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Gay Massage Paradise

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I get a whole bunch of emails from people asking me favours, asking me to promote different businesses, asking me for sex advice and of course, asking me for sex.

You wouldn’t believe the number of these emails that are barely coherent.  Maybe people email me after a few adult beverages?  You would think that if you were asking someone for a favour, or a business proposition, or for sex; you would run it through a spell checker.

One experience, which I had a few years ago, started with a proper email that someone had taken the time to sit down and write properly.  His name was Russ and he ran a men’s massage retreat.  I wasn’t allowed to share my experience at the time in the interests of discretion, but after talking to Russ just last weekend, he thinks that it is OK if I share my experience with you guys.

Russ’s first email was him introducing himself and his Massage Retreat in the hills behind Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a fancy beach town north of Sydney, lots of celebrities hang out there, such as Olivia Newton John, Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Nichole Kidman and I’ve read that Matt Damon hangs out there these days.

Russ was asking me if I would mind helping him out with buying banner ads for his website and some online promotion advice. I was more than happy to help out and share some advice, plus, it was a little bit of side money for me.

Right off the bat Russ said he would love for me to come and see the property, see what his business does and would love for me to stay a few days was his offer.

After a few months working together, I had a window of spare time so I decided to go up and meet Russ in person.

It was a seven hour drive and as I drove in to the property, I saw just how beautiful a spot it was.  Not a resort, just a big mansion of a home.  Russ had seen me drive up and welcomed me at the front door.  He was wearing a pair of white AussieBum speedos and nothing else.  We had worked pretty closely over the preceding months and it was like catching up with an old friend.

Walking through the front door I could hear a bit of chatter coming from the main living area of the house, and there were at least half a dozen cars in the drive way so the house felt like it was full of people.

Before I would have a chance to find out, Russ told me to take my luggage up stairs, my room was second door on the left.  He knew I had just driven 7 hours so he told me to freshen up and come and see what this place was all about.  Russ told me that the guys were all either in speedos or nude and I was welcome to wear either.  I knew this already from some of the pics and videos I had worked on when dealing with the promotional material.

I had a quick shower, threw on a pair of ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos and headed down stairs.

Walking in to the main living area of this beautiful home I was in awe.  There were ten men, half completely naked, half wearing speedos.  It sounds like heaven right?  The youngest was twenty-five years old, the oldest mid fifties and all sorts of body types.  It wasn’t an AussieBum model shoot but the guys looked good.

Half the guys were working around a couple of massage tables and half the guys were with Russ standing by a bar.  Russ waved me over and handed me some kind of juice.  The juice concoction was pretty rotten but you guys know I put all sorts of things in my mouth and I swallowed it down.  I was introduced to the guys and when I had finished my drink Russ asked if I would like a massage?  Of course I would!

Russ lead me over to a massage table out on the patio and told me to get up and lie on my back.  Four of the guys had followed him out.

I felt a little embarrassed lying there, in all my speedo glory, in front of four and a half strangers (Russ is the half).  Russ gave a little introduction as to the massage technique that I was going to receive and I’m sorry but I can’t remember any of those details.  I was wondering which of the guys was going to give me my massage when Russ directed each of the guys to one of my arms or legs.

Turns out, I was going to receive a massage from four guys…. at the same time.

Massage in Speedos

I’ve got to tell you guys, I have never really enjoyed getting a massage. In my teens I had a couple after sporting injuries and the whole time I was tense just trying not to get an erection.  As an adult, I’ve had a couple after triathlons which were fully clothed and I was super sore but if I had to lie down with very little clothing, I’d still be lying there thinking “Don’t get a boner”.

When Russ and I previously chatted about me coming up, we had this ‘erection’ discussion and I said I’d be fine not being on the massage table but he assured me that being a professional, he has techniques to deal with that and I shouldn’t be worried, lots of guys get boners when receiving a massage.

So there I was, lying on a massage table with four sets of hands on me and all I was thinking was “Don’t get a boner”.

When I laid down, they put a cool towel that smelled of something fruity over my eyes so I couldn’t see anything.  It wasn’t tied down, it was just draped over my eyes and forehead.  This definitely made me hornier not being able to see what was going on. “Don’t get a boner” was what I was saying in my head but my brain does not have that kind of control over my cock and within a few minutes, my cock was rock hard and as I was only wearing a speedo, there was no hiding it from the four masseurs and Russ.  Nobody said a word about it for a few minutes even though it was right there in front of their noses. Which made me even hornier.

