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Would you fuck your brother-in-law?

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This week’s ‘Movie of the Week‘ is something a little bit different.

A while back I really, really enjoyed this movie and it turned me on so much I decided to write a piece of fiction explaining the movie, how it happened and just how hot it was.

I don’t usually write fiction, most of my stories are from real sexual experiences but I thought I’d give this a try.

Since I’m feeling nice (and horny) today, and since this is a piece of fiction/fantasy, I’ve decided to share what I wrote for non-members.  I hope you like it and decide to join, then you can read about my personal speedo experience which are just as hot (sometimes hotter).

Enjoy and if you want to watch this movie, check out the Movie of the Week, it is for members only.

Let me start this off by saying that I am not gay. I have never had a gay experience until, this happened. It will never happen again and I am getting married next weekend.

I’m putting this experience down in writing because our wedding counselor from the church suggested that if I write this down I can use it for strength if I am ever tempted again.

My name is Phenix, I’m twenty-eight years old, I’m a carpenter by trade and I live in the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. I’m getting married next weekend to the love of my life Laura. My wife to be, Laura and I decided to abstain from sex for three months leading up to our wedding day as a way to prepare ourselves and as a bit of a sacrifice. I am Catholic (I have a tattoo of the cross on my left arm) and I’m an active member of my church. This is my confession.

It was a Sunday afternoon, exactly a week before the wedding and Laura was called in to work at the last minute (she is a nurse so she gets asked to fill in occasionally. Laura’s brother was already in town with his boyfriend, yes, her brother Max is gay and is no longer an active member of the church and he was staying at Laura’s parents house. Her folks now live in Florida full time but they still have the family house here in Tennessee and it is beautiful. It has an amazing pool and you can see the river from the house. Since I had a few hour to kill I thought I’d swing by and hang out by the pool with Max and his boyfriend Alexander.

When I arrived, Max and Alexander were in the pool. They were wearing speedo style swim trunks, I told you they were gay right, haha. While those guys were in the pool I was just chilling in one of the pool chairs. I was thinking it was a shame I didn’t bring my trunks because it was in the mid nineties.

It was just as I was thinking that when Max piped up and told me how good the water was. He asked why didn’t I join them? I told him I didn’t bring my suit.

Max said he had a spare one, it might be a little tight he warned me but the water looked too good to be missing out. Max returned with these tiny green and white speedo style swim trunks. No, no, no. That isn’t for me. I was happy to just chill out sitting beside the pool but the two guys encouraged me. No way I would have put those tiny speedos on if Laura, or anyone else for that matter, had been there but it was a couple of gay guys and they were wearing similar swimwear.

I ducked behind the pool shed and changed into Max’s spare speedo.

Straight Speedo Guy

It was unbelievably tight. Max is a lot smaller than me and I’m a boxers guy so this did not feel right. I walked out to the pool feeling naked with this little scrap of material covering, more like squashing, my junk. Max and Alexander were hooting and hollering enjoying my obvious discomfort. I got in the pool as quick as I could. The water was amazing and the ten seconds of embarrassment was worth it to get in the pool.

The three of us were just chilling out in the pool. With the water at our waist it was just like three normal guys hanging out. That was when it started to get out of hand.

Totally out of the blue, Max decides to get out of the pool.

It seemed like he was strutting like he was a model on the catwalk and his boyfriend Alexander enjoyed the view. I was just feeling more and more awkward.

Speedo Ass

Alexander and I started talking about arses.  I had to admit, Max and his sister both had great arses.  Small, petite and firm.

They both have similar builds I suppose.

Then Max took off his speedo swimsuit and again gave us both a bit of a show and he bent over slowly sliding the wet lycra swim briefs down to his ankles.  Yes, I was feeling more and more uncomfortable.  Alexander must have seen how I was getting close to just leaving so he asked me if I get to play with Laura’s arse.

“Hell no, she’d slap me if I did that.”

Since he wasn’t getting our full attention, Max returned to the pool, sans-swimwear and joined our conversation on arses.

This isn’t a topic I like to discuss with anyone, let alone my soon to be brother-in-law and his gay boyfriend.  The guys keep hassling me asking if I had ever had anal sex.  I most definitely had not had anal sex before, but like every guy on the planet, I had thought about it.

The prying into my personal and sexual history continued when the guys asked me if I had ever had a threesome.  Once in college with two girls (I went to college for a year before starting my carpentry apprenticeship.  When I’ve mentioned that to my buddies I get a more positive reaction than I did from the two gay guys in the pool with me at that moment.
They were giving me a bit of a hard time and I had to tell them that Laura and I aren’t as much of a ‘free spirit’ as Max is.

