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Shannon’s Thong Collection

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Aussie Shannon is someone I have had a crush on for a long time.  He first posted lots of pics of him looking just delicious in his speedos and as he has gotten older, he has gotten a bit more hardcore.

These days he has shares pics and short videos on Twitter – members,

click here for his Twitter account. members,

Aussie Shannon has also caught up with the Hawaii Speedo Student (another speedo guy I’ve had a long time crush on, click here to see his speedo photo gallery).  Just imagine being in the middle of these two horny speedo guys?!?!?!

Two Famous Speedo Boys

Since it is a Thursday, and I should be posting for Thong Thursday I thought I’d post a collection of Aussie Shannon’s thong photos.

The full gallery is available for members of course.  Not a member, it is only $5.  Click here to join now.

December 1st, 2022

Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded

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My move is complete, woohooo!!!  It is a pain moving but sitting here at 8am Tuesday morning looking out over the ocean, it is worth it.

My new unit has a spare room and last night I was talking to my old fuck buddy Alex (click here to read about my history with Alex) and we were both saying we miss our naughty experiences. I told Alex there is room here for him and Adam (his fiance). But, our darn state borders are still closed so Alex can’t come and have any speedo fun.

Maybe after Xmas?

Talking to Alex had me reminiscing about our times together and one experience I should remind you guys about is when Alex walked in on me bound, gagged and blindfolded wearing just a speedo….. click here to read about that.

Later today I might have to see if there is anyone near my new home that would be up for some fun like that…..

October 13th, 2020

AussieBum Portseas

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One of the hottest speedo/AussieBum photo shoots I have ever seen!!!!

Both of the guys are wearing AussieBum brand speedos, although the orange ones are actually underwear.  The blue ones are called Portsea (named after a beach that that Australian Prime Minister died at while swimming, back in 1967).

It was those speedos that I was wearing when I had my first threesome (two guys and a girl – click here to read all about that).  Ever since then, I have made more naughty experiences while wearing those speedos, and a threesome or three as well.

Hope you guys enjoy these pics….

March 21st, 2020

Punished for Jerking Off

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After leaving high school I did some triathlons and the leg that scared me the most was swimming.  I was an OK swimmer but not great and not confident at the kind of distances required in the longer triathlons.  So I spent a fair bit of time swim training at the local aquatic center.

Triathlete in Speedos

The pool was a city run center with a fifty meter outdoor olympic sized pool, grand stand area and huge change rooms.  I had some naughty experiences in the change rooms with some random hookups and I would often jerk off in the showers.  I have a pretty serious speedo fetish (I own and write the Aussie Speedo Guy blog) and swimming in my skimpy little speedos would turn me on, so I’d finish my laps, go up to the change rooms and jerk off.  It was a turn on jerking off thinking I could be caught.

It turns out that I did get caught a few times, sometimes on purpose when I had organized for a guy to ‘accidentally on purpose’ interrupt me and a couple of times I was caught when it wasn’t ‘on purpose’.  This experience which I had nearly fifteen years ago was one of the latter.

I’ve already explained how I would get horny swimming in my speedos.  This day that I’m reminiscing about was just like that.  The pool was really quiet so I headed up to the change rooms after swimming two kilometers in about forty minutes.  I threw my bag on one of the benches and headed to the big open area shower.  There were individual shower cubicles but I would use the open/group showers, making me more turned on at the thought of getting caught.

There I was, eighteen years old, smooth, just under six foot, short dark hair, slim, wearing a pair of black speedos that were a size or two too small.  My, average sized, cut cock was straining against the black lycra as if it was trying to escape.

I was rubbing my arse with my left hand and with my right I pulled the front of my speedo down releasing my engorged eighteen year old cock.  My hand started pumping my cock up and down, not too quickly because I wanted to enjoy it and I wasn’t in any rush.  I closed my eyes imaging that the entire shower room was filled with other young guys showering in their speedos and jerking off.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

The deep bellowing voice shocked me out of my fantasy.  I physically jumped and might have let out a little bit of a scream.

Standing there with hands on his hips was Gary, the manager of the pool.

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November 29th, 2019

Soggy Sao

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Finally the weekend is here – whoohooo!!!

Anyone have anything awesome planned?  Nothing much here, I got back from a surf with the boys, water is cool enough to wear a wet suit but the day is supposed to be glorious.

This last week was one of the most productive weeks I have had in ages – I was up early every morning, did at least 10 hours of work each day and I feel fantastic.  Stacks of new movies on and one of them featured a guy having a ‘Soggy Sao’.

What is a Soggy Sao I hear you ask?

Well Sayo is a biscuit/cracker in Australia….

Soggy Sayo

Do I need to go into any more detail on what a ‘Soggy Sao’ is?

I don’t mind a load of cum down my throat (not something I enjoyed the first time but something I take pride in doing now) but I’m not sure I’d do the ‘Soggy Sayo’.  Anyone here done something like that?

How did I get onto this topic?  Ow yeah – new movies.  So one of the movies I added this week featured a bunch of guys fooling around and end up fucking each other.  It is a pretty hot movie and 5 or 6 hot young guys fucking…. what isn’t hot about that.  I think the premise of the movie is that the guys are all part of a swim team and they are initiating a new member of the team (there is another clip of the guys in black Calvin Klein speedos which was just as hot).  After these guys put on a 20 minute show of shagging their brains out – they all get around in a circle and jerk off onto a biscuit and make the new team mate eat it.

This might be a little too hardcore for me but 95% of the movie was just up my alley.

Here is a sample clip for you to check out and decide for yourself.

Soggy Sao

May 14th, 2016

New Gay Movies

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Start of a new week here and after staying up late to watch the Formula One and then the start of the soccer – looks like the Germans really cleaned up last night.

Today I’m working all day – very very boring BUT I have just added 4hrs of new movies to and here are some screen shots from just one of the movies (this is about 20 minutes long).  I’m not sure if these guys have massive cocks or that their cocks look massive because they are pretty skinny 19yo guys?

You can see screen shots of all the movies (all 60hrs worth) over at

June 28th, 2010
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