Finally Russ had to deal with the elephant (no it isn’t that big) in the room.

He put his palm on my chest and said “Dave, you are very tense, you need to relax. Would you like me to use one of my ‘professional’ techniques to help with your beautiful erection?”

“Sure thing Russ.”

Russ then asked for a volunteer from the four guys who were still working each one of my limbs and he got a volunteer pretty quickly.  I couldn’t tell who it was from their voice.

Then, I felt a hand on the front of my speedo which started rubbing it.  Then, the mystery hand undid the drawstring.  Then, the waistband was pulled out, down and tucked under my balls.  Two very oily/slippery hands started working my cock and balls in the worlds most amazing handjob ever.

I started wriggling in pleasure.

Russ, whom I guess took the limb of the guy who was jerking me off, gave some instructions to the guys and all of a sudden I was pinned down.  It was cleaver how they did it, instead of holding me by my wrists and ankles the way I would do it, they pinned me down by my elbows and knees.  I could move my hands and feet, but was pinned down to the table.  Only a slight thrusting of my hips was possible which is what I was doing as I approached my orgasm.

A split second before my cock exploded, I felt lips encircle the head of my cut cock. That mouth was where every last drop of my cum went, not a drop or drizzle was spilt.

Calming down, the pressure on my elbows and needs was released as the mouth on my cock was removed, with one last lick down the tip.  My speedo was pulled back up and the drawstring was retied.  Russ, complimented the guys on their work and said that he could already see how relaxed I was.

I really felt a lot better and much more relaxed now that my cock was calm.

The guys got to work on me and Russ was giving them instructions and it was really nice.  So nice… I fell asleep.

I’m not kidding you.

I had a long day of driving and I had gotten up early, maybe there was something in the vegan fruit shake thingy?

When I woke up, two hours had passed and the sun was setting.  The guys had put a blanket over me which was sweet of them.

I got up off the massage table and stretched, I heard some noise and chatter coming from around the side of the house which I thought I should investigate.  Remember, I am wearing a pair of speedos and nothing else.

Poking my head around the corner, there was a hottub with five of the retreat guests in it.

They saw me and the jokes started calling me sleepy head and sleepy smurf.  I asked them if I could join them in the hottub and as I got in they offered me a shot glass.  I thought it was a ‘retreat’, no booze and all hippy vegetarian food?  I was informed that being the last night of their retreat, it was a party night and they all expected to get rather drunk after a week of detoxing and being good boys.

The shot was tequila and as soon as I had swallowed it, the glass was topped up.

Everyone was in a great mood and conversation flowed.  After a while I just had to ask them, was this ‘retreat’ just a sex trip?  Do some massages during the day and learn some skills, but is it really about just having sex?

One guy, his name was John, was sitting on the edge of the hottub wearing a pair of classic AussieBum black speedos.  He said, I’m straight and here to learn how to massage.  This declaration of his straightness was met with heckles from everyone calling him out for being the gayest straight guy ever.  John defended himself saying that he hadn’t done anything gay during the retreat.  If other guys sucked his cock or let him fuck their arse, they were the gay ones.  Hahaha.  I liked John.

John was one of the foursome who massaged me.

I announced to the hottub that someone had sucked me off, by the sounds of it, it wasn’t John, so there were three potential candidates.  I felt like I owed someone a blowjob.

The guys were not going to tell me.  I went around the hottub asking each of them, did you swallow my cum?  I think I had an idea who it was but they all claimed it wasn’t them.  If I didn’t know who it was, then I’d have to give them all a blowjob to return the favour.

Sitting opposite me in the hottub, one of the guys was wearing a blue pair of Budgy Smuggler speedos, he was sitting on the edge with his feet dangling in the water.  His cock was right at my eye height and with my announcement that I owed everyone a blowjob he looked at me, winked and rubbed the front of his speedos.

Pretty obvious invitation if you ask me.

I moved across the hottub and reached out to replace his hand with my hand on the front of his speedo.

I had been introduced to Mr. Blue Speedo but I couldn’t remember his name.  His cock came to life in no time as I rubbed it with my right hand and I slipped my left hand lower down and rubbed his balls and even a hint of arsehole play.  Just as I was about to pull his cock out and start sucking he started undoing the white drawstring himself which released some of the strain on the nylon material that was holding his cock in.  The waistband of his speedo released and I got my first view of his uncut cock.

