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My Friend with the Video Camera

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One of the members sent me this story, he said it is based on facts but it was a long time ago and it is more fiction than recollection at this stage.

I really enjoyed it because it reminded me of my first gay experiences.  It is super long but I’m making the first ‘chapter’ available for everyone.

One night when I was sleeping over my friend Jeff’s house, we decided that we were both hot, and wanted to go for a swim in his pool. Jeff is younger than me, but I’ve always thought he was cute. I hadn’t brought my swimsuit, he loaned me one of his swim team speedos which was weird and awkward but it was dark.

While we were swimming, I had gotten a hard-on, and by the time we got out, I knew I had to jack off in order to get rid of it. Jeff went into his room to change first, and when he got out, I went in. I took off the tiny speedo, and started to jack off (hoping I could be quick, so Jeff wouldn’t be suspicious), when I noticed that Jeff had a banana on his desk. I pulled the condom out of my wallet, and put it over the banana, and worked it into my asshole. In about thirty seconds, I was ready to cum, and caught it in my cupped hand. It started to drip between my fingers, but I couldn’t find his bin, so I was forced to drink it. I picked up the banana off the floor, where I had dropped it, took the condom off, put it back exactly where I had got it, shoved the condom in my pocket, and quickly got dressed.

The two of us watched TV in the family room for a while, and after his parents went to bed, Jeff suggested we watch a dirty movie. He ran up to his room to get it, and came back with two tapes, one normal size, and the other one of the small camcorder tapes. The first one was of his older sister and her boyfriend (who was our age) having sex in her room. He told me how he had hidden it in a heating duct, slid the cover to one side, and run the wires through the duct to his room right above hers, where he had hooked it up to his VCR, and recorded them having sex. The tape was short, only about fifteen minutes, but it had managed to get me really hard.

He took the camcorder tape and put it in the adaptor, and put it in the VCR. I saw his room, and the date and time on the bottom corner said it was earlier in the evening. When I saw myself walk into the room, my heart started to beat a million miles a minute. As I jacked off on the TV, Jeff told me how he had set up the camcorder, hoping to catch a glimpse of me naked, and had gotten more than he bargained for. He said he had watched the tape on the camcorder when he had “gone to the bathroom”, and he said that if I didn’t give him a blowjob, he would make copies of the tape and spread them around. He pulled his shorts down to his ankles, and sat down on the couch, with his cock pointing straight to the ceiling.

I knelt in front of him, and started to suck, and in about thirty seconds, Jeff shot a load in my mouth. I kept it there, not sure, what to do with it. Jeff told me to swallow it, and I did, not wanting anyone to see my jacking off on tape. He told me I had to suck his cock again, but when he came, I had to keep it in my mouth.

Jeff had started to go limp after coming, and it took almost fifteen minutes of sucking before he came again. This time, he told me to kiss him, and share with him. I kissed him, and as the cum ran from my mouth to his, he started to run his tongue through my mouth. This was too much for me, and I came in my boxers, most of it running down my leg and onto the floor. Jeff told me to go clean up, I had done my part and he would destroy the tape.

Even though our first time together was under odd circumstances, Jeff and I still like to experiment together, and I hope that one day, we might be able to add Jeff’s next door neighbour to the occasion some day. Jeff had told me about Andrew and how he was a member of the same swim team that he was. I could just imagine how hot both boys would be in showering in their speedos. Oh and he never did destroy that tape which came in handy with Andrew a few months later….

Members of course are reading what happens when Andrew comes over the next weekend….. click here to join and read what happens.

March 3rd, 2022

Covid Whores

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On Thursday afternoon I started talking to a guy online about coming over for a speedo/fuck session.  Super cute guy, 24yo Aussie, 100% gay, also love speedos although he didn’t have any photos of him in speedos he promised to wear them.

It was all organized and he texted me right on 5pm that he had arrived.  My unit here has an internal staircase and while I wanted to open the door wearing a pair of speedos for him, I didn’t quite want to risk one of the neighbours seeing me.

He was just as cute as his photos and once back in my unit we stripped down to our speedos (him wearing a classic black lycra speedo and me wearing my red ResqMe speedos – pictured below).

Red Lycra Speedos

After some kissing he got on his knees, freed my cock from the lycra of my speedos and started sucking me off.  I had told him just how horny I was and this young guy had some great blowjob skills.

It wasn’t long until I exploded in his mouth and he swallowed it all like a champ.

Then I let him fuck me and he took his time and really fucked me good.  By the time he came I was ready to go again and fucked him long and hard as well.  After that we had a quick shower and put our speedos back on and were just lying in bed chatting.  The guy joked that since he enjoyed it so much he wouldn’t charge me.  He was joking, kinda.

