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Swimmers Body

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Yesterday I was at the pool a bit later than usual and there was some uni squad training going on… yeah, there were some ‘swimmers bodies’ there.

Swimmers Body

July 8th, 2022

Back to my place

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My day at the beach yesterday was lovely.

Nothing naughty to report, very few people around which was nice.

But I do have something else that is naughty to admit to you guys about what happened at the pool.

The pool closes at 6pm so I got there about 5pm and when I checked in/paid it was The Lifeguard from a month ago. We both recognized each other. With a bit of stuttering he told me that the change rooms would be closing early today and asked me if I could give him and a friend a ride home?

It was cute, he was trying to be discrete but it seemed much less discrete considering we didn’t know each others name or anything.

I had ridden my bike to the pool and it isn’t that far (5 minute walk) back to my place so I grabbed a pen and paper, wrote down my address and told him that he could swing by after.  He looked relieved that I had taken control of the situation.

The pool was pretty busy, training squads and stuff (which is why I usually swim during the day or in the morning).  I had to share a lane but my cock was stirring a little bit in my red speedos so when I dropped my towel I didn’t mess about getting in the water.

It was about 10 minutes in to my swim and people started leaving so I had the pool to myself.  I was trying to drag it out and ended up swimming further than I usually do.  I swam 2,500m freestyle and then did some breast stroke/kicks and freestyle sprints and got out of the pool just before 6pm which is closing time.

On the way out I saw the lifeguard and gave him a wave.

When I got back to my place it was dark so I waited out the front of my building complex to see if the lifeguard would come over.  It was about 15 minutes later when I saw two figures in the dark walking up the street.  It was the lifeguard and the swimmer with an amazing body from our last Friday night rendezvous.  They had seen me and waved.

Just as they got to me a car pulled in to the drive way… it was my landlord (and his wife).  He stopped, put the window down and said g’day.

He noticed the two guys that were now hanging back a little bit but waiting for me.

After the usual pleasantries, the landlord gave me a wink and said we should grab a beer in the pool tomorrow.

The three of us walked up stairs to my unit and had an amazing threesome.  All three of us wearing speedos which I tried to have them keep on as much as possible.  If you guys would like me to write about it in detail let me know.

So now it is Saturday just after 1pm.

I’m pretty horny and the sun is out so I might text my landlord and go have a beer in the pool with him.  There is a big footy game on tonight at 7:30pm which he might be interesting in coming over for…. we all know it won’t be all about the footy.

I might wear the red speedos that I was wearing last night… they need some of the cum stains cleaned out of them.

Red Speedo Boys

August 28th, 2021

My Day…..

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The weather here lately has been kinda crappy.  There are strong westerly winds blowing off the middle of Australia and there are some bush fires out there so the sky is super dusty/smokey.

This morning I woke up to probably the worst dust/smoke I have ever seen.  Imagine the opposite of this photo.

Beautiful Speedo Beach

I was thinking maybe I wouldn’t go to the pool for a swim today because of the air quality.  But then I saw this photo which looks absolutely delicious and it motivated/inspired me to get off my arse and get to the pool.

Swimmers Body

After banging out a quick 2,000m I felt awesome!!!

Speedos Are Awesome

December 3rd, 2019


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The quickie is this post, unfortunately it isn’t me getting a quickie although I could do with it.

A quick post before I duck out for a round of golf with some of the boys.  We are heading north west to some course that Greg Norman is affiliated with, I can’t remember the name of it and I’m sure there will be more focus on drinking than the golf.

I am really horny today so I think I’ll text Alex before I leave and see if we can catch up for a quickie tonight or tomorrow somehow, even if it is just a swim tomorrow.

Swim Athletes

And it is photos like this one below which don’t help with the strain in the front of my speedo…..  looking at that, I think I might have to rub one out before golf….  See you guys later.

Swimmers Body

September 30th, 2015

Swimmers Body

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I mentioned that this weekend I’ve got a mate of mine from Sydney in town crashing at my place while he does some road bike training.  I think with the Tour De France on people are excited about bike riding.  I hate riding on the road but watching the Tour is something I enjoy, the camera views and some of those beautiful European towns look amazing.

My mate is 100% str8 and I met him years ago in Canada snowboarding and we’ve kept in touch.  It has been fun though seeing him hanging out in his lycra cycling gear.  When I first met him he was just out of college and a little bit over weight and now being a cycle junkie he has really slimmed down and looks pretty good.

There are some pretty hot guys at the pool these days as well, being a bit colder I suppose it has separated the boys from the men.  I will use this as a bit of inspiration to get my arse to the pool this coming week.

Anyone want to join me?

Hot Swimmers

July 11th, 2015

Tiny Speedos

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I’m sorry I haven’t started publishing the story of Kip’s last night, I’ve started writing it and it was pretty hot and I’ve been getting pretty hot just writing it.

This week I’ll begin to share it with you guys.

Today I’m off to the pool for a swim with Alex during his lunch break which will be good.  There are a few more people at the pool now that the weather is warming up but still not enough people that we have to share a lane during the day.  Maybe I’ll have to go to the pool either first thing in the morning or after ‘work hours’ and see if there is any new talent.

After my last post I thought I’d share with you some more hot swimmers.  I can’t believe how tiny this guys speedo is?!?!?!

Today’s “Speedo Photo of the Day” features a guy wearing a TINY speedo as well – check it out –

Tiny Speedo

November 2nd, 2014
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