Opening wide, I took his cock in my mouth and moved the waistband down below his balls.

I started with a lot of tongue around the head of his cock working between his foreskin and cock head.

With my concentration focused on working my tongue over his cock, I hadn’t noticed but one of the other guys had slipped in to the water behind me.  I didn’t know who it was but he was rubbing my butt.  Changing my oral technique from licking and flicking, to sucking and stroking.  Looking up I noticed that one of the other guys had gotten out of the hottub and was sitting next to Mr. Blue Speedo.  They started making out and it wasn’t long before I felt the cock in my mouth spasm and then unload in my mouth.  I took every last drop and didn’t remove my mouth until I had sucked him dry.

Moving back someone handed me another shot of tequila and the boys gave me a little round of applause.

My celebrations didn’t last long though, the guy who had been making out with Mr. Blue Speedo was sitting there with an erect cock waiting to be enveloped by my mouth.  He was completely naked and as I moved between his legs, Mr. Blue Speedo slid back in to the pool.

I repeated my same performance and a little while later, I was swallowing my second load of cum for the night.  The boys gave me a shot to wash the cum down.

Looking around the hottub I wondered who was next?  Two of the guys were cuddling each other and I looked at them but they told me they are a committed couple.

The only person left was Josh, the gayest straight guy.  He was sitting on the edge of the hottub wearing a classic black Speedo brand speedo and he had a raging hardon which was not hidden my the small amount of lycra he was wearing.

John nodded his head towards his cock, clearly indicating that he was keen for a blowjob.

I slid up between his legs and started rubbing the front of his speedo.  It was then that I asked him if he has ever sucked cock himself?  He replied that he hadn’t.  So it wasn’t John that sucked me off during my massage and that being the case, I told him that I’d suck him off, but only after he had sucked me off.

Sorry guys, I’ve gotta keep some secrets for my members.  It is them who allow me to spend the time and money to keep this blog running.  If you join now, you can read what happened with John.

June 1st, 2022

Young Gay Couple Experimenting

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I wasn’t sure what to make the Movie of the Week this time around…. the movies archive which I choose from is on my main site and there are 100’s of hours of speedo porn there.

Two mornings ago I woke up and was horny so I turned on and this is the movie I watched.  I only got about 4 minutes in to it before I was done (full length is just over 25 minutes).

If you guys have any preferences to the types of Movies of the Week please leave a comment with your suggestion.

Here is a little sample of the movie for non-members.  You know joining is only $5. Click here to join now and watch the full length 25 minute version.

September 4th, 2021

Would you fuck your brother-in-law?

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This week’s ‘Movie of the Week‘ is something a little bit different.

A while back I really, really enjoyed this movie and it turned me on so much I decided to write a piece of fiction explaining the movie, how it happened and just how hot it was.

I don’t usually write fiction, most of my stories are from real sexual experiences but I thought I’d give this a try.

Since I’m feeling nice (and horny) today, and since this is a piece of fiction/fantasy, I’ve decided to share what I wrote for non-members.  I hope you like it and decide to join, then you can read about my personal speedo experience which are just as hot (sometimes hotter).

Enjoy and if you want to watch this movie, check out the Movie of the Week, it is for members only.

Let me start this off by saying that I am not gay. I have never had a gay experience until, this happened. It will never happen again and I am getting married next weekend.

I’m putting this experience down in writing because our wedding counselor from the church suggested that if I write this down I can use it for strength if I am ever tempted again.

My name is Phenix, I’m twenty-eight years old, I’m a carpenter by trade and I live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. I’m getting married next weekend to the love of my life Laura. My wife to be, Laura and I decided to abstain from sex for three months leading up to our wedding day as a way to prepare ourselves and as a bit of a sacrifice. I am Catholic (I have a tattoo of the cross on my left arm) and I’m an active member of my church. This is my confession.

It was a Sunday afternoon, exactly a week before the wedding and Laura was called in to work at the last minute (she is a nurse so she gets asked to fill in occasionally. Laura’s brother was already in town with his boyfriend, yes, her brother Max is gay and is no longer an active member of the church and he was staying at Laura’s parents house. Her folks now live in Florida full time but they still have the family house here in Tennessee and it is beautiful. It has an amazing pool and you can see the river from the house. Since I had a few hour to kill I thought I’d swing by and hang out by the pool with Max and his boyfriend Alexander.

