Loosing my Str8 Virginity

I know it doesn’t interest all of you guys but today I posted about when I lost my str8 virginity on my blog BisexualDave.com.  If you are interested, drop over there and check it out – www.BisexualDave.com.

Since I get to share with you guys some of my great sexual adventures, I suppose it is only fair to share with you the ones that weren’t so great.  My first time with a girl wasn’t that great, I did not have the necessary skill set to have drunken sex on the beach.

Thankfully, I have practiced and I am competent at that now just incase anyone was in the neighbourhood.

It was with a girl I knew from the Surf Life Saving Club and since Tyler is still a member of the local Surf Life Saving Club I suppose that is what made me think of it.

I was 18yo when I lost my str8 virginity, a year or so after I lost my gay virginity although it was only oral.  I didn’t have gay penetration sex until my early 20’s and it took a while for me to really like being fucked but now I love it!!!

Did anyone have a great loosing their virginity experience or are they all just awkward?


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