The quickie is this post, unfortunately it isn’t me getting a quickie although I could do with it.

A quick post before I duck out for a round of golf with some of the boys.  We are heading north west to some course that Greg Norman is affiliated with, I can’t remember the name of it and I’m sure there will be more focus on drinking than the golf.

I am really horny today so I think I’ll text Alex before I leave and see if we can catch up for a quickie tonight or tomorrow somehow, even if it is just a swim tomorrow.

Swim Athletes

And it is photos like this one below which don’t help with the strain in the front of my speedo…..  looking at that, I think I might have to rub one out before golf….  See you guys later.

Swimmers Body

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spear said,  

A blatant lack of comments since this new version of comments was incorporated here. I certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with the crap you have to go thru to get a comment posted would it?

spear said,  

that should be” It certainly, not I certainly

davespeedoevans said,  


Thanks for letting me know that you aren’t happy with the comments.

I tried the new system and thought it was OK, there is a box that you can
tick to post anonymously but it either isn’t obvious enough or other people
aren’t being able to post anonymously.

This weekend if I get some time I’ll have another crack at it.

Tiffani Lyn Love said,  

Hard to decide what’s tastier: a black speedo with a throbbing cock bulging out, or a throbbing cock that’s bulging out in a black speedo. Well, I could start with the bulge inside the speedo in my mouth, but I’m afraid that speedo will be coming off eventually and I just devour the throbbing cock.
xoxo Tiff

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