When I arrived, Max and Alexander were in the pool. They were wearing speedo style swim trunks, I told you they were gay right, haha. While those guys were in the pool I was just chilling in one of the pool chairs. I was thinking it was a shame I didn’t bring my trunks because it was in the mid nineties.

It was just as I was thinking that when Max piped up and told me how good the water was. He asked why didn’t I join them? I told him I didn’t bring my suit.

Max said he had a spare one, it might be a little tight he warned me but the water looked too good to be missing out. Max returned with these tiny green and white speedo style swim trunks. No, no, no. That isn’t for me. I was happy to just chill out sitting beside the pool but the two guys encouraged me. No way I would have put those tiny speedos on if Laura, or anyone else for that matter, had been there but it was a couple of gay guys and they were wearing similar swimwear.

I ducked behind the pool shed and changed into Max’s spare speedo.

Straight Speedo Guy

It was unbelievably tight. Max is a lot smaller than me and I’m a boxers guy so this did not feel right. I walked out to the pool feeling naked with this little scrap of material covering, more like squashing, my junk. Max and Alexander were hooting and hollering enjoying my obvious discomfort. I got in the pool as quick as I could. The water was amazing and the ten seconds of embarrassment was worth it to get in the pool.

The three of us were just chilling out in the pool. With the water at our waist it was just like three normal guys hanging out. That was when it started to get out of hand.

Totally out of the blue, Max decides to get out of the pool.

It seemed like he was strutting like he was a model on the catwalk and his boyfriend Alexander enjoyed the view. I was just feeling more and more awkward.

Speedo Ass

Alexander and I started talking about arses.  I had to admit, Max and his sister both had great arses.  Small, petite and firm.

They both have similar builds I suppose.

Then Max took off his speedo swimsuit and again gave us both a bit of a show and he bent over slowly sliding the wet lycra swim briefs down to his ankles.  Yes, I was feeling more and more uncomfortable.  Alexander must have seen how I was getting close to just leaving so he asked me if I get to play with Laura’s arse.

“Hell no, she’d slap me if I did that.”

Since he wasn’t getting our full attention, Max returned to the pool, sans-swimwear and joined our conversation on arses.

This isn’t a topic I like to discuss with anyone, let alone my soon to be brother-in-law and his gay boyfriend.  The guys keep hassling me asking if I had ever had anal sex.  I most definitely had not had anal sex before, but like every guy on the planet, I had thought about it.

The prying into my personal and sexual history continued when the guys asked me if I had ever had a threesome.  Once in college with two girls (I went to college for a year before starting my carpentry apprenticeship.  When I’ve mentioned that to my buddies I get a more positive reaction than I did from the two gay guys in the pool with me at that moment.
They were giving me a bit of a hard time and I had to tell them that Laura and I aren’t as much of a ‘free spirit’ as Max is.

It doesn’t stop, Max and Alexander keep talking about how great anal sex is.  I tell them I think they crazy.
Max finally wakes up and notices how uncomfortable I am.  It isn’t just the topic of conversation, or the people that I’m having that conversation with, but the speedo swim briefs felt like they were smashing my balls.

Max suggested I take them off, like he had done a few minutes ago.  Now things were starting to get gay.  Without having a chance to argue, Max ducked under the water and somehow removed the super tight swim speedo that I had on.  Now two of us were completely naked in the pool.

When Max ducked under the water and was removing my speedo, I’m pretty sure I felt his lips on the end of my cock.  At the time I didn’t think too much of it, but that would end up being his ‘in’ toward corrupting me during this experience.
I didn’t say much after Max has remove my swimwear, I was now standing naked in a pool with my naked soon to be brother-in-law and his boyfriend who thankfully still had his swimwear on.

Max got out of the pool, I figured he was going to the bathroom but he indicated for me to follow him.

Leaving Alexander in the pool all on his own, I followed Max around behind the pool shed where he confronted me about his lips touching my cock.

“Did you like that?  You know, my mouth on your cock?”

That is the first thing he said to me.  I had no response.  Then he played the blackmail card.  “I want to suck your cock more.

I already sucked your cock and you don’t want me to tell my sister about it do you?”

Holy cow, what had I gotten myself into.

I have no interest in guys but if Max told Laura or anyone in the family that he had sucked my cock I’d be dead.  I’d be run out of town, I’d be run out of the church and there no doubt that Laura would leave me.