It doesn’t stop, Max and Alexander keep talking about how great anal sex is.  I tell them I think they crazy.
Max finally wakes up and notices how uncomfortable I am.  It isn’t just the topic of conversation, or the people that I’m having that conversation with, but the speedo swim briefs felt like they were smashing my balls.

Max suggested I take them off, like he had done a few minutes ago.  Now things were starting to get gay.  Without having a chance to argue, Max ducked under the water and somehow removed the super tight swim speedo that I had on.  Now two of us were completely naked in the pool.

When Max ducked under the water and was removing my speedo, I’m pretty sure I felt his lips on the end of my cock.  At the time I didn’t think too much of it, but that would end up being his ‘in’ toward corrupting me during this experience.
I didn’t say much after Max has remove my swimwear, I was now standing naked in a pool with my naked soon to be brother-in-law and his boyfriend who thankfully still had his swimwear on.

Max got out of the pool, I figured he was going to the bathroom but he indicated for me to follow him.

Leaving Alexander in the pool all on his own, I followed Max around behind the pool shed where he confronted me about his lips touching my cock.

“Did you like that?  You know, my mouth on your cock?”

That is the first thing he said to me.  I had no response.  Then he played the blackmail card.  “I want to suck your cock more.

I already sucked your cock and you don’t want me to tell my sister about it do you?”

Holy cow, what had I gotten myself into.

I have no interest in guys but if Max told Laura or anyone in the family that he had sucked my cock I’d be dead.  I’d be run out of town, I’d be run out of the church and there no doubt that Laura would leave me.

While I was pondering the precarious situation I had gotten myself in to, Max reached out and grabbed my cock.  He started stroking it.  He promised not to tell Laura.

“I can’t believe this is happening” I said out loud.

Then I started to get hard in Max’s mouth.  I couldn’t believe that my body, my cock was reacting in this way.  This is not me but it did start to feel good.  I’ve joked before that gay guys must give better blowjobs because they have cocks but I couldn’t believe how good Max was.  He was giving me a blowjob like I’ve never had before.

First Gay Blowjob

Getting off his knees, Max stood up and then told me there was one final step that I had to do.  Despite being really horny my brain was still functioning and I didn’t like the sound of this one final step.

But, unless I wanted Max to tell my sister what had happened thus far, I felt compelled to go along with that Max had in mind.  He took my hands and we walk out from behind the pool shed.  Walking back in the main pool area, there was Alexander who had also lost his swimwear by now.  Max made me sit down and told me that I would finally get to experience what an arse felt like.

My head was spinning.

Max got on his knees between my legs and started sucking my cock again.  I noticed Alex was behind Max and started licking his arsehole.  Of course I had heard of a rimjob and see some while watching porn but I had never seen someone get rimmed in the flex before and it looked pretty hot.
If wasn’t long before Max’s oral skills made me start to relax and enjoy the sensation of his mouth on my cock.

This is the view that I never in a million years thought I’d see, and not in a billion years thought that I would be enjoying but as you can see from my cock, I am enjoying this.

Gay Threesome Train

As I mentioned at the start of this confession, Laura and I had been abstaining from sex for the last three months and it would not have been long before I came from Max’s blowjob skills.  Alexander decided to change things up, he broke off Max’s blowjob and handed me a condom.

In no time Max was back on his knees with Alexanders cock in his mouth and Alexander was pulling Max’s arse cheeks apart.  He even asked/told me “Look how pretty that is.”  Referring to the arsehole that I was about to insert my cock into.
Putting the condom on took a second.  I hadn’t used one in years and I think you can understand that I was a little nervous.
Then I was on my knees behind Max, I slapped my cock on his arse.  The same way I do to his sister when we fuck doggy style.  I put my cock at the entrance to his little butt hole and without me thinking or intending on doing anything, I was inside my future brother-in-law.

It was so amazingly tight.

Good thing I had the condom on because it dulled some of the senses from my cock otherwise I might have exploded then and there.  I still took it slow.  Each time my hips thrust forward I felt like I was going deeper in to Max.  From his moans it sounded like he was enjoying it.  Alexander had a cheeky grin on his face so there was no doubt that he was enjoying what was going on.

At one point I started to get carried away and was pounding hard into Max’s arse.  For a second I think I forgot it was him and thought that I was fucking Laura then I felt the tingle in the back of my balls and I froze, balls deep inside Max and calmed down a little bit.

