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Naughty Things in Public

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I love doing naughty things in public places….  probably why I love speedos, they feel naughty when I wear them at the beach or pool.

On Friday I had a naughty, public, oral, threesome experience up the beach.

I am writing about it now, should have it finished for you guys tomorrow (day after at the latest).

Anyone else like doing naughty things in public?

Naughty Boys

January 21st, 2024

Unexpectedly Naughty

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Last week I told you guys about my neighbour…. my neighbours.  For discretion purposes I’ve called the girls Ashley and Madison (you are reading a gay porn blog, of course you get the joke).

I had shagged Madison a couple of times before our Easter Monday foursome (click here to read about that).  But now things are much more interesting.

I’m being a little bit careful because I want to protect her discretion 100%.

I can report though that Madison is naughty, or at least, she has some naughty ambitions.

To prove it…. this is a photo she let me take this morning.

Those speedos I’m wearing, are the AussieBum Portsea’s, the same speedo I wore during my first threesome.

I’ll be writing more about Madison, but only behind closed doors.  If you’d like to read more, I suggest you become a member.

Speedo Sex

April 27th, 2020

Hangover Cure

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Sunday turned in to a bit of a Sunday-Funday here in Australia and this morning I’m feeling a little bit dusty.

Nothing unusually or naughty to report, people just kept dropping in all afternoon at my place.  I do love how easy and casual it is here and I’m looking forward to a big summer of lots of Fundays even if it isn’t a Sunday.

I was thinking of lying in bed until my head feels better but I had these photos to post and when I looked at them, well, that is enough motivation to get my arse out of bed and to the pool.  When I’m done at the pool, maybe I’ll go for a nice long walk and hopefully by then my system will be back to normal.

Did anyone have a Naughty Sunday?

Speedo ModelCock Down in SwimwearMale Swimwear ModelMale Models Bum

October 7th, 2019

More Purple Speedos

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Here are some more purple speedos to follow up on my post last week.

I had a crazy well behaved weekend but that also means that I am no super horny because I didn’t do anything naughty.

This week I think I’ll have to get up to something fun.

Speedo Model in Purple SpeedoPurple Arena SpeedoPurple Brief SpeedoPurple Speedo Close Up

March 31st, 2014

Time to hottub?

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I can’t believe that I’m writing this before 8am!!!

I’ve been back for 3 weeks now so I can’t blame jetlag but last night I was out on my feet by 10pm and I tried reading in bed but barely got through 2 pages.

Funny this is that Kip is up early as well and we’ve been working on some new stuff (I suppose Colorado is an hour – maybe 2 ahead of Pacific time) and he said it is gorgeous out in Colorado this time of year.  So I was thinking maybe I should head out there – I’ve never seen it in summer and it sounds like he is having fun hiking, biking, waterskiing and camping and all that kind of stuff.

Once I finish some of this work stuff I might have a look at what flights cost and maybe head out there for the long weekend.

Yes, there have been many, many, many naughty times had in Kip’s hottub.

August 17th, 2012

I love threesomes!!!

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With news of me returning to Australia I’ve been getting some great feedback and comments from old mates and new ones.

Moving back will be pretty hectic catching up with my local crew there and there is already a BBQ organised and with the Ashes cricket series on most weekends will be moving between the beach, the tv and the backyard cricket pitch (and the fridge of course).

But I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in some naughty time in there with some old friends but being hectic I might just have to double up on my ‘appointments’.  I’m a huge fan of threesomes and I can’t see there being too many complaints.

November 8th, 2010
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