While I was pondering the precarious situation I had gotten myself in to, Max reached out and grabbed my cock.  He started stroking it.  He promised not to tell Laura.

“I can’t believe this is happening” I said out loud.

Then I started to get hard in Max’s mouth.  I couldn’t believe that my body, my cock was reacting in this way.  This is not me but it did start to feel good.  I’ve joked before that gay guys must give better blowjobs because they have cocks but I couldn’t believe how good Max was.  He was giving me a blowjob like I’ve never had before.

First Gay Blowjob

Getting off his knees, Max stood up and then told me there was one final step that I had to do.  Despite being really horny my brain was still functioning and I didn’t like the sound of this one final step.

But, unless I wanted Max to tell my sister what had happened thus far, I felt compelled to go along with that Max had in mind.  He took my hands and we walk out from behind the pool shed.  Walking back in the main pool area, there was Alexander who had also lost his swimwear by now.  Max made me sit down and told me that I would finally get to experience what an arse felt like.

My head was spinning.

Max got on his knees between my legs and started sucking my cock again.  I noticed Alex was behind Max and started licking his arsehole.  Of course I had heard of a rimjob and see some while watching porn but I had never seen someone get rimmed in the flex before and it looked pretty hot.
If wasn’t long before Max’s oral skills made me start to relax and enjoy the sensation of his mouth on my cock.

This is the view that I never in a million years thought I’d see, and not in a billion years thought that I would be enjoying but as you can see from my cock, I am enjoying this.

Gay Threesome Train

As I mentioned at the start of this confession, Laura and I had been abstaining from sex for the last three months and it would not have been long before I came from Max’s blowjob skills.  Alexander decided to change things up, he broke off Max’s blowjob and handed me a condom.

In no time Max was back on his knees with Alexanders cock in his mouth and Alexander was pulling Max’s arse cheeks apart.  He even asked/told me “Look how pretty that is.”  Referring to the arsehole that I was about to insert my cock into.
Putting the condom on took a second.  I hadn’t used one in years and I think you can understand that I was a little nervous.
Then I was on my knees behind Max, I slapped my cock on his arse.  The same way I do to his sister when we fuck doggy style.  I put my cock at the entrance to his little butt hole and without me thinking or intending on doing anything, I was inside my future brother-in-law.

It was so amazingly tight.

Good thing I had the condom on because it dulled some of the senses from my cock otherwise I might have exploded then and there.  I still took it slow.  Each time my hips thrust forward I felt like I was going deeper in to Max.  From his moans it sounded like he was enjoying it.  Alexander had a cheeky grin on his face so there was no doubt that he was enjoying what was going on.

At one point I started to get carried away and was pounding hard into Max’s arse.  For a second I think I forgot it was him and thought that I was fucking Laura then I felt the tingle in the back of my balls and I froze, balls deep inside Max and calmed down a little bit.

This might be the one and only time I get to do this and I wanted it to last.

I think Max’s knees were getting a little sore so he decided to change up the positions.  This time he laid on his back and lifted his legs right up.  Yes, he and Laura were both gymnasts in high school.  Alexander directed me around to Max’s head and after pulling the condom off, I lowered my cock into Max’s waiting mouth.

Alexander said “Thanks for warming up this arse for me” as he slid his cock into Max.

Max was working my cock with his mouth and his hand while Alexander was going to town on his arse.  This was a little easier for me to last than when I had been fucking Max and I think by all accounts the three of us lasted in this configuration for ten minutes or so.

I was the first to cum and it started the other two guys off.

I came all over Max’s chest.  As you can imagine after three months of no sex I had a heck of a load which exploded on to Max.  It might have been my orgasm that sex Max off because he grabbed his cock and started cumming before I had finished.  Max cumming set off Alexander who pulled out of Max, came around beside him and added his full load of man juice tor the loads that Max and I had unloaded on his chest and stomach.

What an amazing orgasm.  To clean up the three of us jumped back in the pool for a little bit.  Laura arrived half a hour later and none of us gave her any reason to imagine what the three of us had been up to.

Max and Alexander promised not to tell anyone.  Do you promise not to tell anyone about my gay threesome a week before my marriage?

Now, click here to watch the footage of this reluctant threesome.

December 5th, 2019

Amazing Night

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Last night was amazing!!!

