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Bisexual Blowjobs

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I was going through some photo archives this morning and a couple of bisexual blowjob pics got my attention….  it has been a while since I had a bisexual threesome (had some gay threesomes recently though).

Do you guys remember my friends Rachel and Taz?  Click here to see some pics of them and read about some of our experiences.  I haven’t been in touch with them for ages, I think I should drop them a line.

I met them through this blog, it was one of their birthdays and they wanted to have a two guy, bisexual threesome and having read this blog, they invited me to join them.  These days I am only a couple of hours from where they live so there is no excuse.

If they are reading this blog, hopefully some of these pics will get the juices flowing and we can catch up for some fun again.

May 1st, 2023

Gorgeous Straight Aussie Speedo Guy

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Tomorrow night I have a date…. with a male/female couple.  Met them online on some app and they seem really nice.  They are my age, both are really hot and in the photos they have shared, the boyfriend (they aren’t married) loves speedos.

In their first message to me, they complimented me on my speedo selfies that were on my profile.

This has happened to me before with Taz and Rachel (click here to read about them and see their speedo pics).

This has me wondering: do straight guys who love speedos really have a hidden gay side?

Check out this Aussie stud in the pictures below.  Jake is an outwardly straight guy, has a gorgeous girlfriend but he has a huge speedo collection and loves having pics of him in his speedos?  Think he might gay a hidden gay side?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Remember guys, this is Members Only week.  For more pics of him click here and become a member.  I’ve also got this guys Intragram and his girlfriends if you are interested.

Str8 Speedo Guy

July 14th, 2022

Taz and Rachel’s Swimsuit Gallery

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Monday here in Australia and I’m excited for a big week of work.  Kip and I always have a long list of projects which seems never to get any shorter, the more we work, the more things we want to try and do.

First thing most days I check my emails and try to immediately reply to any members who have touched base.

There is the usual fan mail which I usually don’t reply to at all, there is just too much and I want to keep replying to members who support me.  One fan mail I received last week was some guy, completely out of the blue pretty much offering to pay me for sex….

I am not a prostitute.  And I hope I’ve never given that idea.

When I called the guy out on it he said “I was just going to pay membership in cash.”  Yeah, whatever mate.

There have been many times I’ve caught up with long time members.  Sometimes, just meeting for a beer, sometimes meeting at the beach, sometimes meeting for sex but all of those meetings were with long time members who had become friends over a long time.

That is my rant for the week – hahahaha.

One of the member emails I received this morning was from a new member saying he wanted to see the gallery that Taz and Rachel sent me before we hooked up.  So here is that gallery……

There are some naughty pictures that we took during our recent fun but so far we haven’t decided to publish those photos.  I might try and edit them up to protect every ones privacy and maybe I can publish them.

Amateur Speedo Guy

If you are seeing this you aren’t a member (or you are a member who just forgot to login).

Don’t you want to see Taz in his speedos?  Most of the photos are vacation photos and Taz loves wearing speedos…..  C’mon, I know you want to see them, click here to join now.

November 25th, 2019

Amazing Night

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Last night was amazing!!!

Taz and Rachel were fun, super hot and Taz woke up this morning no long a gay virgin.

Bit of a rainy day here on the Gold Coast so hopefully I’ll get to write some details about it (they both want me to write about it and share it).

First Bisexual Experience

November 1st, 2019

Bisexual Virgin

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On Monday I arrived on the Gold Coast after a ten hour drive.  I’m staying at Main Beach which is somewhere I’m familiar with having grown up on the coast.

Why am I here?

Back in September I received an email from some members/fans…. the email read:


My fiance, Taz, is a huge fan of yours and after he introduced me to your blog and other websites I’ve become a fan as well.

We both vicariously enjoy your sexual adventures and are long time members.

Your trip to Vegas with Penny and Pat was amazingly hot and sounded like a hot experience for all involved.  It is something we would love to be a part of which is why I’m writing this to you.

For my birthday earlier this year, Taz arranged for a girl to join us, more particularly for a girl to join me which was a first for me and very enjoyable.

Taz’s birthday is coming up at the end of October and I was hoping to get him something just as special… I’d like to give him you for a night.

Let me tell you a little about ourselves…. (I’ve edited this out for the time being for privacy reasons).

Please reply if you are interested, or if you aren’t interested I completely understand.


I’m staying at Rachel and Taz’s parents unit at Main Beach (they AirBNB it so are used to people staying there).  I haven’t met them yet but will be tonight (Thursday) when the fun is set to begin.

Click here to read about the Vegas threesome she mentioned in that email.

Click here if you’d like to see the gallery of Rachel and Taz in their swimwear.

Bisexual Couple

October 31st, 2019

Boys Side of the Hottub

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Today I was going through the stories archive on my site and I stumbled across something I wrote nearly a decade ago.  This is a true story and while I kept in touch with the couple for a while, I haven’t spoken to them in years.  Once I’m finished editing this I’m going to Facestalk (Facebook stalk) then and see where they are living and what they are up to.

