Sydney’s Gay Scene

Most of the time Kip and I live in ‘str8’ places.  Here on the Northern NSW Coast there aren’t many out gay guys and all of my local mates are str8 (that might even include Alex – hehe).

Kip has the same thing in Colorado where he is surrounded by str8 guys and he is more ‘out’ than I am but he is still discrete about it to new people he meets up in the mountains.

Our few days in Sydney were definitely not like normal.

We got out ‘gay’ on.

We stayed at a really nice hotel near Hyde Park and I have a gay friend who lives overlooking the park as well.  He really looked after us and we had a blast – I don’t think we met a str8 person in 3 days.

Gay bars, lots of gay guys and lots and lots of gay sex.

Kip had an absolute blast.

Saying that though, both of us were kind of over it after 3 days.  The gay ‘scene’ was fun but I don’t think it is something I want to be a part of 365 days a year.  At times it was like we were hanging around a bunch of girls.  Perhaps it is because Kip and I are both kind of bloke’y blokes.  We love being out doors, don’t mind getting dirty, neither of us spend enough time doing our hair.

It was really, really interesting, we had a blast and thanks to all the guys for all the fun.

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