Taz and Rachel were fun, super hot and Taz woke up this morning no long a gay virgin.

Bit of a rainy day here on the Gold Coast so hopefully I’ll get to write some details about it (they both want me to write about it and share it).

First Bisexual Experience

November 1st, 2019

Gay Friends Boyfriend

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Over the weekend a member of my site emailed me wanting to share his first ever gay experience.  It involved speedos, it was at the same hotel I had a pretty amazing experience with a male/female couple (who were also members) back in July last year and the guy was over the moon about his experience and wanted to thank me.

I don’t think I needed any thanks but he has always had a thing for speedos and guys in speedos although he considers himself 90% straight.  He though that his speedo fetish was weird and had never expressed or indulged his fantasies…. until last weekend.

We ended up Skyping for a couple of hours and we both jerked off as he recounted his experience (I do that for members).  I asked if I could share his story and he said that he would love to.

He doesn’t have the time to write it, so I am ‘ghost’ writing it for him and he is editing it.

Here is a bit of the background…. this will only be available in its entirety to members.  So, if you have been thinking about joining, this could be a good time.  Click here to join, or email me if you have any questions/concerns about joining.

Kris is a long time friend of mine, we’ve known each other for years. Over time I’ve heard people wondering if he is gay? He is 100% straight acting, he has never had a boyfriend (that he has introduced to any of his social friends), so nobody asked and he never said anything.  He was always hanging out with chicks and on a few occasions I ended up taking these girls home, I even dated one of them for nine months.  I don’t think anyone knew he was gay.

One night we are out partying and it ends up just the two of us left and we are at the Tilted Kilt (like Hooters, young waitresses dressed in skimpy outfits).

With a few drinks under our belt I just came out and asked Kris, are you gay?

He answered in the affirmative.

I told him that I’m curious but never done anything with guys.  We started talking about fetishes/preferences and I mentioned my speedo fetish which I thought was pretty strange at the time.  Kris said that he likes younger guys (we are both late 30’s).  That is when Kris told me that he has an eighteen year old boyfriend who just started college.

That conversation was two years ago.  Since then, Kris is the same, still 100% straight acting, nobody knows about his now twenty year old boyfriend Tom except me and some gay friends that the two of them have.

I had met and partied with Kris and Tom and had fun with them.  Tom is cute, was a gymnast at high school and it seems like he has a thing for older guys.  He definitely likes me and Kris and I tease him about it but nothing has ever happened.

Since that conversation, I hadn’t lost my gay virginity.

So now I’d like to share with you what happened last weekend.  It was Vegas and while I know what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, I thought I should share some of the details with you since it was your blog that helped inspire my actions/behavior.

I had a work conference in Vegas which was planned six months ago.  Conference stuff Thursday, dinner with some work people Thursday night but I thought I’d stay and party Friday maybe golf on Saturday and fly out on Sunday.  On Wednesday I was talking to Kris and he said that he was thinking of going out to Vegas for a long weekend with his boyfriend Tom.  Their plan was to get out there Saturday and fly back on Monday.  Of course we’d party it up on Saturday night.  I also said they could crash in my suite at Paris (the hotel), I’ll just make sure the booking is two queen beds.

I have to admit I was scheming a little bit.  Instead of making sure the hotel suite had two queen sized beds, I made sure it had a single king sized bed.  I also dug out a couple of pairs of speedos I have which are a couple of sizes too small for me but would fit both Kris and Tom perfectly.

With all that in place, I went to Vegas and had fun.  The work stuff was good, I did OK at the Texas Hold’em table before hitting some of my favorite bars (dueling piano’s at New York, New York).  I didn’t pick up any women so woke up on Saturday a little hungover and horny as hell.  I dragged my sorry arse down to the huge pool.

Unlike the famous Aussie Speedo Guy, I don’t have the courage to wear speedos at a pool in Vegas.  It was in this very pool that he met a couple (the guy also wearing speedos) and had a pretty wild Vegas time.  That story is something that really turns me on and I’ll never be able to hang out in the Paris pool again without imagining Aussie Speedo Guy was there.

There will be more tomorrow….

If you didn’t read about my last Vegas adventure here are the links.  Again, it is a members only thing.  Joining is only $5.  Click here to join now.

Vegas Threesome

January 14th, 2019

Vegas Threesome with Penny and Pat

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As promised, here is a very detailed description of what I got up to in Vegas a few weeks ago.  Most of this was written by Penny and I have personally cum 3 times reading this and I was there!!!

