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Tougher Being Gay

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Thanks for your comments and emails on yesterdays post.  If I get 3 comments here, you bet I’m getting 5 times that many emails – I prefer the comments and I get to reply to the comments more than emails but I appreciate them both.

I only touched on it yesterday about depression but it seems to have opened a can of worms.

Is the gay community more vulnerable to depression?

Despite the evolution in social acceptance, does ‘coming out’ still trouble a lot of us?

I’m not out.  My circle of friends here in Aussie think I’m 100% str8.  I am completely comfortable with my current situation, you guys know I like girls as well as guys.  You know I’ve actually been given a hard time over the years BECAUSE I like girls from my gay friends.  If I was 100% out to everyone, I would feel that it would restrict my str8 side.

It is easier for me staying in the closet and I’m fine with that – at this point in my life, I don’t want to identify/explain my sexuality.

Perhaps I’m taking the easy option.  It must be terrifying for guys who are gay to come out.  I’m sure friendships are lost/broken by coming out which is horrible but a fact of life unfortunately.

Does this whole, explaining ones sexuality bring a bigger risk of depression, anxiety to our community?

I’d love to hear your thoughts guys – I’m off to the pool.  Alex can’t make it today, I was going to skip it but I was wearing my black arena speedos and I saw this pic and I want his body which was enough motivation for me to head to the pool.

Swimmers Body

August 13th, 2014

Discretion Required

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I was thinking today….. I wonder what my neighbour girls are going to think when Kip moves in?

I wonder what my str8 mates are going to think about it as well.

When I lived at his place in Breckenridge, we both had our own room but we often woke up next to each other.  That isn’t going to be as easy here on the beach…. first off I barely lock any of the doors and my str8 mates drop around all the time.

For example, last Friday I was out grocery shopping late then dropped into one of my buddies folks place so I could fix their email (the high life of a computer nerd).  I didn’t get back home until after 7.  I walked into my house and 3 of my mates are on my couch watching the Super 15 final.  Hahaha.

That is how it is here, Kip and I might have to be a little bit discrete….

Chillin out in speedosReal Man in SpeedosTanning in Speedos

August 4th, 2014

I know you’re Aussie Speedo Guy

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Last week I mentioned running into a friend at the pool, I’ll call him Alex here but that isn’t his real name.

I ran into Alex yesterday at the pool again and we shared a lane and we both swam 2kms which was a first for Alex.  He is quicker than I am but never went close to swimming that far in one set.  Sharing the lap with me forced him to slow down which he said helped.  His triathlon swim is 3.8kms so 2kms is a fair way off but he is pretty darn fit to start with.

Both of us were wearing classic black speedos (his speedo brand, mine arena).  All went well.

Then last night I was at the pub with some of the boys and Alex was out as well.  He joined our group, his girlfriend was there and some of the other guys girlfriends/wives were out.

Everyone was having a fun night and a few drinks (I was well behaved but maybe some people were having a few more than others – hahaha).

Later in the night Alex and I were off to the side and Alex told me that he knows I’m Aussie Speedo Guy…..

I’m not out to any of my Central Coast crew and this was like a kick in the guts.

Alex must have seen the look on my face and quickly assured me that it was all OK and that it was nobody elses business and he would keep my secret.  He also has read enuf of the blog to know that “It is OK Dave, you like girls too.”

That was pretty much the extent of the conversation.

Should be interesting this week but I’m pretty sure Alex won’t say anything to any of my mates about it.

Of course, if Alex wants to do some ‘other’ training then we could use his lunch hour at my place – hehehehe.  Wishful thinking I’m sure.

I’m posting these pics because this guy looks similar to Alex (minus the tattoos).  And I’ve only ever seen him in a classic black speedo.

SpeedosBlack SpeedosStr8 Guy in Black Speedos

April 4th, 2014
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