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Speedo Model

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Someone sent me a link to these Arena speedos on Amazon.  I followed the link as I was curious to see the price…. holy cow they are $55.

While disappointed in the price, I was very happy with the cute brunette speedo model.  He looks delicious and I bet they sell more of these speedos because of him.

Anyone own a pair of these?  I have owned Arena speedos in the past and from memory they were good.  Nice fit, lycra, they did tend to fall apart and elastic goes on them but that happens with most speedos when you wear them ALL the time.

Members, click here for the Amazon link.

Boner in Arena Speedos

November 24th, 2023

Speedos are Beautiful

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How hot is this young guy in his classic black speedo?

Classic Black SpeedoSpeedo BoyMale Swimwear Model

I think in this last photo he is actually calling out to me “Dave, I’m over here!!!”

We can all dream.

Hot Speedo Guy

April 19th, 2021

New York Speedo Guy

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Spent the day working on some gallery updates on and found this old gallery. The guy is from New York but that is about all I know, he sent me these pics when he was a member years ago.

Thought you guys might enjoy them.

On some personal news… I received a text message from the Married Guy this morning. I might have something saucy to report this time tomorrow.

Don’t know about the Married Guy? Click here to read about how we met, how we first fucked.

June 20th, 2020

Hangover Cure

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Sunday turned in to a bit of a Sunday-Funday here in Australia and this morning I’m feeling a little bit dusty.

Nothing unusually or naughty to report, people just kept dropping in all afternoon at my place.  I do love how easy and casual it is here and I’m looking forward to a big summer of lots of Fundays even if it isn’t a Sunday.

I was thinking of lying in bed until my head feels better but I had these photos to post and when I looked at them, well, that is enough motivation to get my arse out of bed and to the pool.  When I’m done at the pool, maybe I’ll go for a nice long walk and hopefully by then my system will be back to normal.

Did anyone have a Naughty Sunday?

Speedo ModelCock Down in SwimwearMale Swimwear ModelMale Models Bum

October 7th, 2019

Nyle DiMarco’s Speedos

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I saw a gallery of this guy wearing a classic black speedo and I thought WOW!!!

There are some really sexy speedos, but a classic black Speedo brand speedo is something I’ve worn forever and it feels familiar.  Last week I peeled back a classic black Speedo brand speedo and sucked the cock that was hiding behind it.

The guy in the classic black speedo is Nyle DiMarco, I’ve never heard of the guy but he sounds like a bit of a Kardashian to me. He had a couple of activing gigs but nothing I know of. He deaf which is, I’m not sure how to comment but I don’t think that should (or should not) impact ones celebrity status.

Maybe you guys know more about this guy and if you do please leave a comment (I read all the comments). But even if he isn’t really a celebrity… he looks phenomenal in a speedo, which is all that matters to me.

Nyle DiMarco Speedo'ing it up

August 29th, 2019

Aronik Swimwear

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These days there are a bunch of speedo companies out there, I think too many of them are getting too ‘artsy’/’fashiony’ – I’m sure neither of those are words but you get what I mean.  I used to love AussieBum but now all their stuff is too….. lets just say it isn’t stuff I’d wear to the pool .

I’m not sure where this company Aronik is from but I like their speedos, a little more like something I’d wear to the pool and their models…. ow yeah!!!

Only thing is…. their cheapest speedo is US$78!!!!  Holy moly!!!  They must me paying their models well.  One of these speedos is $94!!!

That is too rich for my taste but I do like their taste in men showing off their speedos.

Aronik Swimwear

October 8th, 2016
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