Enjoy guys…….

Last weekend I was invited, by Penny and Pat to join them in Vegas for their anniversary.

This invitation wasn’t to catch up or celebrate, it was an invitation to fuck them both.  I had met Penny and Pat on the speedo Forum that I  run.  Pat was a swimmer in school and had always had a thing for  speedos.  He met Penny in college and she is turned on by guys in  speedos and encouraged Pat’s fetish.  Over the years we exchanged photos and stories.

Penny and Pat had experienced sex with more than just each other but  only after a game of strip poker and there was no bisexual contact, it  was two couples just swapping partners.

Pat has no guy/guy experience but it very curious and seeing her husband with another guy is Penny’s number one fantasy.

When Penny and Pat decided to spend a couple of days in Vegas for their  6th wedding anniversary they shot me a message asking if I’d like to  join them.  Of course I’d love to join them!

Without further a due, I’m going to hand this over to Penny…

Pat and I were soooo excited.  It has been a long winter and the idea of hanging out at the pool in 95 degree heat just sounded divine.  Who am I kidding, we were both excited to finally meet the famous Dave Speedo  Evans in person and even more excited for what the three of us would get up to in the bedroom.

We were staying at Planet Hollywood, Dave was staying at Paris and  expected to get in a few hours before we arrived.  Since Paris has the  nicer pool, we agreed to meet there around 3pm.

Despite the excitement, we were both a little nervous for sure but we  were both eager beavers.  After lining up to check in, we got to our  room and wanted to get to the pool ASAP.  I put on my black bikini with a loose dress over the top, Pat put on his red speedos (both our  favorites).  It was only then that Pat realized I hadn’t packed ANY  shorts for him.  He wasn’t upset but he was bothered a little bit.  I  figured that if we ate out he would wear jeans and during the day we’d  be either in the pool or the hotel room so his speedos should be enough.

While Pat was a swimmer in school and a little bit in college, he isn’t  totally comfortable wearing his speedo out in public.  He definitely has but more often than not it is as a joke, after a few drinks or  somewhere that we don’t know anybody.  Having no choice but to wear his  little red speedos in Vegas was outside the box for Pat but like I say,  he didn’t have any choice.

We poured a drink, Pat wrapped a towel around his waist and we headed down to the pool.

The pool at Paris is gorgeous and huge.  I was surprised just how many  people were there, hundreds.  There was no way to get a chair that close to the pool which made me smile because it meant that Pat would have to walk past a lot of people in his speedo.

He did it though, I felt proud that Pat turned a few heads in his red  speedo.  He still has that swimmers build that I love and he looks  amazing just in a speedo.  We slipped into the pool with our drinks and  continued to look around for Dave…. Pat spotted him first.

We had gotten in the pool nearly the complete opposite side of the pool  from him but once I saw him he stood out.  He was the only other guy,  out of hundreds, wearing a speedo, a black speedo.  Dave was sitting on  the side of the pool just below the lifeguard chair, drink in hand, red  baseball cap and looking straight at us with a cheese eating grin that  we could see from the 100 yards or so across the pool.  The pool isn’t  very deep, belly button depth maybe so we started working our way  through the throngs of people towards Dave.

It felt like we took for ever to cross that darn pool, the whole time I  could feel Dave looking at us and as we got closer I could see that Dave looked hot.  Unlike Pat, Dave’s tan was all over and didn’t show the  white thighs of a guy who doesn’t usually wear speedos in public like  Pat.  And he oozed confidence.

As we got within 10 yards or so Dave slipped into the pool and walked  towards us.  It was like old friends catching up after not seeing each  other for years.  Hand shakes and hugs all round, toasting our drinks  and laughing about Pat being forced to ‘speedo it up’ as Dave says.   While I’m sure Pat felt awkward walking from our towels to the pool,  after a few minutes it really didn’t seem like a big deal, or any deal,  at all.  We ended up sitting on some steps right near the lifeguard,  Dave went off to grab more drinks and we settled in for a wonderful  afternoon.

As the shawows got longer we moved around the pool to avoid the shadow  of the fake Eiffel Tower, different people joined us and chatted, we  chatted to the lifeguard (just a kid) who took some photos for us.   Dave’s mobile phone is waterproof so we had some fun with that (yes I  have those photos but they are for private consumption only).

