Gorgeous Straight Aussie Speedo Guy

Tomorrow night I have a date…. with a male/female couple.  Met them online on some app and they seem really nice.  They are my age, both are really hot and in the photos they have shared, the boyfriend (they aren’t married) loves speedos.

In their first message to me, they complimented me on my speedo selfies that were on my profile.

This has happened to me before with Taz and Rachel (click here to read about them and see their speedo pics).

This has me wondering: do straight guys who love speedos really have a hidden gay side?

Check out this Aussie stud in the pictures below.  Jake is an outwardly straight guy, has a gorgeous girlfriend but he has a huge speedo collection and loves having pics of him in his speedos?  Think he might gay a hidden gay side?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Remember guys, this is Members Only week.  For more pics of him click here and become a member.  I’ve also got this guys Intragram and his girlfriends if you are interested.

Str8 Speedo Guy

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ozgroover@gmail.com said,  

Have you seen Taz again? He was super hot.

Deep said,  

I like Speedos, and wear them, and like seeing guys in them. Everyone considers me straight. I have played with other guys in private who often want me to wear my Speedos.


Oz Groover, I haven’t caught up with Taz in ages. I’ve just shot him a text message though.

Deep, that is what I’m getting at mate. Most people think I’m str8 as well but love speedos. Is it the speedos that make us do gay things or is it because he do gay things that we like speedos?



Robmor89 said,  

I’m really loving my speedos, I’m str8 to my mates, they have no idea about my bi side and the fooling around with guys that I’ve done

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