Tyler’s First Gay Experience

Last week, on Monday, a blog fan contacted me about how he would like to explore his gay side.  I’m going to call him Tyler, and over the week we met for lunch and then on Friday we got together in our speedos.  To top it off, Alex was there as well.  We were all wearing black, lycra, speedo brand speedos.

I promised you guys that I would write it up and I have done so, albeit a few days later than I expected.

Writing up these stories takes me ages so I’ve decided to make this entire story available to members of my site SwimmerBoyz.com for now.  Anyone can join for just $4.95 and it is the support of members who allow me to keep this site free.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys like reading about my experiences that you drop into SwimmerBoyz.com and give it a try.an

Here is a screen shot of the full story in the members area.

Thanks a bunch and I love you guys.

Tylers First Gay Experience


8 Users Responded in " Tyler’s First Gay Experience "

dgdjr said,  

Dave, the link to this story jumps to the story about the fivesome…can you please fix it?

Dave Evans said,  


The latest update must have gone through after you left that comment, I double checked and it should be all good now mate.

Thanks for your support!!!


Darren said,  

Great pics Dave in with your report of what must have been a great afternoon. The guy in the black speedos on the towel is showing a lovely ass and how about that pic with the cum oozing out of it, wow!

samspeedo said,  

Yeah . . . the speedo with cum oozing out the front really gets me excited, too!

Dave Evans said,  

When I first ever masturbated it was wearing a pair of speedos and dry humping a pillow.

That was how I masturbated for months until I got my hand technique down pat.


Anonymous said,  


Darren said,  

Dave, that was exactly how I masturbated at the start until I did a hand job. The latter is much more enjoyable.

LIZARD said,  

dave got me horny as hell, lost a close mate cpl yrs ago, still miss him.r.i.p
just wish for someone like. your mates,.
ps bondage is ok ,08868jbhjo

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