Swimmers Body

I mentioned that this weekend I’ve got a mate of mine from Sydney in town crashing at my place while he does some road bike training.  I think with the Tour De France on people are excited about bike riding.  I hate riding on the road but watching the Tour is something I enjoy, the camera views and some of those beautiful European towns look amazing.

My mate is 100% str8 and I met him years ago in Canada snowboarding and we’ve kept in touch.  It has been fun though seeing him hanging out in his lycra cycling gear.  When I first met him he was just out of college and a little bit over weight and now being a cycle junkie he has really slimmed down and looks pretty good.

There are some pretty hot guys at the pool these days as well, being a bit colder I suppose it has separated the boys from the men.  I will use this as a bit of inspiration to get my arse to the pool this coming week.

Anyone want to join me?

Hot Swimmers

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