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Young Gay Couple Experimenting

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I wasn’t sure what to make the Movie of the Week this time around…. the movies archive which I choose from is on my main site and there are 100’s of hours of speedo porn there.

Two mornings ago I woke up and was horny so I turned on and this is the movie I watched.  I only got about 4 minutes in to it before I was done (full length is just over 25 minutes).

If you guys have any preferences to the types of Movies of the Week please leave a comment with your suggestion.

Here is a little sample of the movie for non-members.  You know joining is only $5. Click here to join now and watch the full length 25 minute version.

September 4th, 2021

Sex Students Try Anal

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When I wrote about the first sexual encounter with Dan and Tim, I called them my new sex students. That first experience/lesson involved lots of cock sucking.

Click here if you’d like to read about the oral sex lesson I gave.

Now I’ve finally written about the details of our second sexual experience/sex lesson.  Unfortunately, I moved shortly after the second time we hung out, but they have both messaged me on social media saying they can’t wait for me to cum back for some lessons so hopefully there will be more once the Covid travel restrictions end.

Dan and Tim are eighteen and nineteen year old guys who are members of the Surf Life Saving Club that I’m a member of.  Last week I caught Tim on his knees just about to suck off his teenage friend.  It was a Friday afternoon and they expected to have the equipment sheds all to themselves, Tim was on his knees when I walked in on their naughty act.  They were terrified that they were in trouble.  Instead of being in trouble, the two young guys came back to my place and started their sexual education. That first Friday was all about oral, I sucked them off, they sucked me off and they sucked each other off. They need more practice but they received a passing grade for their first lesson.

Joking aside, I remember being a horny young guy; experimenting, fooling around, feeling guilty, not sure if I was weird and hoping I wouldn’t be caught.  It would have been so much easier if I had someone to guide me and tell me that my feelings were completely normal.  Luckily for Dan and Tim, they have me to point them in the right direction.

As the guys were leaving my house after our first sexual lesson, I told them that instead of risking getting caught or in real trouble risking getting caught having sex in public, they are welcome to come over to my place anytime.

It was during this conversation that Tim asked me was if I had tried anal?  Yeah, I’ve tried anal once or twice (I was once fucked by ten guys in one session – click here to read about that).  Their teenage eyes lit up and asked if anal was as good, or even better than sex with a girl?  I told them that anal sex (with a guy or a girl) is pretty amazing, it is tighter than a pussy of course.

Then I told them that being the guy getting fucked is what really turns me on.  This was news to them.

I told them that I loved being fucked in the arse and that I have often cummed without any physical touch to my cock.  Spontaneous anal ejaculation.

The guys seemed surprised, they asked me if it hurt?  I told them if it is done wrong it hurts, but if you take it slow, and use lots of lube, it can be amazing. They both seemed very interested in this news, particularly Tim who seemed like the more adventurous of the two.

It was Tim who then asked me if they could come over to my house next Friday and maybe try some anal stuff, for the first time.

The rest of this experience is available for members only.  It is members paying their $5 a month that allows me to spend all the time that I do on this blog and the time it takes writing about my naughty experiences.  I really appreciate the support of my members (I spend an hour most days talking to them directly) and in the members only area I get to share more personal things that I don’t really want to be 100% public.  Click here to join now, or feel free to email me ( if you have any questions about becoming a member.

Virgin Teenage Arses

February 16th, 2021

My New Sex Students

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Just before I moved I had a couple of sexual experiences with two young guys from the Surf Life Saving Club. Today I’m writing the second installation of what happened between the three of us when they asked me to teach them anal.

Check back tomorrow to read about that.

Growing up as a horny, young, confused Aussie guy, I didn’t have anyone to ask about sex or to teach me about sex.  There was lots of fumbling around in the dark, figuratively and literally as I explored my sexuality.  Looking back I wish I had a mentor to show me the ropes and to let me know that my feelings and turn ons weren’t weird, they were completely normal.

Over the last few years, I have had to opportunity to take some guys under my wing and give them some sexual education. One person I’ve written about extensively on my blog has been Alex who, when I first met him, had a long time girlfriend and had never done anything with a guy.  But he had always wanted to. When he found out that his surfing buddy was the real Aussie Speedo Guy he wanted to explore his gay side and I was happy to help. Today, Alex is engaged, to Adam, and they regularly invite me over for some naughty speedo fun.

You can read all about Alex and his sexual awakening over on my blog.