Turns out, this hot young guy has been doing some escort work.  He was working as a tour guide taking 4WD trips and lost his job with the Covid stuff and to help pay the rent he has been having sex for money.

He said the money is great but the guys are mostly older and he doesn’t always get off but he makes sure they get off.

Got me thinking, I wonder how many young people have become Covid Whores?  Do you know anyone?

I’ve been offered money for sex a few times but never taken those offers up.  Keen to hear your thoughts on this guys, please leave a comment.

I once wrote about a fantasy of mine being a Speedo Waiter for a private party.  Click here to read about it..

Gay Paid for Sex

January 24th, 2021

A Decade Between Blowjobs

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Ow boy do I have an experience to share with you guys!!!

For those who don’t follow my blog, let me fill you in on where I am.  I employ a server admin (who keeps all my sites running and fixes any technical issues that are above my pay grade) who over the years has become one of my best friends, his name is Kip. Kip has visited me in Australia and each year I try and arrange a ‘work’ trip over to his place in the snowboarding town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  Kip is gay and loves speedos.  We do mix work and pleasure, to be honest, we are fuck buddies and anytime we get together we have a lot of speedo fun.

I arrived in Colorado last week and it has been great.  The weather has been awesome and I’ve reacquainted myself with Kip’s hottub (and his cock).  Last night (Friday) I thought I’d have the house to myself as Kip was going to spend the weekend down in Denver.  On Friday morning Kip asked me if it was OK, if some friends of his crashed here, of course it was OK with me, it is his house and I’m a guest.  Kip said the couple, Jeff and Stephanie, are long time friends and were coming up after work to go skiing on Saturday morning.

So, last night, I was just doing some work and having a Jack and coke when Jeff and Stephanie arrived just before 9pm.  They were both good looking, right around my age, been dating for a year or so and they were both a little tipsy having grabbed dinner in town before getting to the house.

After introductions and pouring them some drinks, they both said they wanted to hottub.

Jeff had forgotten his hottub attire and asked if he could borrow some of mine or Kip’s.  I joked that swimsuits weren’t mandatory…. then I went up stairs to get some speedos for Jeff.  Of course he didn’t ask, or expect, speedos but, that was what I was going to bring him.

Up stairs, I dropped my jeans to reveal my new Arena speedos that I’ve been showing you guys in my selfies all week, wrapped a towel around my waist and returned to Jeff with my red AussieBum speedos (pictured below this paragraph).  I just threw them at him from across the room and the two of them started laughing.

Dave Evans Selfies


“Be serious Dave.”

“This is what Kip makes me wear in his hottub.”  I replied, the three of us joking around.

When I didn’t make a move or offer an alternative swimsuit choice, Stephanie said “You can just wear your boxers Jeff.”

I thought I saw a little bit of disappointment in Jeff’s face.  I left the red speedos on the kitchen table and went up stairs to grab a pair of my dork shorts for Jeff.

While they both changed, I grabbed some more drinks and got in the hottub.  I was in the hottub with the bubbles on when Jeff and Stephanie joined me.  For the next hour or so we kept drinking and chatting and were all getting along great.  Neither of them knew I was sitting there in my tiny new black Arena speedos and I was looking forward to having to get out for more drinks and give them a surprise but, both of them kept beating me to the punch and getting up to get drinks so my speedos were still a secret.

I admit, the thought of a threesome had entered my mind but the conversation hadn’t turned sexual at all.  Stephanie was getting pretty drunk though and she decided to call it a night.  I started to get up and she told us boys to keep hanging out and have some ‘boy time’.

Jeff did get out with Stephanie saying he’d get her to bed and be back with another round of drinks.

It was when Jeff returns that the night went from a boring, non-sexual hottub with friends of a friend to, well, lets just say the opposite of boring and non-sexual.

To my complete surprise Jeff slid open the door to the house and stepped out with two fresh Jack and cokes and wearing the red AussieBum speedos that I had left on the kitchen table.  I usually try to make people feel like wearing speedos is no big deal and don’t react when I see them (although I am jumping up and down with joy on the inside) but seeing Jeff wearing my red speedos was too much.

“Ow wow.”

“You said it was a house rule to wear a speedo right?”

“Yeah” I replied as I stood up to grab one of the drinks from Jeff as he was getting into the hottub.  Jeff repeated me saying “Ow wow.”

I sat on the edge of the hottub which Jeff did as well and we clinked out glasses.

“To Aussies and speedos.”  Jeff toasted.

Jeff said he wanted to wear them when I threw them at him and was disappointed that Stephanie didn’t approve of the speedos.  He said it was probably good that she didn’t see me wearing mine in case it freaked her out.  We both agreed it sucked that so many women think speedos are weird.

It was all kind of normal, just two guys sitting in a hottub wearing speedos.

