Red Speedo Day

Does anyone else feel like their horny levels follow the weather?

Weather here has been a bit hit and miss over the last 10 days or so and I haven’t been feeling all that horny.  I often post and write more when I am horny.

My week so far, woke up very hungover on Monday morning so dragged my sorry ass to the beach, fell asleep listening to tennis on my phone and woke up a little bit sun burned but nice top up for my speedo tan.  I did jerk off at the beach but I haven’t since.  Tuesday, spent all day in the office but managed to walk to the pool for a swim.  Wednesday (yesterday), spent all day in the office and didn’t even leave the house.  I was exhausted though and fell asleep watching TV in bed before 9am.

Today, Thursday, I am up early, already nailed 4 hours of work (running a porn empire is mostly paperwork and programming).  The weather is OK, not good enough for a day at the beach, so I’m going to go for a nice long walk and swing by the pool on the way home.

Tomorrow, it is supposed to rain all day so another boring office day.  But, there will be some goodies for you guys to enjoy over the weekend (I’m not telling, you’ll have to check back).

I am wearing red speedos to the pool today and if I run in to this guy at the pool…. I would probably get a little bit less work done and be a lot hornier.  Darn he is hot isn’t he?!?!?!

He is today’s Speedo Photo of the Day on my site

Red Speedo SwimmerSwimmer in Red SpeedosCo Ed College Swimmer in Red Speedo

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Robmor89 said,  

Absolutely sounds like we need to hit the beach together Dave

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