What I want to share with you guys today is about some new students to my sexual education program; Dan and Tim.  This only started last week and hopefully I’ll have more to share with you guys over the coming weeks and months (maybe years like Alex).

Let me begin.

I’m a member of the local Surf Life Saving Club. I originally joined to meet people and be more of a member of the community. For those non-Aussies a Surf Life Saving Club runs the volunteer lifeguards at the beach, is involved in competitions for beach stuff like surf boats. and other beach athletics. It has a real club feel and it is the cheapest place to have a drink on the coast. Growing up I was a member of a Surf Life Saving Club up in Queensland and it was fun running around with a bunch of other kids while hanging out at the beach.

As an adult member I have to do a couple of volunteer life guard patrols and I am on a surf boat team (picture above). I also get to borrow any of the equipment (boards, kayaks etc) anytime I want which is how this experience started.

Last Friday afternoon I thought I’d take one of the surf skis (I don’t know why they call it that, it is a kayak) out for a paddle. The day was sensational; blue sky, no wind and the ocean was like glass.  I walk down the beach from my place around two in the afternoon and went for a paddle for a couple of hours. I was back at the club (old two story brick building on the beach) around four o’clock. All the equipment is stored on the lower floor and that is where I had to return the kayak after giving it a quick hose down. Being a Friday afternoon there was nobody around and I didn’t expect to see anyone, so I noticed the wet foot prints on the concrete floor. I followed the footprints to see who was about. If it was someone breaking in or doing something malicious I still had the paddle in my hand, but I was wearing nothing but a pair of blue speedos (they are club uniform). In the back corner I discovered the owners of the wet footprints.  They weren’t doing anything malicious, but they were doing something naughty.

Dan and Tim, both finished high school last year so they are eighteen or nineteen years old, both swimmers, members of the surf club, I know them by name but don’t know that well. It was these two teenagers that I saw, Dan was standing over Tim who was on his knees licking the front of Dan’s speedo.

Speedo Licking

Dan saw me in his peripheral vision as I walked around the corned and swore. Tim jumped to his feet and then the two of them were looking at me like kangaroos in headlights.  Two very horny, fit, teenage kangaroos. They started muttering excuses like; Dave, were were just fooling around, it isn’t what you think, we aren’t gay. It was hard to listen as I enjoyed the view of these two horny young guys, their speedos weren’t going to hide their erections although their hands were trying.

I let them stammer on a little bit, they looked petrified.

Finally I spoke. I told them that if there were going to do that sort of thing, don’t do it here at the Surf Life Saving Club. With that, they looked a little relieved, but still not convinced their life wasn’t over. I asked if they knew where I lived, it is about three hundred meters down the beach, they said they did. I told them to get their shit together and meet me on the back deck of my place in fifteen minutes and we would ‘discuss’ this. I used an authoritative tone of voice which I’ve heard from a principle or angry teacher many times growing up. Inside I was laughing at myself but Dan and Tim weren’t.

The two horny teenagers scampered past me, and while pretending to be stern and adult like, I enjoyed the view of Dan and Tim from behind.

While they disappeared it took me five minutes or so to finish packing up the surf-ski and grab my staff. When I walked out I looked north towards my house and I just saw Dan and Tim walking up from the beach towards by back deck.  They would have five minutes or so to stew while I wandered down the beach.

A few minutes later I walked up to my back deck. Dan and Tim were sitting down but stood up when they saw me. They were now wearing more clothes than before, but they wouldn’t last long.

On the walk down the beach I had come up with a bit of a plan.

They both said hello to me, I don’t think they had ever done that before around the club. The only thing I said was something to the effect of, what are we going to do about this boys?

I had intentionally not had a shower at the surf club so I dropped my shorts and jumped under my outdoor shower. Giving the guys a bit of a shower as I rinsed off now just wearing my club speedos. I took my time and made no effort to hide my semi hard on. Drying off, I again too my time while the two young guys stood there and watched from five meters away.

Wet Speedo Arse in a Public Shower

Once I had dried off, I threw my towel over the clothes line and told the guys to follow me inside. What I did next was the part of my plan that I wasn’t sure would work.

As I walked through my back door, I was wearing only my damp blue club speedos, Dan and Tim were following me and I told them my house was speedos only. So dump the shorts boys.

I turned my back and walked in to my kitchen, would they obey me and drop their shorts?

Getting to the kitchen I began pouring the three of us a Rum (Bundy Rum of course), I could hear them both walk inside but I still had my back turned so wasn’t sure if they had dropped their shorts.