Let me set the scene and update anyone who hasn’t been reading the blog for the last couple of months. I’m new in town but have become friends with a group of people who do a bit of hiking and snowboarding.  In this group there is this the ‘bi swinging couple’, as they have been referred to. The bi swinging couple are Nikki and Matt. Nikki is Canadian and runs the kids ski school and Matt is a Kiwi. About a month ago Nikki introduced me to Sandra who goes to uni in the big smoke (about 1 and a half hrs from here) but hangs out in the ski town a few weekends a month. She is kinda cute and we hooked up the first night I met her, turned out Nikki was pretty open minded (I did write about that because she just about begged me to fuck her arse).

I see the ‘bi swinging couple’ around town couple of times a week but I’ve never had a chance to let it be known that I’m also bisexual and would love to play with them.

OK so there are introductions of who everyone is. Last night there was a BBQ at Jeff’s place. Sandra was there and kinda attached herself to me which was sweet. The bi swinging couple were there, and Sandra was staying at their place. Every chance Sandra gets (like the hallway leading towards the bathroom) she jumps me, kissing and then rubbing me until I’m nearly rock hard and then walking away, lucky for me I was wearing speedos so they hid my boner a little bit when I had to return to the party.

Usual party. mostly couples so just sitting around the bone-fire drinking copious amounts of booze and talking about the snow that is kinda here but kinda not.  As the night moves on the drinking continues and I’m feeling very nice!  One has to drink to keep warm in British Columbia in December.

The night starts winding down and Sandra tells me that I’m going home with her. We taxi back to Nikki and Matt’s house and more drinking! I hadn’t been to their house before so I got the grand tour, I couldn’t help thinking of the fun they get up to when I was shown their bedroom. Then the good bit came, they have a spa (or a hot tub as some call it). With drinks in hand the spa was proposed and was accepted as a good idea unanimously. What surprised me was that everyone just started stripping down. Nikki and Sandra were the first undressed down to these tiny little g-strings. I started getting undressed and I looked up to see Matt getting into the spa in a pair of black speedos! I was starting to wonder how I’d explain wearing my speedos on a winters night but now I was fitting in.

The girls were giggling and playing around, then Nikki asks me if I’ve ever seen two girls kiss. I have and I think watching two beautiful women making out is one of the hottest things on the planet.  The girls started kissing. Then Matt said to me “Well they’ve both kissed maybe we should return the favour, you OK with that Dave?” Trying to hide my enthusiasm without saying a word I moved over to Matt and started kissing him, it was no grandma ‘kiss-on-the-cheek’ either.

With that our drinks were all empty and Matt got up out of the hot tub to refill. His cock was at full mast and in his tiny black speedos, he couldn’t hide it even if he wanted to. The girls were still giggling and Sandra moved over to my side (the boys side) of the spa and gave me a kiss giving Nikki a nice view of her g-string covered pussy from behind. Matt returned and Sandra returned to her place next to Nikki. Matt handed around the drinks and put down a handful on condoms saying “I think we might be needing these.” Matt also caught me enjoying the view of his hard cock fighting against the lycra of his speedos. Once back in the spa he said to me “Sandra told us that you liked speedos.” By now the girls were back and kissing each other (which was definitely good because I think Matt and I needed some time to explore). By now things were definitely on so my reply to Matt was “Did Sandra tell you how much I love sucking cock?”

“She didn’t mention that, but perhaps you can show me Dave.” With that Matt sat up on the side of the spa and pull the front of his speedos down to reveal his shaved cock that was fully hard. He had a average sized cock pretty similar to mine and was cut. The girls had broken off their kiss and I could feel their eyes I worked my mouth down Matt’s cock for the first time.

I worked 2 fingers in Matt’s arse and concentrated on sucking and stroking him at the same time. It wasn’t long before he dumped his warm cum in my mouth. I took it all. As Matt sat back in the water the girls had copied our position with Sandra sitting on the side of the pool and Nikki eating her out. I was rock hard and with Matt’s wandering hand the drawstring of my speedos had been undone.

“Sandra also mentioned that you love fucking arse?” With that the only response was for me to grab a rubber. Matt leaned out the spa and I was surprised I could get inside him so easily without extra lube, I’m guessing that Matt had taken it up the arse before. With the alcohol I lasted longer than I should have but still there was only maybe 20 or 30 strokes and I was cumming as I slapped Matt’s arse.

And that was pretty much it for the night – the girls got each other off and it was about 2am so like zombies we all headed to bed. Nikki and Matt had to work early today so were gone before Sandra and I woke up. I told Sandra that I had some work to do today and said my goodbyes, she had an awesome night and so did I. I’m really looking forward to catching up with Matt again and I’m sure this will become a regular thing!!! I am just thinking though.

Thinking back Matt and I did have some fun that winter but it was only the two of us playing, I never got to play with Nikki.  When she was out of town we’d get together and twice we repeated the hottub session with Matt and I sucking and fucking in front of her.

If do manage to get in touch with them i promise to let you guys know about it.  Could be a fun reunion.

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January 22nd, 2019
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