Well Endowed

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never considered myself well endowed.

I’ve seen bigger cocks, I’m seen smaller cocks.  To be completely honest I might even be slightly below average from the cocks that I’ve seen (yes, I have seen a few cocks in my time).  Not to say I’ve ever had any complaints and my quickness to hardness has been positively commented on many times.

When I pack my speedo using a cock ring or a device that does the same thing (lifts my balls) I can have an impressive bulge and I wonder if the guys pictured below are using something like that.

Today is kind of overcast so instead of the usual beach and chilling out the boys wanted to go spear fishing.  This sounds great and it is less than a kilometer up the beach from where I swim every day BUT the next beach to the north has a reef in the middle and people tell me it is a Tiger Shark breeding ground.  So bobbing around with dead fish on a stick doesn’t sound very good.  Anyways, it was fun and we were in the water for longer than I thought on a day where I would have just spent the day in front of the laptop.

What does this have to do with ‘well endowed’?  One of the guys, in his wetsuit had an amazing package!!!  After a couple of hours in the water, not being able to adjust myself because I was wearing a wetsuit too I didn’t have too much of a bulge but this guy did.  I was impressed.  Shame he is 100% str8 but it might explain why he is so popular with the ladies…..

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Randy said,  

For me, it’s never been about size. Guys who grow erect really fast are a huge turn-on. So are guys with erections that are super hard, with big, purple, swollen mushroom knobs, skin stretched so tight it’s glistening, veins lacing the shaft, throbbing and jerking with every heartbeat, and dripping hot goo.

John said,  

Man, this blog is the best reason I’ve ever seen to vacation in Australia! Just wish I could find you if I did 🙂 Keep it up.

SCguy84 said,  

As an “above average” guy, I actually don’t get to top often because I’ve found a number of guys to be intimidated by me. I’ve recently become a bit more mindful about walking outside in athletic pants or shorts because of my profile garnering some stares. Being a big boy isn’t all fun. 🙂

camillus said,  

how about telling us about the size of you cock? Show us a picture of you in a speedo? Preferablly a wet white one.

Darren said,  

I have just caught up with this blog, glad I did not miss it. Is the first guy wearing a cock ring or just well endowed. I wear a cock ring sometimes and my cock feels as if it will explode when I come. I guess I am well endowed, 8 inches long and a girth of 6, perhaps it was all the exercise I have given it for the last 10 years since I was 14,when I shot my first load, masturbating 5 or 6 times a day. My fuck buddy Will or no guy has complained yet.

Walt said,  

We should chat a bit about cock rings…How tight should they be…I wear a rather loose one so I can keep it on all day. I wear one almost all the time…I do not mind getting the looks when I am in bike pants, workout tights or tight low slung jeans. Do you guys like to show off a bit ? Gals wear bras to lift things up…why shouldn’t we do the same?

Darren said,  

I wear a cock ring when I want to show off my package, it needs to be tight otherwise your balls fall away and you loose the bulge. As I am a 24/7 g-string guy my ‘package’ is always protruding forward in my jeans, especially when I have a hard on. Another good thing about a cock ring is a really good shoot when I cum.

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