This might be the one and only time I get to do this and I wanted it to last.

I think Max’s knees were getting a little sore so he decided to change up the positions.  This time he laid on his back and lifted his legs right up.  Yes, he and Laura were both gymnasts in high school.  Alexander directed me around to Max’s head and after pulling the condom off, I lowered my cock into Max’s waiting mouth.

Alexander said “Thanks for warming up this arse for me” as he slid his cock into Max.

Max was working my cock with his mouth and his hand while Alexander was going to town on his arse.  This was a little easier for me to last than when I had been fucking Max and I think by all accounts the three of us lasted in this configuration for ten minutes or so.

I was the first to cum and it started the other two guys off.

I came all over Max’s chest.  As you can imagine after three months of no sex I had a heck of a load which exploded on to Max.  It might have been my orgasm that sex Max off because he grabbed his cock and started cumming before I had finished.  Max cumming set off Alexander who pulled out of Max, came around beside him and added his full load of man juice tor the loads that Max and I had unloaded on his chest and stomach.

What an amazing orgasm.  To clean up the three of us jumped back in the pool for a little bit.  Laura arrived half a hour later and none of us gave her any reason to imagine what the three of us had been up to.

Max and Alexander promised not to tell anyone.  Do you promise not to tell anyone about my gay threesome a week before my marriage?

Now, click here to watch the footage of this reluctant threesome.

December 5th, 2019

Punished for Jerking Off

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After leaving high school I did some triathlons and the leg that scared me the most was swimming.  I was an OK swimmer but not great and not confident at the kind of distances required in the longer triathlons.  So I spent a fair bit of time swim training at the local aquatic center.

Triathlete in Speedos

The pool was a city run center with a fifty meter outdoor olympic sized pool, grand stand area and huge change rooms.  I had some naughty experiences in the change rooms with some random hookups and I would often jerk off in the showers.  I have a pretty serious speedo fetish (I own and write the Aussie Speedo Guy blog) and swimming in my skimpy little speedos would turn me on, so I’d finish my laps, go up to the change rooms and jerk off.  It was a turn on jerking off thinking I could be caught.

It turns out that I did get caught a few times, sometimes on purpose when I had organized for a guy to ‘accidentally on purpose’ interrupt me and a couple of times I was caught when it wasn’t ‘on purpose’.  This experience which I had nearly fifteen years ago was one of the latter.

I’ve already explained how I would get horny swimming in my speedos.  This day that I’m reminiscing about was just like that.  The pool was really quiet so I headed up to the change rooms after swimming two kilometers in about forty minutes.  I threw my bag on one of the benches and headed to the big open area shower.  There were individual shower cubicles but I would use the open/group showers, making me more turned on at the thought of getting caught.

There I was, eighteen years old, smooth, just under six foot, short dark hair, slim, wearing a pair of black speedos that were a size or two too small.  My, average sized, cut cock was straining against the black lycra as if it was trying to escape.

I was rubbing my arse with my left hand and with my right I pulled the front of my speedo down releasing my engorged eighteen year old cock.  My hand started pumping my cock up and down, not too quickly because I wanted to enjoy it and I wasn’t in any rush.  I closed my eyes imaging that the entire shower room was filled with other young guys showering in their speedos and jerking off.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

The deep bellowing voice shocked me out of my fantasy.  I physically jumped and might have let out a little bit of a scream.

Standing there with hands on his hips was Gary, the manager of the pool.

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November 29th, 2019

A Decade Between Blowjobs

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Ow boy do I have an experience to share with you guys!!!

For those who don’t follow my blog, let me fill you in on where I am.  I employ a server admin (who keeps all my sites running and fixes any technical issues that are above my pay grade) who over the years has become one of my best friends, his name is Kip. Kip has visited me in Australia and each year I try and arrange a ‘work’ trip over to his place in the snowboarding town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  Kip is gay and loves speedos.  We do mix work and pleasure, to be honest, we are fuck buddies and anytime we get together we have a lot of speedo fun.

I arrived in Colorado last week and it has been great.  The weather has been awesome and I’ve reacquainted myself with Kip’s hottub (and his cock).  Last night (Friday) I thought I’d have the house to myself as Kip was going to spend the weekend down in Denver.  On Friday morning Kip asked me if it was OK, if some friends of his crashed here, of course it was OK with me, it is his house and I’m a guest.  Kip said the couple, Jeff and Stephanie, are long time friends and were coming up after work to go skiing on Saturday morning.

