My Covid 19 (lbs)

I mentioned yesterday that I was busy in part because I’m trying to loose some weight.  It was a few days ago I put on a pair of jeans for the first time in months and they didn’t fit.  At first I thought (hoped) they had shrunk somehow but then I pulled out my suit and it was tight as well.

It was pretty obvious what was going on but I did buy a set of weigh scales and yep…. I have put on about 20lbs (10kgs).  I suppose in my moving two in the last two months and getting out of my usual routine I’ve just let things slip.

I haven’t been swimming as much as I usually do, there is an ocean pool here which is gorgeous but a lot of the time I go there it is full of people so I skip my swim.  So I’ve joined the local proper lap pool and I’ll get back to swimming at least three times a week.  I’ve also started running which I’m not a huge fan of but if I can keep it up that weight should come off pretty quick.  One other thing I’m going to try is not eating after dark (if I’m home alone which is most of the time).

I’ve bought some new speedos to wear when running and swimming and I have a pair of ‘motivational’ speedos which are a pair of Maroon AussieBum’s.

Maybe I should find some more speedo fuck buddies as well, that will help motivate me to loose those kilos.

My new speedos…..


Don’t think I can get this skinny but this guy looks pretty good in his Maroon AussieBums.

Maroon AussieBum Speedos

Once I loose the weight I’ll share some more of my speedo selfies with you guys (well, with members anyway).

And here are some photos of the Ocean Pool that is near my place.  It is 25m, salt water and just a gorgeous spot to go for a swim (when it isn’t packed with people).  These pics are for members only (don’t want everyone stalking me at the pool in my Maroon AussieBums).  Click here to join now if you’d like.

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