Turning around, I finally saw that they were both standing on the other side of my little kitchen breakfast bar, sans-pants.

As I was handing them their drinks, Dan finally spoke up and pretty much begged me never to tell anyone about what I had seen.

I think I had played the bad cop long enough. Grabbing my drink I raised it for a cheers, my toast was “To sucking cock, and keeping it a secret.” I thought I was funny but I barely got a smile out of Dan and Tim. They were still terrified of me outing them.  Time to make them feel better, and horny hopefully.

“We all like getting a blowjob right?”

They both nodded, accepting that fact.

“I don’t care if it is a girl or a guy sucking me off, feel good.  And I think guys give better head from my experience.  So Dan, how are Tim’s blowjob skills? Any good?”

I said it with a laugh in my voice and it got both of them laughing a little bit as well.

Dan replied that Tim was pretty good. “How do you like sucking cock Tim?” I asked.

All shy it took me asking three times before Tim finally came up with an answer that was that he prefer receiving a blowjob than giving one.  That was an opening for me but I didn’t jump on it just yet, these guys needed to feel comfortable before things got sexual.

It was Tim that asked me if I fooled around with guys. There was a supplemental question asking “Don’t you date that blonde chick Madison?”

“Yeah, I’m kinda seeing Madison. She lives next door.” With that they both looked in that direction as if she was standing there watching the three of us having a rum in our speedos. “But I happen to love sucking cock as well. There is a member of the Surf Life Saving Club that you guys know who is a kinda of fuck buddy, or friends with benefits of mine.”

I could see them both trying to think who it could be. Alex is a member of the Surf Life Saving Club but he doesn’t hang out much at all, he Dad is involved in it a bunch and Dan and Tim definitely know Alex’s Dad.

“Don’t worry boys, I’m not going to tell you who it is. Just like I’m not going to tell anyone about you two. But you guys don’t want to get caught right? So, if you guys are horny and are going to fool around, you can do it here at my place.”

They were shocked and thought that was awesome. Just imagine, half an hour earlier these guys thought their life was over because they had been caught doing gay things and now they were being offered a little sex pad that they could use. From their body language (which I could see all of their body except what their speedos were covering), they looked much more relaxed.  Now that they were feeling better I thought it was time to get their cocks a little less relaxed and get these guys horny again.

While I began to pour us all another drink, I asked them what else they did with each other sexually? They replied that they just blow each other. No anal I asked? No, they hadn’t tried anal.

Tim asked me if I had tried anal. I said yes, I told them how awesome if feels fucking a girl, or a guy, in the arse. Have you ever been fucked in the arse, asked Dan? As casually as I could, I answered in the affirmative again. Then I described how awesome it feels but also told them it can take a little while before you actually enjoy it.

I had their drinks refilled and was about to hand it to them but paused, no more drink until I see you guys make out. Really? They both asked.  Really, thirty seconds.

This was a test to see how comfortable they were and it could have freaked them out but they faced each other and started kissing. My cock sprung to fully erect within ten seconds of them starting to kiss, I had to adjust my cock in my speedo. It was so amazingly hot, their bodies are so perfect and there was no space between them and as I noticed their hips starting to grind against each other I knew they were horny and ready to go.

Fun Speedo Couple Making Out

I was not going to tell them when the thirty seconds was up so it was probably close to a minute before they stopped. When they look at me they were like puppy dogs looking at their owner for approval. I gave them their drinks and told them how hot that looked.

Earlier I had asked Tim how he liked sucking cock since it was him on his knees when I caught them back at the Surf Life Saving Club. I asked Dan if he liked sucking cock? Like Tim, he preferred receiving a blowjob than giving one. It was time to really ramp up things sexually, again, this was a point where they could have been freaked out and left but I felt like I had to make the first move because I doubted they would ever make the first move.

“Since I interrupted your blowjob Dan, would you like me to finish the job?”

Dan said that he was really horny and would love a blowjob. Looking at the front of his speedo, his horny level was obvious. I walked around the breakfast bar to their side and standing in front of Dan I pulled the drawstring out of the top of his speedo. I was looking down concentrating on what I was doing but I could feel Dan’s breath and he was breathing pretty quick. I’m hoping Tim wasn’t feeling too left out, his time would come soon enough.