So, last night, I was just doing some work and having a Jack and coke when Jeff and Stephanie arrived just before 9pm.  They were both good looking, right around my age, been dating for a year or so and they were both a little tipsy having grabbed dinner in town before getting to the house.

After introductions and pouring them some drinks, they both said they wanted to hottub.

Jeff had forgotten his hottub attire and asked if he could borrow some of mine or Kip’s.  I joked that swimsuits weren’t mandatory…. then I went up stairs to get some speedos for Jeff.  Of course he didn’t ask, or expect, speedos but, that was what I was going to bring him.

Up stairs, I dropped my jeans to reveal my new Arena speedos that I’ve been showing you guys in my selfies all week, wrapped a towel around my waist and returned to Jeff with my red AussieBum speedos (pictured below this paragraph).  I just threw them at him from across the room and the two of them started laughing.

Dave Evans Selfies


“Be serious Dave.”

“This is what Kip makes me wear in his hottub.”  I replied, the three of us joking around.

When I didn’t make a move or offer an alternative swimsuit choice, Stephanie said “You can just wear your boxers Jeff.”

I thought I saw a little bit of disappointment in Jeff’s face.  I left the red speedos on the kitchen table and went up stairs to grab a pair of my dork shorts for Jeff.

While they both changed, I grabbed some more drinks and got in the hottub.  I was in the hottub with the bubbles on when Jeff and Stephanie joined me.  For the next hour or so we kept drinking and chatting and were all getting along great.  Neither of them knew I was sitting there in my tiny new black Arena speedos and I was looking forward to having to get out for more drinks and give them a surprise but, both of them kept beating me to the punch and getting up to get drinks so my speedos were still a secret.

I admit, the thought of a threesome had entered my mind but the conversation hadn’t turned sexual at all.  Stephanie was getting pretty drunk though and she decided to call it a night.  I started to get up and she told us boys to keep hanging out and have some ‘boy time’.

Jeff did get out with Stephanie saying he’d get her to bed and be back with another round of drinks.

It was when Jeff returns that the night went from a boring, non-sexual hottub with friends of a friend to, well, lets just say the opposite of boring and non-sexual.

To my complete surprise Jeff slid open the door to the house and stepped out with two fresh Jack and cokes and wearing the red AussieBum speedos that I had left on the kitchen table.  I usually try to make people feel like wearing speedos is no big deal and don’t react when I see them (although I am jumping up and down with joy on the inside) but seeing Jeff wearing my red speedos was too much.

“Ow wow.”

“You said it was a house rule to wear a speedo right?”

“Yeah” I replied as I stood up to grab one of the drinks from Jeff as he was getting into the hottub.  Jeff repeated me saying “Ow wow.”

I sat on the edge of the hottub which Jeff did as well and we clinked out glasses.

“To Aussies and speedos.”  Jeff toasted.

Jeff said he wanted to wear them when I threw them at him and was disappointed that Stephanie didn’t approve of the speedos.  He said it was probably good that she didn’t see me wearing mine in case it freaked her out.  We both agreed it sucked that so many women think speedos are weird.

It was all kind of normal, just two guys sitting in a hottub wearing speedos.

“These feel great.  I haven’t worn a speedo since I was eighteen years old and on the swim team.  I haven’t sucked cock since then either.”

I have to keep Jeff’s (and my) discretion a little bit.  And this story took me all afternoon to write, probably because I jerked off three times just writing it.

It is finished and if you were a member you would be reading it right now.

Your support is what allows me to spent the time writing about my experiences and keeps this site free of pop-ups and viagra ads.

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February 2nd, 2019

Alex Interview…. Part 1: How it all began.

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Over the weekend I have been organizing the stories I’ve written about Alex from when he corned me at the Beery (Beer Garden) telling me that he knew I was ‘Dave Speedo Evans’, to him fooling around with me for the first time, to his first time giving anal, his first time receiving anal and our latest sexcapade that I wrote about, which was a sex party at his ‘boyfriend’ Adam place.

I thought it would be fun to ‘interview’ Alex.

I’ve broken it up into 3 parts….  How it all started, anal and future.  This was a bit of a project and it took much much longer than I expected.  Once Alex said it would be fun, I wrote out a couple of pages of questions.  My first idea was to email them to him but I thought that might be a little boring and I wanted to get more candid answers so Alex came over, we went for a surf then sat at my breakfast bar and I recorded the answers.  Then I had to write them all up.

