Aronik Swimwear

These days there are a bunch of speedo companies out there, I think too many of them are getting too ‘artsy’/’fashiony’ – I’m sure neither of those are words but you get what I mean.  I used to love AussieBum but now all their stuff is too….. lets just say it isn’t stuff I’d wear to the pool .

I’m not sure where this company Aronik is from but I like their speedos, a little more like something I’d wear to the pool and their models…. ow yeah!!!

Only thing is…. their cheapest speedo is US$78!!!!  Holy moly!!!  They must me paying their models well.  One of these speedos is $94!!!

That is too rich for my taste but I do like their taste in men showing off their speedos.

Aronik Swimwear

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rbmcobra said,  

They are based out of Utah, USA. They are probably run by some former LDS(Mormon) members. Their suit names are based on church related terms and local cities in the area.

Dave Evans said,  

RBM Cobra,

That is wonderful insight mate – I never would have figured that out.

The photo shoots don’t look like they are in Utah – hehehe.


Dr. Phil said,  

Not unless the seas rise quite a lot, Dave, could that be in Utah (and if they had, I’d be typing this from underwater!). 😉

I had not heard of this brand before, but it looks like they’ve got nice stuff, and these models are pretty damn hot.

I have paid that much–and more–for the occasional speedo (I think one of my most expensive was an Emporio Armani that was around 75 British pounds, which at the time was about $1.75 American, so a lot more than currently!), but my expensive speedo days are over…if it is much over $40, I’m not in the market generally now.

That having been said: some places have sales from time to time.

billygardener19 said,  

They are ex-Mormons, I’m pretty sure. They have fun with the names of products, using churchy descriptions. They have some of the best-looking models around, in my opinion

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