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Speedo Car Wash

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I’ve heard of bikini car washes but why not a speedo car wash?  I would get my car washed every week if that was the case.  I might even apply for a part time job if such a place existed.

The latest Movie of the Week is an older porno which I have seen around the place and finally I was able to get it for you guys.  Unfortunately, the car washing in speedos part isn’t very long and the 7 guys just end up inside having an orgy.

Hopefully you guys enjoy it and your speedo looks like this guy….

Horny Speedo Guy

And here is the movie.  Members get to watch the full 38 minute version but here is a sample for guests.

June 21st, 2022

Speedo Car Wash

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Today I’ve been working on a new movie that will be published on my site

I features two speedo clad men washing a car and then they end up fucking and sucking right there with the hose still running.  Sometimes this part of my job is ‘hard’.  So hard that I think I’m going to grab my fleshjack and watch it a little more closely.

I’ve heard of bikini car washes, why haven’t I heard of a speedo car wash?

Red Speedo Carwash

August 22nd, 2019


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I’m up early this Monday after a fun weekend, although my Brisbane Lions were spanked by the Sydney Swans (Aussie Rules Football) last night.

Just talking to Kip and he is heading out to California in June and wanted me to ask you guys some advice on beaches and places that might be speedo friendly.  He is heading out there for a family wedding and will be staying somewhere near Thousand Oaks, he’ll have a car and will be looking forward to working on his speedo tan after a long Colorado winter.

Anyone live out there or traveled out there and have any ideas on pools or quiet beaches that he would enjoy?

I’d love to go and join him…. maybe I’ll see if there are any cheap flights into LA.

Wet Red Speedo

May 7th, 2017

Wet Speedos

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After yesterdays post of guys wearing wet undies, here are some guys in wet speedos.  Much more my speed…o.

Darn I have given you guys some good eye candy recently.

Wet Speedo BoysBlack and White Speedo PhotoXL Speedo PackageSpeedo Dick

May 24th, 2015

Wet Speedos

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Last night was a hoot guys.  Surprisingly I feel pretty good and just doing some work and waiting for the football to start.

Three weeks today and I’ll be able to go for a swim after a big night out at the Beery or the Terrigal Pub.

I haven’t had a change to write about my threesome last month but I might sit down and write about that this afternoon so keep an eye out tomorrow.

Speedo YumSpeedo Square CutsShowering in SpeedosMasculine Speedo GuySmall Speedos

January 11th, 2014

Dietz Speedos

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On August 2nd I posted about the 500th Speedo Photo of the Day on my site  The photo I chose for that day was a great close up of these darn speedos wet in the pool with a very visible penis line.

I had no idea of the speedos, never seen them before.

As usual, my trusty readers knew exactly where I could find them.  They are a brand called Dietz.  The speedos in the photo don’t look as good when they aren’t wet – they are kinda grey but I did find some more photos of them for you guys since you liked them so much.

Drop in and check out the Speedo Photo of the Day anytime –

Dry Dietz SpeedoDietz SwimwearDietz SpeedoDietz SwimwearDietz SpeedosDietz Speedo

August 16th, 2013
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