jerking off I jumped on my site and loaded up some speedo porn.  I picked one of the newer movies and found what I was looking for.

I quickly, put on a jockstrap, grabbed my butt plug, lubed it up and sat on it while I jerked off imagining I was the guy in the photo below.

Gay Anal Sex

How did you jerk off this morning?

This photo is a screen shot from a full length movie over on my site  You can see more screen shots here:

November 26th, 2019

My plan this week

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What do you guys have planned this week?

I’m planning on doing this…..

Sweet Anal Sex

October 14th, 2018
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