I have saved the recording and I’m trying to decide if I’ll release it….

This is only available for blog members, I really appreciate their support and it is their support that keeps most of this site free.  It is the $5 membership that means this site doesn’t have any pop-ups or crap like that.

It is only $5 – click here to join and read the interview.

So here we go with Part 1 of Alex’s Interview.

Dave: Alex, thanks for agreeing to this interview for my blog fans.  As long as you don’t plead the Fifth I think they’ll like it.

Alex: Sure, sure.

Dave: Shame we can’t really speedo it up right now but being a Friday afternoon anyone could just walk in on us, but this is where it all started.

Alex's Interview

Dave: I know the answer to this next question but for the benefit of the blog fans, had you ever done anything with a guy before?

Alex's Interview


Dave: Ever fantasize about guys when you were growing up?

Alex's Interview


Dave: What happened to him?  Think there is a chance to tick off that ‘Great White Buffallo’?


Alex's Interview



Dave: You never know, I didn’t think you had any gay tendencies.  You were in a long term relationship with a girl.

Alex's Interview


Dave: I’m asking the questions here, hahaha.  No I had absolutely no idea, I’m guessing she didn’t either.  I would have been open to a threesome with you two though, would that have been on the cards?

Alex's Interview


Dave: What pushed you over the gay edge?

Alex's Interview


Dave: Technically you did proposition me, what gave you the courage to do that?

Alex's Interview


Dave: After our first time fooling around, I sucked you off and you came in my mouth….. did you have any regrets or feel guilty or feel bad?

Alex's Interview

Dave: You never told me that.  Dirty bird.  Hahaha.  OK, last question for this part, was it and has it been as good as expected?

Alex's Interview


Dave: I’m kinda horny, want to duck into my room?

Alex: Why not.

OK guys, that is part one.  Alex did suck me off after that which was very nice of him.  He is going to come over tonight to do Part 2 of the interview.

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December 6th, 2016

Speedos in my email

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I get a bunch of emails, some great, some nasty but overall pretty good.  I don’t always have time to reply, unless of course it is a member in which case I really make sure that I reply as promptly as possible (I love my members).

Some emails I receive as just nice saying how much someone loved a story I wrote or about how great it is for them to find a site like mine.  And sometimes I get a dick pics (not all dick pics are made equal).  This one is pretty good though, hence why I’m sharing it with you guys.  Here is the email that came with it, I’ve removed anything ‘personal’ as per the senders request.

Hi Dave,

I’m sure you get loads of emails but just wanted to send a message to say hi (with a couple of private pics!). I’m straight (bi-curious) but I’ve been following your blog for a few years. Speedos are my guilty pleasure.. I can’t get enough of seeing guys in speedos and I get hard within seconds of putting mine on! I never wear them in public though which is a shame, would be great to have a few guys to hang out with in speedos and have fun with like in your stories.

I’m living in Asia at the moment and bought these arenas, tight but a nice fit. Hope you like the pics.

Lots of love.

Speedo Pics Submission

And here is a second pic…. that is one tastey looking cock isn’t it!!!  And HUGE!!!

The second pic, the dick pic, is only available to blog members.  Click here, it is only $5 to become a blog member.

November 29th, 2016

Sydney’s Gay Scene

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Most of the time Kip and I live in ‘str8’ places.  Here on the Northern NSW Coast there aren’t many out gay guys and all of my local mates are str8 (that might even include Alex – hehe).

Kip has the same thing in Colorado where he is surrounded by str8 guys and he is more ‘out’ than I am but he is still discrete about it to new people he meets up in the mountains.

Our few days in Sydney were definitely not like normal.

We got out ‘gay’ on.

We stayed at a really nice hotel near Hyde Park and I have a gay friend who lives overlooking the park as well.  He really looked after us and we had a blast – I don’t think we met a str8 person in 3 days.

Gay bars, lots of gay guys and lots and lots of gay sex.

Kip had an absolute blast.

Saying that though, both of us were kind of over it after 3 days.  The gay ‘scene’ was fun but I don’t think it is something I want to be a part of 365 days a year.  At times it was like we were hanging around a bunch of girls.  Perhaps it is because Kip and I are both kind of bloke’y blokes.  We love being out doors, don’t mind getting dirty, neither of us spend enough time doing our hair.

It was really, really interesting, we had a blast and thanks to all the guys for all the fun.

Aussie SpeedosAussie SpeedosAussie Turbo Speedo

September 13th, 2014
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