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Last night I received an email from a blog fan who still has his gay virginity.  I would never share his real name unless he wanted me to, which he doesn’t, so I’ll call him Tyler.

Tyler lives up here and knows some of my friends. I think he knows Alex but doesn’t ‘know’ who or which of the guys is Alex.

Turns out that like Alex when I met him, Tyler has had some gay fantasies, loves speedos but has never done anything with a guy (he did have a threesome with another guy and his girlfriend but there was no guy/guy contact).  Tyler recently (2 weeks ago) broke up with a long time girlfriend and is thinking that this is his chance to explore some of his gay fantasies.

After following closely how Alex has opened up to his gay side Tyler reached out to me to see if I’d help.

Since helping Alex turned out to be pretty hot I think ‘helping’ Tyler could be fun.

He wants to take things slow so we are going to meet for lunch today.

Ow and he was a clubbie (surf life saving club athlete) so he grew up wearing speedos and he said that it was speedos and other guys in speedos which were his first ‘gay’ stirrings.  Clubbies are hot and from the pics that Tyler has sent me he kinda fits that mold.

I promise I’ll keep you guys posted.


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Darren said,  

How I wish I could be the first guy to show Tyler the ropes! Those 3 guys in the pic are hot and just waiting for some one to slip their speedos off

vasy said,  

i choose the left one..and yo Dave?

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