Grindr Date on Friday

Weather has been pretty good this week and I have managed to get a couple of hours of beach time in.  My speedo tan was fading a little bit.

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m outside in the sunshine, wearing speedos I seem to be hornier.  Anyone else feel like that?

While I was at the beach yesterday I flipped on Grindr to add some new pics (yeah, I like to keep my pics current) and saw this….

Speedo Butt

Looked pretty tastey to me so started chatting with the guy and he doesn’t have any uni classes on Friday morning and is going to meet me at the beach.

Here are full photos from his profile and an explanation of what the ‘Alex’ means (I’m sure some of you guys know what it means already but helping out my non-Aussie readers.

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Robmor89 said,  

The combination of sun, heat and speedos always drive my horn too Dave.

He’s an absolute stunner! Gotta update us on now your Friday goes ?



Glad to hear I’m not the only one getting horny on nice warm, sunny, speedo days.

I promise to let you know how things go on Friday.


BrisTim said,  

He definitely looks scrumptious!
Thanks, Dave.
Enjoy Friday. Look forward to your reporting back.

phltanner said,  

Yeah, Dave – I just got back from swimming laps at my neighborhood pool in my AB Loose blue/white stripe (from about 10 years ago). Couple nice women in cheeky one pieces there – and a good chat with them. Switched to my AB Whitehaven Loose & stretching it out right now!

Might have to rub one out!!

avatar said,  

Hey Dave when are you going to share about this encounter???

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