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Speedo Bondage Photo

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Why is it that I find this photo so hot?!?!?!

I jerked off looking at this photo this morning… wonder what it is that makes it so hot?

I wrote about one of my speedo bondage experiences, click here to read the juicy details.

Speedo Bondage

December 13th, 2020

Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded

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My move is complete, woohooo!!!  It is a pain moving but sitting here at 8am Tuesday morning looking out over the ocean, it is worth it.

My new unit has a spare room and last night I was talking to my old fuck buddy Alex (click here to read about my history with Alex) and we were both saying we miss our naughty experiences. I told Alex there is room here for him and Adam (his fiance). But, our darn state borders are still closed so Alex can’t come and have any speedo fun.

Maybe after Xmas?

Talking to Alex had me reminiscing about our times together and one experience I should remind you guys about is when Alex walked in on me bound, gagged and blindfolded wearing just a speedo….. click here to read about that.

Later today I might have to see if there is anyone near my new home that would be up for some fun like that…..

October 13th, 2020
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