With the white drawstring undone, I got on my knees. What a beautiful sight, teenage cock pulsing to be freed from the lycra that was holding it back. With two hands I pull the waist band of Dan’s speedo out, and then down. His cock sprung out and I tucked the waistband under his balls as well.

Lycra Erection in a Speedo

Then I attacked his cock with my mouth.

My hands were on Dan’s firm arse and I let him fuck my mouth. Dan’s moaning was loud and his hands ended up on the back of my head as his hips thrust his cock in and out of my mouth.

I was a horny teenager once so I knew he wouldn’t be long and without warning I felt the familiar taste of cum as his cock exploded. It was a full load and I swallowed it all while Dan moaned and convulsed through his orgasm.

When his cock stopped twitching I let it out of my mouth slowly.

I asked Tim to hand me my drink and as he did I tucked Dan’s cock back in to his speedo, it hadn’t softened at all but I managed to stuff it in there OK. Still on my knees Tim handed me my drink and before I took a swig to wash down the cum, Dan and I chinked our glasses and he complimented me on the best blowjob he has ever had.  I asked Dan if he thought Tim would like it? He turned to Tim who had quietly watched the entire show and told him that he recommended he let me suck his cock. Tim said he’d love a blowjob.

Dan took my glass and I shuffled across and took up the same position in front of Tim’s crotch. The front of Tim’s speedo was glistening with pre-cum. Just as I did with Dan, I tucked the waist band of his speedo below his balls and went to town on his cock.

Tim didn’t last any longer than Dan, and I took his load of cum down my throat when his cock exploded.

He took the lead from what he had watched earlier so he handed me my drink and we chinked glasses.

Standing up both the young guys were saying how awesome that was, better than any girl that had sucked them off for sure. I let them chat for a little while I broke in and asked, so who is going to suck my cock first?

Turns out they both sucked my cock, they they sucked each others cocks then I took two more loads of cum in my mouth while being up to the seconds knuckle on my index finger in each of their arses.

February 11th, 2021

My 1st Sexual Experiences

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I was in late high school and my best friend was ‘Stephen’, not his real name but neither of us are ‘out’ so I think he’d appreciate me using an alias.

We were mates, both pretty good at school, neither of us much of athletes although we played everything, swimming, tennis, golf, rugby you name it we did it like most Aussie kids.  Both Stephen and I were members of a Surf Life Saving Club so hanging out in speedos was no big deal.  Saying that, if we weren’t doing life saving stuff, we would wearing speedos under our board shorts but wouldn’t wear only speedos all the time.

Both of us being a little nerdy we had the attention of some of the girls, we had both made out and grabbed a feel of girls at school dances but we weren’t even close to getting laid and neither of us really had girlfriends growing up.

I wish I could go back and visit myself then and tell my younger self that it will all be OK, I won’t die a virgin which was a thought in the back of my mind.

At the time I don’t think Stephen or I thought of ourselves as gay or even bisexual at all.  I had always liked the way speedos felt and used them when I was masturbating, which was rather prolific, and I had trouble not getting an erection every time I put on a pair of speedos but again I remember pretty much being horny the whole time no matter what.

So one summer my parents had moved into a new house and there was a pool in the backyard, there was a bit of land and the pool was away from the house with a small games room which had a bathroom and shower in it, some old couches and a TV.  As usual Stephen and I hung out all summer.  Also that summer, Stephen discovered his Dads porno collection….. it was a bunch of old VHS videos, but a lot of them, like 60, maybe more.  This was like discovering gold.

As summer started, our parents would hang out and have dinner parties and stuff so whenever they came over, Stephen would ‘borrow’ a movie from his Dad’s collection.  Later in the evening when we knew the parents wouldn’t both us, Stephen and I would be down in the pool house and start watching these horrible, grainy old porno movies.  I’m sure looking back I’d be ashamed of watching it, particularly considering the movie archive that I’ve build up on (85 hours, searchable, HD and at my fingertips).

When these evenings started we would both be in our usual attire, board shorts with speedos under them since we were in and out of the water all day.  We’d both be watching these movies, both with erections straining the front of our speedos.  To start, we didn’t do anything but we’ve both have to ‘go to the bathroom’ when it became too much.

We both knew what the other was doing but at first we pretended not to.

Over the next few weeks, we both got a little braver….

I’m sorry guys but I have to keep the rest of this private, if you are a member of or this blog then you can read the rest of this.

Joining is only $5 and I think it is worth it….  click here to join now and finish reading about this.

Guys in Blue Speedos

November 10th, 2015
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