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Speedo Selfies in Public Places

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I have had an amazingly productive Sunday.  Overcast, raining, so partying, no hangover and no naughty speedo guys to hang out will do that I suppose.

I’ve gotten 4 loads of washing, cleaned up the house (floors) and now I’m just settling down to some work.  Have four new movies I want to add to the main site ( come this week.

At least I have been sitting around in speedos all day.

For some random reason, I was thinking about places to take speedo selfies.  I really haven’t been terribly adventurous in this department.  Usually just the beach (not ever at the local pool) and usually when I in private.  Have you guys even taken some speedo selfies in a public place?

Elevator Speedo SelfieSpeedos in the Lift Taking a Selfie

About 6 months ago I took some speedo selfies in an elevator down the Golf Coast, I wonder if there were cameras in there?  Here are those pics of me stripping down to my speedo.  Members see me without the shorts…. hehehe.

Speedo Strip in the an Elevator

March 17th, 2024

My Xmas Present Request

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Wow, Xmas is coming up fast!!!

I found this photo below and I’ve emailed it to Santa saying this is what I would like to wake up and find under the tree on Xmas morning.  Even if I only get half what I ask for it will still be a great Xmas!!!

Six Speedo Models

November 29th, 2022

What would you say?

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Just imagine swimming up to the hotel bar and finding this stud hanging out in his classic black speedo…..

I want to know where this place is, seems like speedo heaven.

I’d love to hear what your pick up line would be?

Best pick up line gets a months membership to my site (which includes a months blog membership).

Speedos at the Bar

September 28th, 2022

Speedos are Beautiful

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How hot is this young guy in his classic black speedo?

Classic Black SpeedoSpeedo BoyMale Swimwear Model

I think in this last photo he is actually calling out to me “Dave, I’m over here!!!”

We can all dream.

Hot Speedo Guy

April 19th, 2021

Nyle DiMarco’s Speedos

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I saw a gallery of this guy wearing a classic black speedo and I thought WOW!!!

There are some really sexy speedos, but a classic black Speedo brand speedo is something I’ve worn forever and it feels familiar.  Last week I peeled back a classic black Speedo brand speedo and sucked the cock that was hiding behind it.

The guy in the classic black speedo is Nyle DiMarco, I’ve never heard of the guy but he sounds like a bit of a Kardashian to me. He had a couple of activing gigs but nothing I know of. He deaf which is, I’m not sure how to comment but I don’t think that should (or should not) impact ones celebrity status.

Maybe you guys know more about this guy and if you do please leave a comment (I read all the comments). But even if he isn’t really a celebrity… he looks phenomenal in a speedo, which is all that matters to me.

Nyle DiMarco Speedo'ing it up

August 29th, 2019

Hot Speedo Couple

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I hope you guys forgive me but a hot couple in speedos is kind of on my mind right now…..  that is after what happened last week.

These are some pics that were emailed through to me and I think this couple are freaking hot!!!

Hot Speedo Couple

April 21st, 2019
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