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Hot Speedo Selfie

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For years I’ve run the

Forums are an old internet thing (like blogging I suppose) and they can be hit and miss.  They need to be moderated a little bit so that conversation doesn’t spiral out of control or people get nasty on them.  And the forum needs a critical mass of contributors otherwise it gets stale.

Somehow, the has been able to keep both of those things in order over the years.  It is a great place to go and talk speedos and ask any speedo related questions.  The group of guys in there are great.

Often if I’m looking to find out what a speedo is or speedo shopping questions I swing over and ask in there.

If you haven’t seen it, swing on over.  It is free to join, you just have to email me your username so I can activate your account (that is what has kept spammers and haters off the forum).

Here is a pic posted last week by one of the forum members…..

Speedo DIck Pick

November 2nd, 2020

Favourite thing to do in speedos

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Someone started a conversation over on the asking what is your favourite thing to do in a speedo.

My answer to that question is that Sex, is my favourite thing to do in a speedo.

But otherwise just hanging out in a speedo more, with other people would be something I would like to do more of.  I did once surf in a speedo (it was with a member from this very blog – click here to read about what happened, yes, it ended up being naughty).

One of the popular comments on the topic was paddle boarding.  I’m not a huge fan of paddle boarding but if speedos and these guys pictured below were involved, maybe speedo paddle boarding could be for me.

Leave a comment, let me know what is your favourite thing to do while wearing speedos is.

Gay Paddle Board TripGay Speedo Paddle Boarding

May 3rd, 2020

White Speedo Selfies

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Today Kip and I were doing a little bit of work on the Speedo Forum ( and I came across some pretty hot selfies of one of the members.

White Arena SpeedosAsian Style SpeedosSpeedo Selfies

My favourite pair of speedos right now are a pair of black Arena speedos – they look like a similar fit and I really love them.  It took me a little while to get the confidence to wear them to the pool but now I feel fine wearing them.  Pic of me wearing them in the post below.

I do have a pair of white Arena speedos, I think I’ll get some selfies of me wearing them for you guys.  Stay tuned.

If you are interested in joining the it is free.  Just when you join, shoot me an email with your username so I can activate your account.  We had to do that to stop spam bots and stuff.

July 23rd, 2019

I’m still alive

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Wow, it has been a week since I posted on here…. close to a record for me.

Kip and I have been working on a new project which he is really excited about and we are both putting in some long hours sitting in front of the laptops.  We should be finished this project in the next few days and I’ll be back to posting some more.

Last weekend in Sydney was fun and I have to tell you guys about that experience and I have some selfies that you guys might enjoy.

Over the weekend I will have a new ‘Movie of the Week‘ on here for you guys as well.

I do laugh sometimes with the emails I receive.  A few were form members checking that I am OK which is really sweet and really nice.  Then there are a couple from people bitching at me for lack of updates or one guy who was bitching because I didn’t help him fix his account on the  Dude, it is a free site, you aren’t a member of this blog and I’m really busy.  Of course, if he was a member then I’d help out anytime, because I love my members and I love their support.

Thank you for the nice emails, don’t worry, I just ignore the weird ones.

One thing I don’t get as often these days are the religious nuts emailing me abuse, that used to happen weekly but doesn’t happen quite as often these days.

All in a days work… if only people know that a lot of the time I’m reading their emails wearing things like this…..

Working in Speedos

May 17th, 2019

The Speedo Forum

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Years ago I started the Speed Forum ( and it has become a fun place to hang out and talk with other guys who share my speedo fetish.

Over time there have been some dick head members but it is easy enough to ban them and otherwise the place is pretty good and there are enough people visiting it that topics are kept up to date and pretty fresh.  Fore example, the most users online at one time this month was 355 which is pretty cool.

If you haven’t been over there feel free to check it out.  It is free and there are no pop-ups of crap that like which I personally hate.  When you join (100% free) you just have to email me ( your username so I can activate your account.

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March 19th, 2019

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I can’t remember when I started the it was so long ago.

At the time there was a forum called “Real Men Wear Speedos” which I loved but it wasn’t well moderated and when I offered to help out the guy who ran it seemed like a bit of a dick, so I started my own.

His forum doesn’t exist anymore and the has become a fun place.  I keep an eye on it to avoid any spammers or haters.  I don’t read it daily, but a few times a week I drop in to see what is happening.  It is a great place to ask any questions regarding sizing or ordering from a new place.

And, it is a place where people share their speedo experiences, like the ones below……

So my mate, Earl, said he wanted to come over for the weekend. He’s okay-looking, early thirties, average height, solid build, blue eyes, dark hair. And we’ve known each other since forever – I was best mates with his brother, Charles, back in high school.
an it
Lately, though, Earl’s been acting kind of strange around me. He’s been dropping hints, over drinks, that he’s “straight but curious”. He’s knows I’m gay. So when Earl invited himself over to my house, I really didn’t know what to expect …

First suggestion: let’s strip down to our speedos and hop in the pool. Earl already had his speedos on, under his cargo shorts. Blue. They showed off his “package” nicely I must say. (Was that a hint of a boner?). I had to rustle around in my room to find my speedos – an old red pair. They smelled like chlorine and were a bit faded in places. Oh well. Before you know it, we were both in the pool, playing Marco Polo, and behaving like idiots in general.

Earl suddenly has another bright idea: no one’s home, let’s skinny-dip. Quick as a flash, the speedos come off and I get my first really good look at Earl and his manhood – a respectable six inches with a nice pink head, uncut, decent-sized balls and a fucking jungle worth of pubic hair. Didn’t know he was such a man! Whoa1 Check out that cute white arse too!

I hop up on the side of the pool to sun myself, and suddenly Earl swims over and starts giving me head. Needless to say, I was hard in seconds. I thought “straight but curious” meant HE wanted a blow job, not the other way round. But since I’m not in the custom of turning down free blow jobs from either sex, I let Earl continue with his business. His lips and tongue on my hard meat felt so good. And the passion with which he completed his task was unreal. With a groan, I dumped my hot load down Earl’s throat – six or seven ropes of hot cum, I should imagine. He swallowed every drop and grinned like a maniac.

If you decide to be a member of the, it is 100% free but you have to email me ( so I can activate your account.  It is a pain but it avoids any bots or spammers on there.

August 28th, 2018
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