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Good Start to the Day

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Morning everybody, Sunday morning here in Aussie and I’m back from a surf with the boys.  Zero waves to talk about but it was a gorgeous morning.  Little cool but I just wore dork shorts and since there wasn’t any wind I wasn’t too cold.

Back at the house and out of those boring dork shorts having a coffee and writing this blog post.

I think Madison is coming over for breakfast and her chef will continue to only wear speedos.  A feast for her eyes and stomach.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend.

Speedo Smile

May 17th, 2020

Favourite thing to do in speedos

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Someone started a conversation over on the asking what is your favourite thing to do in a speedo.

My answer to that question is that Sex, is my favourite thing to do in a speedo.

But otherwise just hanging out in a speedo more, with other people would be something I would like to do more of.  I did once surf in a speedo (it was with a member from this very blog – click here to read about what happened, yes, it ended up being naughty).

One of the popular comments on the topic was paddle boarding.  I’m not a huge fan of paddle boarding but if speedos and these guys pictured below were involved, maybe speedo paddle boarding could be for me.

Leave a comment, let me know what is your favourite thing to do while wearing speedos is.

Gay Paddle Board TripGay Speedo Paddle Boarding

May 3rd, 2020

Darn I am horny!!!

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Some mornings I just wake up horny and unless I do something about it (ie jerk off) I am just horny all day long.

Being a Sunday morning and the weather being great, the boys arrived at my place early for a surf.  A few of them have young families and real jobs so Sunday morning is probably the only time they get to themselves.

Everyone stores their surfboards at my place so that is why everyone meets at my place.

It was one of the guys walking in my front door that woke me up in my horny state so I didn’t really have time to finish myself off.  I threw a pair of dork shorts on over my black ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.

Ended up being four of us surfing this morning for a few hours.  Water is just warm enough for me to wear dork shorts but two of the other three were wearing wetsuits.

Now here I sit in my kitchen, dork shorts have been removed and are drying on the clothes line and I’m sitting here in my black speedos feeling rather horny…. what should I do about it?

Of course…. members are also looking at a photo gallery of speedo guys with their cocks out.  Being a member is pretty cool – hahaha.

April 5th, 2020

Just Chillin’ in Speedos

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Still a little bit cool here on the Central NSW Coast, particularly in the mornings.  The boys decided to come over for a surf this morning and we all wore wetsuits although every one of us wore speedos under them.

By the time we got out of the water, bit after 9am, we all rinsed off in my outdoor shower (cold water only), peeled off our wetsuits down to our speedos, dried off and had a coffee wearing t-shrits, towels and speedos.  I really wish that we could just sit around in speedos?  Why not?  Girls sit around in bikinis all the time, why can’t us guys sit around in speedos?

The obvious answer is that I’d be checking them out, but I do that to chicks in bikinis as well.

What about an afternoon speedo cocktail hour?  Would anyone be interested?

Speedo Cocktail

September 28th, 2019

No Speedo Surf

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I’m up early and thought I’d check in with you guys before the boys arrive for our Sunday morning surf.

It just feels cold out there!!!

I’d love it if my saying “Today I have to surf in a wetsuit instead of speedos” was rare but it is really the opposite.  Me wearing speedos when surfing is rare.

Come to think of it, I’ve only ever done it once.  It was with the peer pressure of a blog member.  I wrote about it and you can click here to read what happened (yes, we ended up having sex in the dunes after our surf).

OK, well I better get ready.  Hopefully today doesn’t turn into a party night like last Sunday because I have a bunch of work to do this week.

AussieBum Speedo Surfer

August 3rd, 2019

Coach is Cumming Over

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Sunday morning here on the Central New South Wales Coast (that is 90 minutes north of Sydney for those of you who aren’t familiar with where I am).  It is a gorgeous looking morning as I sit here in my kitchen looking out as the sun is rising.

I’m up early because I have been working was too much this week and over the weekend Kip and I have been working closely on some projects and instead of partying, I’ve been working.  Things I do for you guys.

Here is my rough plan for today:

  • Write this blog post for you guys.
  • Surf with the boys.
  • Put on breakfast for anyone who is hanging around.
  • Do some more work.
  • Have a nap.
  • Do some more work.
  • Go for a little walk along the beach (pick up milk and eggs).
  • Strip down to my speedos and go for an afternoon swim.
  • Do some more work.
  • Wait for the swim coach to arrive and fuck his arse!!!

Ow yeah.  The Swim Coach (click here to read about the first time we hooked up) texted me late last night (he might have been out partying) asking if I’d be interested in hooking up late this afternoon.

I’ll wait until a little bit later today to message him but hopefully he wasn’t just drunk texting and will show up and allow me to plow his arse again.

I did have one naughty idea/thought…. I wonder what Alex and his boyfriend are doing later today?  They might just happen to be here at my place when the Swim Coach gets here and we could just see what happens?  My only concern with that is just how discrete the Swim Coach is and that might upset him and just might not be something he is interested in.

Boys will be here any minute for our morning surf.  Leave a comment on what you think I should do regarding asking Alex and his boyfriend to come over.

Surfing in SpeedosSurf Speedo

May 25th, 2019
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