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Go the Maroons!!!

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Tonight I will be wearing my AussieBum maroon coloured speedos, under my jeans……

There is a game of Rugby on tonight between my state (Queensland) and the neighbouring state to the south (New South Wales).  Bit of a grudge thing that happens every year in a 3 game series.  I have been invited down to the big smoke to watch the game with a bunch of old friends which will be a blast.

If my team, the Queensland Maroons loose and don’t score any points, I will be expected to drop my jeans and run around the block in my jocks…. my Maroon AussieBums.  Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but I’m OK if it does.

Maroon Speedos

I just checked (the my selfies album – click here to see it), and I don’t have any pics of me wearing my Maroon speedos.  They are a size too small so I don’t wear them often but I am loosing some weight so perhaps I’ll wear them a bit more.

What did inspire me to buy them was this speedo porno movie.  It is old so quality isn’t what we get these days, but it is pretty darn hot and I am going to jerk off to it once I click ‘Publish’ on this blog post.

7 minute promotional version I made up available for non-members, members get to watch the entire 26 minute version…..  If you were considering becoming a member, this is worth the $5 on its own.

June 26th, 2024

Maroon Speedos

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The speedo movie I shared with you guys yesterday, as I mentioned, it is one of my all time favourite speedo movies.

So much so, that I bought a pair of Maroon Speedos after seeing it.  These AussieBum Classics were always a touch small but lately I have been loosing some weight so yesterday when I went up the beach…. I wore them.  These are the first speedo selfies of me wearing these.  They feel fantastic!!!

Maroon Speedo

August 16th, 2023

Beautiful Speedo Blowjob

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This morning I woke up with a throbbing hard on.  You know the kind of erection that is so hard it hurts.  My laptop was at hand, so I opened up my site, went to the movies page and started playing one of my old favourites…..

It is an old one from the archives (see the watermark is which is a domain name that the Evil Speedo Corporation stole from me – joke is on them because I renamed my site

Since this speedo porn movie helped me out this morning, I thought I would share it with you guys as the Movie of the Week.

Short clip for everyone, the full 26 minutes for members.

August 14th, 2023

My Covid 19 (lbs)

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I mentioned yesterday that I was busy in part because I’m trying to loose some weight.  It was a few days ago I put on a pair of jeans for the first time in months and they didn’t fit.  At first I thought (hoped) they had shrunk somehow but then I pulled out my suit and it was tight as well.

It was pretty obvious what was going on but I did buy a set of weigh scales and yep…. I have put on about 20lbs (10kgs).  I suppose in my moving two in the last two months and getting out of my usual routine I’ve just let things slip.

I haven’t been swimming as much as I usually do, there is an ocean pool here which is gorgeous but a lot of the time I go there it is full of people so I skip my swim.  So I’ve joined the local proper lap pool and I’ll get back to swimming at least three times a week.  I’ve also started running which I’m not a huge fan of but if I can keep it up that weight should come off pretty quick.  One other thing I’m going to try is not eating after dark (if I’m home alone which is most of the time).

I’ve bought some new speedos to wear when running and swimming and I have a pair of ‘motivational’ speedos which are a pair of Maroon AussieBum’s.

Maybe I should find some more speedo fuck buddies as well, that will help motivate me to loose those kilos.

My new speedos…..


Don’t think I can get this skinny but this guy looks pretty good in his Maroon AussieBums.

Maroon AussieBum Speedos

Once I loose the weight I’ll share some more of my speedo selfies with you guys (well, with members anyway).

And here are some photos of the Ocean Pool that is near my place.  It is 25m, salt water and just a gorgeous spot to go for a swim (when it isn’t packed with people).  These pics are for members only (don’t want everyone stalking me at the pool in my Maroon AussieBums).  Click here to join now if you’d like.

November 6th, 2020

New Speedo Faces

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To be honest, I hate this time of year.

I know it makes me sounds like a Grinch but summer holidays are just chaos here in Australia.  I just got back from going to the grocery store and AGGHHHHHHH……. I was lucky just to find a park let alone the chaos I found inside the mall.

Then there are the beaches which are full of people all the time.  It shouldn’t matter because I have speedo confidence, but I don’t really want to be sitting out in a tiny speedo reading a book with a family group of 30 people less than 10 meters away from me.

My friends are pretty much all off work until after New Years so having a sneaky hookup back to the house is pretty much impossible because people are dropping in all the time.  Some of the guys store their surf boards at my house (since it is on the beach) so they are dropping in at all hours of the day which often ends up with a beer or two or even an impromptu BBQ.  I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining about this because it is a great crew…. but it is hindering my sex life.

The pool is chaotic as well.  Usually I like to swim mid morning.  The morning worker people who are training for triathlons and stuff are finished and gone to work and it is good for my speedo tan lines.  But the pool is full of people in the middle of the day so I’ve had to start going early, if I go at all.

On the good side, there are new faces about and I have actually seen more speedos (and short/tight swimming trunks) than before which is fantastic to see.  There are new faces at the pool which I don’t usually see and of course, there is lots of speedo eye candy at the pool.

Since it is so busy, I usually just wear nylon AussieBum speedos, they dry pretty quick and after swimming I’ll dry off and put shorts on over my speedos.   Yesterday though I had to go see some friends so went up to the showers and rinse off and got changed (into another pair of speedos – I wear speedos pretty much all of the time whether as swimwear or underwear).  When I walked in there was a cute early 20’s guy getting changed for his swim.  We both grunted a “G’day” to each other.  I threw my towel down and walked in to the showers just in my AussieBum Portseas for a quick rinse off.  When I came back, the guy was still there and I noticed him wearing a pair of maroon AussieBums.

These are the maroon AussieBum’s he was wearing.

AussieBum Classic Maroon

These are my AussieBum Portseas.

AussieBum Portseas

I’ve had some naughty experiences in the locker room of pools…. I recently had some fun with Taz at the pool I used growing up in Queensland (click here to read about that).  Something about this guy ‘loitering’ around gave me the idea that he had some ‘naughty fun’ in mind.

Unfortunately, I was running late so got changed and headed out of there before anything else happened.

Do you guys think he was waiting for me to make a move?  Think I should go back tomorrow at the same time?  Think he might be reading this blog and reach out?  Wouldn’t be the first time.

Speedo Boy in the Shower

December 31st, 2019

Indoor Pool Twinks – Scene 2

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Here is the 2nd scene guys.

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September 20th, 2015
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