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My Favourites

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The footy game I mentioned a couple of days ago turned in to a farce…. my team lost (by a lot), but  I didn’t have to strip down to my maroon speedos.

It was a big night and didn’t get to bed until the wee hours of the morning, perhaps some adult drinks were consumed.  After a light breakfast I hit the road and headed back home, then went to bed for a nap.

I woke up this morning feeling fantastic and looking forward to a much more productive day.

I’m sitting here in my new favourite speedos and once this rather boring Presidential Debate is over, I’m going to walk up to the pool for a swim.

Pictured below are my new ‘favourite’ speedos….

Click here to see a gallery of pics of these speedos.

June 28th, 2024

Speedo Car Wash

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Today I’ve been working on a new movie that will be published on my site

I features two speedo clad men washing a car and then they end up fucking and sucking right there with the hose still running.  Sometimes this part of my job is ‘hard’.  So hard that I think I’m going to grab my fleshjack and watch it a little more closely.

I’ve heard of bikini car washes, why haven’t I heard of a speedo car wash?

Red Speedo Carwash

August 22nd, 2019

Not-So-Average Speedo Guys

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I thought the guy in yesterdays post was really cute and if anything it made me a little home sick seeing people just hanging out at the beach.

I’m a planning a trip in September out to the east coast to see some friends and some fans – I’ve never been east so I’m excited to do the tourist thing and check out New York and DC (old family friend is a retired General and can’t wait to give me the tour which will be great).  But, I think I need to plan a trip with Kip somewhere sunny.  Aghhhhhh.

Today I’ve posted some pics of some guys that aren’t really ‘average’ – I dunno if I like the guy in yesterdays post more though……  which do you like better?  Chiseled or ‘boy next door’?

Speedo MenSpeedo ArtSpeedo PhotographySpeedo Men at the PoolSpeedo ModelsThree Speedo Men

More chiseled speedo eye candy – anyone know who makes these red speedos?  They look like something that I would wear to the beach – a little more fashionable than a solid colour but still practical and not too fashionista.

Nice SpeedosNice Speedo

June 20th, 2013

I’m wearing white speedos

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Yesterday it was red…. today I’m wearing a pair of white speedos.  Sitting in bed, coffee on hand, heater and white speedos on.

Now if there was only another white speedo clad guy in bed with me – but then I wouldn’t be getting any word done.

July 1st, 2010
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