“These feel great.  I haven’t worn a speedo since I was eighteen years old and on the swim team.  I haven’t sucked cock since then either.”

I have to keep Jeff’s (and my) discretion a little bit.  And this story took me all afternoon to write, probably because I jerked off three times just writing it.

It is finished and if you were a member you would be reading it right now.

Your support is what allows me to spent the time writing about my experiences and keeps this site free of pop-ups and viagra ads.

Please click here to join now, it is only $5 and I really appreciate the support.

February 2nd, 2019

Colorado Road Trip

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Kip and I just walked in the door after a big big couple of days.  Everything went to plan and we visited the three different hot springs (Glenwood, Radium and Hot Sulfur).  We also snowboarded Beaver Creek and Winter Park which was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, there was no ‘action’ to report other than just Kip and I – which is still pretty hot having speedo sex on tap.

As I expected, Kip did pussy out wearing speedos to the Glenwood Hot Springs.  There were a shit tonne of people there – like hundreds but the pool was huge and you weren’t really on top of people but it was busy.   Of course, I speedo’d it up and to further take the mickey out of Kip for wearing dork shorts, I wore my very colourful new Turbo speedos (pictures of them below).

There were a couple of old guys in speedos but otherwise nobody cared.

The Radium hot spring was my favourite but I’ve been there before – Kip did speedo it up there but we didn’t do anything naughty because it was during the day and a family could have walked up on us without us hearing.

The Hot Sulfur Springs was very cool (or hot) as well.  We were there on Monday night and stayed until closing.  There were half a dozen hot springs and Kip did speedo it up with me there as well.  There were a few people in the main pool which was gorgeous with a waterfall flowing into the pool.  Kip and I were horny and we found the Sage Pool tucked in one corner which was really hot and very private.  We sucked each other off which was pretty hot considering we could have been interrupted.

Don’t worry, we didn’t get any cum in the hot pool, we both swallow.

Since Kip did pussy out on wearing speedos at the Glenwood Hot Springs, I am looking for a hookup to fuck in front of Kip…. if you are in Breck over the next week or so let me know.

Here are some guys looking fantastic in the Turbo speedos that I wore to the hot springs over the last couple of days.

Fun SpeedosSky Speedo GuyTurbo Speedo GuyTurbo Guy

February 27th, 2018

Breakfast Blowjob

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This morning was nothing out of the ordinary, I woke up with my usual erect cock which was straining the front of my ADIDAS speedos.

Unlike any other morning, I didn’t wake up in my bed.  Did I have company I hear you ask?  No I didn’t.  But in the room next door was a really cute gay couple, so I texted one of them:

“Want me to join you guys?”

The response was….  “In a few.”

During those ‘few’ I had to restrain myself from cumming, I really was fucking horny.

5 minutes later I receiving the following text: “Michael says cum over.”

So I did.  Michael and the guy who was texting me were in bed, 100% naked, I was wearing just my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.  I jumped into bed and I wasn’t here to mess around.  I asked Michael to suck my cock and he went to work.  My cock was out the side of my ADIDAS speedos, Michael’s boyfriend was next to me watching him work my cock.

Now I don’t always cum from having my cock sucked but today I did.  And it was 2 or 3 days worth of cum built up which I unloaded into Michael’s mouth.  And he hoovered it up, every last drop.

It really was amazing and while it probably goes without saying, I love having my cock sucked!!!

Afterwards I got up and cooked Michael and his boyfriend breakfast, at least something to wash my load of cum down.  When I was done cleaning up, we all shook hands, I caught the elevator down, got in my car and 30 minutes later I am sitting on the beach writing a blog post for you guys.

So how was your Sunday?

Speedo BlowjobBlowjob in Speedos

April 16th, 2017

Weekend of Blowjobs

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The highlight of last weekend for me was pounding the hell out of Alex’s arse.  He was still sore from it into Wednesday.

This weekend I was keen for a blowjob.  Alex dropped around on Friday night after work and I hadn’t jerked off in a couple of days and I was HORNY!!!!  Alex did a great job sucking my cock, particularly considering it wasn’t that long ago that he put a penis in his mouth for the first time.

Being a bit of a blowjob newbie, Alex doesn’t really swallow but that is what I was keen for and I told him.  He did sound like he was OK with it and when I came it felt like I unloaded a river of cum into his mouth.  Alex was a trooper and swallowed every drop.  Then I let Alex fuck me which he did with gutso.

Then on Sunday morning, Surfer Chick came over and she gave me a fantastic blowjob as well.  She is probably a little more experienced at it than Alex and I’ve never had to ask her to swallow.  Pretty funny getting a blowjob from a guy, then 36 hours later getting a blowjob from a chick.  Now if I could just get them both to suck me off at the same time.

Pool Blowjob

August 23rd, 2015
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