Throughout the afternoon the drinks flowed and we really did have a great time.

Pat and Dave got a little bit of attention from two groups of girls so  perhaps somewhere out there in social media there are some pics of my  husband and the famous Dave Speedo Evans in the pool in their speedos.   If you find some, please send them through to us.

Things finally wound down and it was time to exit pool right.  Dave  suggested we all get changed and meet at his room for some drinks but I  was really horny and keen to get the naughty part of Vegas going.  I  countered Dave’s suggestion and said he should come back with us to our  hotel room.  He didn’t argue.  We packed up, Dave put on some shorts  over his speedos, Pat wrapped a towel around his waist, I threw my light dress over my bikini and we headed back.

Things had been so great at the pool that any reservations I had about  our first real threesome were alleviated and now I was just horny to  start the action.  From the semi chub that Pat had in the front of his  red speedo for the last hour, he was feeling the same.

We were on the twenty something floor and after some people got out on  lower floors we had the elevator to ourselves and Dave asked us if we  were ready for what was about to happen….. Pat and I both answered in  the affirmative, things were about to get hot and I was about to see my  husband fuck and suck another man.  It felt like the anticipation before I lost my virginity, and I guess this was going to be the popping of  our bisexual threesome cherry.

As I begin to write about what happened when the three of us got inside  the hotel room I realized that it seems like it was planned or staged  which in a way it was.  In the weeks leading up to the trip the three of us spoke in depth about the ‘rules’, our boundaries and our turn ons.   Although, after the three of us got along so well in the pool, and  Dave’s experience I think it probably would have gone the same anyway.

Having an extra guy has been a fantasy of Pat and I for years.  We’ve  both spoken about it a lot.  For me, the idea of watching Pat with  another guy is probably the hottest fantasy I have.  For Pat, watching  me with another guy as well as having me ‘spit roasted’ (Pat and a guy  both fucking me and me sucking the other off) is his fantasy.  And…  Pat

I think it shows how amazing Pat and I are together when both our fantasies are of the other person.

Saying that, Pat has never been with a guy.  Zero guy/guy contact.  He  has never made out with a guy, never touched another guys cock and his  only real turn on towards guys stems from his days swimming and guys in  speedos.  We both thought it was a little bit odd until we realized that there are a lot of guys who are turn on by speedos which lead us to  meet Dave Speedo Evans.

Neither of us are into anal, Pat and I have tried it and it doesn’t do  it for me. Obviously Pat has never received anal and while he doesn’t  mind a finger (pinkie) occasionally when I’m blowing him in the shower  or hottub, it isn’t much of a turn on for him.  Fucking Dave… that is  something he might be into as you will find out.

As for Dave’s rules, if you guys have read anything about Dave he is up for just about anything.

Now that we have established all the rules I should return to us  entering the hotel room.  I opened the door and walked in, my husband  Pat wearing a t-shirt and a towel wrapped around his red speedos and  Dave Speedo Evans followed us in with a pair of shorts over his black  ADIDAS speedos.  It really was about to happen, our first bisexual  threesome.

Dave definitely started things off, before the door had even closed  behind him, he had ripped Pat’s towel off him and it seemed like in one  motion Dave was stripping down to his speedos.

Again, this was something that the three of us had talked about online  earlier about so I took my dress off (now I was just in my bikini) and I sat down on one of those cheap hotel chairs to enjoy the show that I  knew was about to begin.  Man handling Pat, who had taken his shirt off  and was down to just his red lycra speedos, he and Dave were on the king sized bed on their knees facing each other.

Dave asked Pat if he was ready and without replying, my husband kissed a man for the first time.

It was unbelievably hot.

Pat’s hands were holding Dave’s head and watching Dave’s hands grab my  husbands butt pulling them together.  They were both hard and when  someone wears a speedo it is pretty obvious.

The two of them were grinding their cocks together a little bit but this mustn’t have been enough for Dave who moved one of his hands from my  husbands arse to the front of his speedo and started rubbing it from the drawstring all the way between Pat’s legs past his balls.

Writing this it reads like this was all in about 10 seconds but it was really five minutes or so.

I was incredibly turned on and had my hand down the front of my bottoms  but enough about me, the real action was going on in the bed in front of me.

As if I wasn’t turned on enough, Dave then asked Pat if he was ready to suck his first cock.

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July 11th, 2018
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