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Purple Speedos are Naughty

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Imagine pulling off a guys suit pants to reveal a purple speedo… you would know you are in for a fun night.

Today’s Speedo Photo of the Day.

Purple Speedo

May 6th, 2021

Love this speedo colour

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I know most people hate Monday’s but I kind of like them…. everyone else goes back to work so the beach is quieter.  I can go to the pool and get some laps in without the chaos of families being there and I can knuckle down and do some work (which I actually love).

Hopefully I’ll have some naughty adventures to report this week as well.

But in the mean time, check out this speedo cutie.  Yesterday I posted a bunch of speedo selfies and I’m not sure if this speedo is quite red and it isn’t a selfie but it is a great pic and I love the colour!!!

Great Speedo Colour

January 21st, 2019

Virgin Blog Fan

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Last night I received an email from a blog fan who still has his gay virginity.  I would never share his real name unless he wanted me to, which he doesn’t, so I’ll call him Tyler.

Tyler lives up here and knows some of my friends. I think he knows Alex but doesn’t ‘know’ who or which of the guys is Alex.

Turns out that like Alex when I met him, Tyler has had some gay fantasies, loves speedos but has never done anything with a guy (he did have a threesome with another guy and his girlfriend but there was no guy/guy contact).  Tyler recently (2 weeks ago) broke up with a long time girlfriend and is thinking that this is his chance to explore some of his gay fantasies.

After following closely how Alex has opened up to his gay side Tyler reached out to me to see if I’d help.

Since helping Alex turned out to be pretty hot I think ‘helping’ Tyler could be fun.

He wants to take things slow so we are going to meet for lunch today.

Ow and he was a clubbie (surf life saving club athlete) so he grew up wearing speedos and he said that it was speedos and other guys in speedos which were his first ‘gay’ stirrings.  Clubbies are hot and from the pics that Tyler has sent me he kinda fits that mold.

I promise I’ll keep you guys posted.


May 11th, 2015

Speedo Dick Pic

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Do I have some news to share with you guys!!!  I’ve gotta meet some of the boys for a morning surf so I’ll try and post again later today.  Yes, it involved Alex.

I know I promised no more purple speedos but this photo is not about the colour of the speedo…..

At least that wasn’t the first thing that I saw in this speedo pic.

If you’d prefer RED SPEEDOScheck out this page (click here).

Packing My Speedo

April 11th, 2014

Speedo Aquablade

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I posted some pics of this guy wearing his purple (someone called it ‘grape’ colour) speedo aquablade and I posted some pics of a girl wearing the same style in a speedo one piece over on my bisexual blog today.

If anyone knows where I can get my hands on a pair of these please let me know.

To see the girl wearing the same style go to

And I promise I won’t post ANY PURPLE SPEEDOS for at least a couple of weeks.

Purple Speedo AquabladeSwimmer in Grape Speedo Aquablade

April 1st, 2014

More Purple Speedos

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Here are some more purple speedos to follow up on my post last week.

I had a crazy well behaved weekend but that also means that I am no super horny because I didn’t do anything naughty.

This week I think I’ll have to get up to something fun.

Speedo Model in Purple SpeedoPurple Arena SpeedoPurple Brief SpeedoPurple Speedo Close Up

March 31st, 2014
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